Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IOS for owners of cars 10 to add useful features but Samsung has achieved

IOS for owners of cars 10 to add useful features, but Samsung has achieved

On June 15, Apple is old, does not iOS10 all the updates in the update instructions, many features are developers or early adopters users out. Car owners found that the brush iOS10 the iPhone automatically to remember on the map of parking locations and appear in the Apple.

Developers use iPhone Bluetooth connection with car Central, after coming to a stop, he was surprised to find iPhone for him to push a site record, the record is marked on the map of Apple. Developers have speculated that this feature is implemented via Bluetooth, Apple should be judged car Bluetooth disconnect is likely to be users of parking places, of course, is also possible via the car CarPlay system.

Although this feature is nice, but Samsung has achieved as early as on last year's Note5, Samsung is judged based on Bluetooth car connection. FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

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