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Why water is the most mediocre place millet Water Purifier

Editor's Note: Chen Xiaoping, cloud m CEO. Following his millet water filter Readme, by Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network" public concern about) finishing. Juicy Couture uk

Why water is the most mediocre place millet Water Purifier?

Still working in the United States at the time, I can be responsible for more than more than 10 categories, and dozens of even hundreds of products under each category. Selected filters after running, mainly because of the development of so many years, it is still an incremental market.

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4,000 Water Purifier manufacturers can achieve market size of around 20 billion a year, but no giant, Top 3 share in 10%. So if you know the Matthew effect, "Water Purifier industry was still in its early stages," the conclusion is clearly visible. Juicy Couture iPhone plus 6 cases

The appearance of an endless loop

First of all, you have to understand that this industry can be established based on: water quality there is a problem in China. As regards profits, reason is simple: these water quality problems are often unable to be perceived by the user. One cup of clear water does not mean harmless, it is far from blue sky so straightforward. So it will leave a lot of space for Water Purifier manufacturers and users of products and therefore can not be judged.

In fact, China is not short of major home appliance manufacturers. Why they didn't copy the success of other home appliance products in water purifier model? In product strategy, I think they are going the wrong way at the outset--installed on.

Consumer perception of water very slowly, in addition to water pollution event is repeated in newspapers outside, very few people will subconsciously associated with water and health. The overall development of the water purification industry formed the shackle. Based on sound business judgment, and 4,000 water filters manufacturer, there are no mainstream manufacturers try to take an industry "preacher" role.

But you must realise is, all you need to install system of home appliances on the capital requirements are high, if mainstream manufacturers in this context not as market is difficult to scale. In addition, the lack of installed system will make the education market, long. Therefore, an infinite loop occurs: nobody can't scale to build the installation system built not install system can't scale.

Cloud m after the establishment, I first wanted to resolve the issue is this. But I haven't contributed to the installation of systems in the United States, venture later solution is not realistic. Millet also does not appear in the drawings of the filter when we gave it a "no installation" product definition.

This action give the industry touches very large, but very few expressed "innovative" point of view. Perhaps in their eyes, just do not do problems and not know what to do. So I ask a lot of people, how they define "innovation"? One vendor give me answers is representative. He said: "what the innovation, just solve the problem of water leakage is the greatest innovation. "

"This complex than the xizhimen overpass"

In water purification industry, leak in overstating the extent to which cannot be overemphasized. From the millions of search results can reflect on the network. As to how to solve this problem? Most important is to minimize pipe connecting parts of the machine. This leads to one outstanding thing in the industry – integrating water.

To tell you the truth, before the integrated water, we have no bottom. As never before, and nobody knows how many pit waiting to be stepped on along the way. In the case of money and time is limited, we simply made from different materials, different processes, different parallel programme of trial and error. 6 structure is validated as a whole hand, tried 15 ingredients, modified 35 times dies. Ultimately 42 pipe connecting parts into 1.

Done after the waterway have been integrated, our structural engineers told me that: "for the purpose of this part, an accord is gone. "Later, Ray total (Lei) see this integrated waterways also said:" the complex than the xizhimen overpass. "I think, quite good, will use his words to do the copy. It can be said that integrate waterways the problems left over by history on the millet water filters have been properly processed.

In contrast, the "flip-filter" should be our "looking for trouble". Must note that, so do not bother to pursue the so-called Maverick. But "no installation" product definition, we have the users install the threshold to a minimum, so they hold it in hand will know how to use.

The embarrassment of this structure is: filter torque is too great not to facilitate installation, torque is too small and prone to leaks. So in order to achieve 3.2MPa blasting standards, we have DOE design, match tolerances of associated components one by one. Come to this step back is hard work. So after more than 300 items in the blast, we redesigned the cartridge, the cartridge full size chain. Simultaneously increase the accuracy from 0.1mm to 0.05mm.

Of course, not all questions have to be so entered, sometimes reducing leaks can also be tricky. Such as traditional outlets control into inlet control water pressure when the system was substantially reduced. Although doing sacrifice in part on the speed of water, but also to prevent secondary pollution caused by tank. In my opinion, quality always is the basic meaning of water purifiers.

Out of half a year

Millet water purifiers from the earliest concept to prototype in the first paragraph, in fact we only spent more than a year. Simply consider the time span, the development cycle is not too long. Can be combined with staffing and effective working time, their workload is multiplied. More than 50 of more than one person to make a product, this unthinkable in traditional enterprises. Even so, when we are at the end of 2014 to start closed beta, and products to Lei Zong read-time problem.

Prototype is too large, not exquisite; water smell.

Why water is the most mediocre place millet Water Purifier?

Size is not a specific standard, it is the subjective feeling. But consumers also do not use a ruler to measure, so it can only be overturned again. This means we must filter components, and even redesign. In addition, the already-open molds have to be adjusted. No standard is small enough, the work we do for half a year.

Odor problem solving mechanical, we cleared water purifier of all Ford parts, soak them and heated for 24 hours. When odor emanates, do a water test. Finally, we have identified 17 to 27 parts have obvious odors. Can do of course is to replace the material, and each part is pure water cleaning.

These problems arise, some might question the millet water filter criteria for selecting material. In fact, we can't make mistakes in this kind of thing, but accidentally by industry experience to the ditch. First we select materials are common materials for water purification industry, which has been demonstrated by the market. Due to the good feedback mechanism has not been established, these problems are some "standard" to hide.

Prior to the product research and development, even years would find it hard to predict what will encounter problems. But millet Water Purifier filter effects, but we haven't worried from beginning to end. Not because the question is too simple, but compared with other work, this is where the most traceable. We set high standards, and strictly enforced. This is part, so there is no need to say any more.

Millet Water Purifier

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Millet Water Purifier

2s TV launches in millet, millet water purifiers with "one more thing" appears. In addition to the family-the minimalist white appearance, estimated millet millet Water Purifier system in intelligent products, possesses the largest collection of micro innovation products, from the appearance of the piping to the filter, have been redesigned. And the final product was priced at 1299, and 400 gallons of RO reverse osmosis membrane

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