Saturday, July 30, 2016

Li Wanqiang return millet 5 released after the Chinese new year

Li Wanqiang return: millet 5 released after the Chinese new year

A few days ago, as the CES 2016, was released on the music video in CES 2016 Hall carrying long 820, Xiao Le Max Pro, and millet seem to have been lost, Li Wanqiang on Twitter this morning broke, said millet 5 have mass production, ready to release after the Spring Festival. Moschino Galaxy case Moschino Galaxy Note 3 case

Know Yu Xiaolong 820 reasons, this should be released in September-October this year millet 5 does not appear at all in the view, Note that millet hat to have Xiao long 810 supports up to now, even now dare to Xiao long 820 on the first release, millet would try to accelerate the pace of millet 5 listed for sale. And according to currently we understand to of situation, Le depending on although in CES 2016 Shang released has carrying mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 of Le Max Pro, but it currently still is engineering machine, and distance retail version in appearance Shang still has different, and even millet 5 can in Festival Hou volume produced and released, but also may not be can became starting went on sale of mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 phone, because LG G5 also has in prepared among, to LG past of listed models open sale speed view, its General is in released Hou of 2-3 days open sale.

Li Wanqiang return: millet 5 released after the Chinese new year


Li Wanqiang return: millet 5 released after the Chinese new year

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Domestic stock United States Klipsch Image X10 less than half price

Domestic stock: United States Klipsch Image X10 less than half price

Image X10 has had ups and downs in the market for some time, 11 Black Friday for $ 99 price large circle into our headsets. Not fan the first time the player chooses which of several thousand Yuan phone headsets. Headphone whether it's style, a tone, or with parts of headphones is very suitable for beginning players, especially not familiar with headset accessories the player can learn from Image X10 gift accessories. FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case FOSSIL iPhone 5

FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

In the United States on Amazon, Image X10, costs 40 percent $ 138.88 about 846 million. Although domestic in Beijing East station is close to the low price, but not in stock.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

On the Google Developer Conference Google I/O has published a number of blockbuster products, including mobile phones, tablet computers, Google Glass, even the Nexus Q the gadget. Held this summer at the Google I/O, Google Android Sundar Pichai, head of the Department has sent members of a Cardboard box. Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Cardboard can turn any smartphone into a "virtual reality head-mounted device". Users only need to fold this box and put the phone into the box, you can peep through this box to run 3D applications on your phone. Virtual reality, it's as simple as that.

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

Google's Developer Conference held followed by Facebook at an astonishing $ 2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR after the takeover of the company. Oculus company is developing a projection in a very real way 3D images of the virtual reality headset, make you feel like you've stepped into a on the holodeck of Star Trek.

Cardboard is a joke Google, "Hey, Facebook, we also have a virtual reality headset, but we're not at a cost of $ 2 billion. "

Users can follow the instructions to make your own Cardboard, from four vendors, users also can buy Cardboard at prices from $ 15 to $ 35. In these devices, some devices equipped with fancy features, for example: $ 35, I Am Cardboard's of Eva, which comes with an NFC (near field communication) labels to start the application. In addition, unofficial Cardboard, was said to have sold 50,000 copies, but sales continue to grow.

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Currently there are more than Cardboard can choose 24 landed Google Play Store, such as Tilt Brush gallery--a 3D works of art, and a variety of applications such as games, virtual reality tour.

Cardboard Google launch virtual reality head-mounted devices, Android has introduced a number of applications that fit, but I still have several matching Cardboard iPhone applications visit the Apple App Store.

Earlier this week, Google also Cardboard has released a software development kit to develop software, to encourage developers to write more applications.

Google even appointed Andrew Nartker Cardbard project as product manager, so there was a surge in popularity of his blog. Nartker says Cardbard is now distributed, downloaded or sold more than 500,000 copies. For the future, we are hiring for the project.

This is no longer just Google a joke, it is hard to realize this project. Cardboard will be your preferred technology for Christmas products? Victorias Secret iPhone 6

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Smart mobile phone screen will be the next blue ocean of virtual reality

"Editor's note" the writer Signe Brewster, the original quote from GigaOm

Why every time I enter the world of virtual reality, zombies will appear? Never mind, I have a gun in hand, you can shoot them down. Then began approaching monsters hiding in the corner, and suddenly, a voice, what's going on?

A hollow voice reminds me that I'm very close to wall. If I continue to move forward, in reality may not be my gun shot through the wall. Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Givenchy iPhone case

The scenario described above is common in virtual reality, you forget you are in a really small room, you're not a hand-held large assault rifles, shot and killed people. But the most unusual is that, I didn't use the Oculus of the gorgeous high-definition screen, but on the Smartphone screen.

Of course, the phone's screen is transformed into virtual reality helmet technology has also recently raised in sudden rise on the website. Last week was the outgoing message, Samsung is already developing its own unique technology. Actually, the principle of smart phones and has a dedicated suite of the screen is the same: viewers will see two almost identical side by side picture, apart from minor changes from different locations.

Users only need to download a mobile application, in front of the phone plug in the headset to load application. Accelerometers and other sensors on your phone works with some small items, head tracking and interaction to achieve realistic goals.

But, in any case, I'm highly suspicious of these principles. There is no doubt that virtual reality requires highly specialized screens and electronic configuration, which is not a mobile phone can provide.

These questions in my last week Augmented disappeared after the World Expo. Prototype of Sulon and VRelia I have tried, which is based on the phone's screen as their virtual reality screen. I sat back with VRelia GO helmet roller coaster, also visited a luxurious House. Sulon Cortex is able to virtual reality technology combined with augmented reality technology, gives a completely different experience.

They completely took me by surprise. Of course, the image does not use Oculus Rift seen as clear, but headphones play an important role: they made me feel like I have seen is real, evidence that you don't need a Super clear and vivid image, to make you fully immersed in a virtual world.

Undeniable is that will eventually develop into a virtual reality head-mounted device ecosystem. For those who want to spend $ 50 for people who will be able to experience the virtual reality technology, Smartphone screens may not be their one good choice!

After saying these, I recall previously seen on the YouTube video, titled United States MIT amazing invention of gifted students. Roughly speaking we do not need a specific screen, a piece of white paper, a desktop can be the cell phone screen, using virtual reality technology is extreme. Most of the comments are "lack of creativity our students too," and really hope to see more of this new creation.


Augmented reality Expo: AR a from being the outbreak "Oculus Rift" Givenchy iPhone case