Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Low price JBL On Tour iBT 80 77

Low price: JBL On Tour iBT. 77

JBL On Tour iBT JBL is an upgraded version of a flying saucer. Appearance is generally still cool flying saucer, a small correction. JBL On Tour iBT optimized for the iPhone and iPad, supports USB charging and Facetime video features. Quadraphonic speakers, DSP equalizer, Odyssey technology inverter and A2DP Bluetooth and built-in microphone, is really a flying saucer in hand, got nothing. Lunatik iWatch Case

JBL On Tour iBT historical low price $ 80.77, lower than the historical price is less than $ 1, about 489, at 750 Yuan. Taobao shopping service in China in 1000, licensed in 1600, the price advantage is obvious.

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Low price: JBL On Tour iBT. 77 Low price: JBL On Tour iBT. 77 New MacBook

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New MacBook

The new MacBook is a very consistent with consumer expectations and the evolution of Apple products. Caught in the thin and light MacBook Air portable, and equipped with Retina display screen MacBook Pro among consumers, with more in line with the requirements and the ideal choice. The use of new technologies, new MacBook to further enhance integration and integration, improved keyboard, touchpad and screen, as well as the new USB-C interface, and has a great imagination and ability to play.

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