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Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

On the Google Developer Conference Google I/O has published a number of blockbuster products, including mobile phones, tablet computers, Google Glass, even the Nexus Q the gadget. Held this summer at the Google I/O, Google Android Sundar Pichai, head of the Department has sent members of a Cardboard box. Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Cardboard can turn any smartphone into a "virtual reality head-mounted device". Users only need to fold this box and put the phone into the box, you can peep through this box to run 3D applications on your phone. Virtual reality, it's as simple as that.

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

Google's Developer Conference held followed by Facebook at an astonishing $ 2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR after the takeover of the company. Oculus company is developing a projection in a very real way 3D images of the virtual reality headset, make you feel like you've stepped into a on the holodeck of Star Trek.

Cardboard is a joke Google, "Hey, Facebook, we also have a virtual reality headset, but we're not at a cost of $ 2 billion. "

Users can follow the instructions to make your own Cardboard, from four vendors, users also can buy Cardboard at prices from $ 15 to $ 35. In these devices, some devices equipped with fancy features, for example: $ 35, I Am Cardboard's of Eva, which comes with an NFC (near field communication) labels to start the application. In addition, unofficial Cardboard, was said to have sold 50,000 copies, but sales continue to grow.

Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Currently there are more than Cardboard can choose 24 landed Google Play Store, such as Tilt Brush gallery--a 3D works of art, and a variety of applications such as games, virtual reality tour.

Cardboard Google launch virtual reality head-mounted devices, Android has introduced a number of applications that fit, but I still have several matching Cardboard iPhone applications visit the Apple App Store.

Earlier this week, Google also Cardboard has released a software development kit to develop software, to encourage developers to write more applications.

Google even appointed Andrew Nartker Cardbard project as product manager, so there was a surge in popularity of his blog. Nartker says Cardbard is now distributed, downloaded or sold more than 500,000 copies. For the future, we are hiring for the project.

This is no longer just Google a joke, it is hard to realize this project. Cardboard will be your preferred technology for Christmas products? Victorias Secret iPhone 6

via businessinsider

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