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Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

In the first, because the Atom weak performance, Windows Tablet, and not too many highlights, or show no productivity or entertainment have been diverted. Launch Bay Trail in Intel Atom processor architecture, as well as Windows 8 Microsoft Sync for flat-panel design under the double stimulation, Windows Tablet into a new outbreak. At this time, Windows Tablet is a real productivity tool as well as a complete product, can let a lot of people really concerned as well as to buy. Today said Dell Venue 11 Pro for more than two weeks of experience, look at the Windows Tablet is not really meet the needs.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Windows Tablet can be as simple as a laptop screen parts, both in terms of functionality as well as some design, which is really the same. In terms of design, relatively traditional Dell Venue 11 Pro, it can be said is a screen designed to work independently. A generous border design, as the Tablet is holding should be things, this laptop pursuit of hyper-thin border is not the same as the design direction.

Forehead section also has a front facing camera for easy video. Also hides a light sensor, you can change screen brightness according to the environment, this feature is quite useful. Winodws keys are standard at the bottom.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Dell Venue 11 Pro with a 10.8-inch 1080P screen, IPS support, the viewing angle is quite good. Compare laptops, flat screen high requirements in terms of viewing angles, after all, you can't ask for formal sitting tablet users. And Tablet share use, are shared usage, screen quality and whether the effect is easy to use.

Only ridicule is that Dell Venue 11 Pro screen mirror effect is obvious. For indoor use but there is not much problem, used outdoors or under direct sunlight, strong experience on the reflection effect. So this time I'd suggest that you put a piece of matte films, which can slow the mirror effect, can also provide a better touch experience.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

In the IO interfaces, as a Tablet cannot ask too much, after all, relatively small spaces as well as determines its design direction so as to provide some. Dell Venue 11 Pro provides a USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, a TF card interface as well as an anti-theft deduction. Of course, you might see a Mirco USB interface, but use it only for power input. Only USB interface only one or more isn't enough, only through the HUB, expanded.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Seemed to Surface as is the standard Windows Tablet, Windows tablets are often provided to expand the interface and provide the appropriate physical keyboard protector, and expand the base. From the design concept for, such a design is, of course, in order to better bring out plate full strength as well as provides the same Windows experience, it is a good thing. , On the other hand, such a design is on users who haven't liked the touch control, of course, a Windows touch has not comprehensively lift interest.

Dell Venue 11 Pro skin material for the class on the back design, provide good grip touch, while also somewhat troubling on clean, OCD or not look at the back is better. Dell Venue 11 Pro back is quite interesting, supposed to be rare in Windows Tablet, which uses Removable back cover design and removable battery. Such a design is, of course, for a long time user of outdoor use, or is a business of design, provided a long time.

After removing the back cover, can see more clearly the NFC, TF card slot.

After the above introduction, you can feel the typical Dell Venue 11 Pro is a Windows Tablet, although there is no surprise surprise design, there is no black tech blessings, but serious design is Dell's design style. And removable battery, extension interfaces can clearly see Dell Venue 11 Pro is primarily more traditional thinking design of the laptop, and more biased and light business types.

Dell Venue 11 Pro as a Windows Tablet, which uses the latest Microsoft Windows 8.1 system, the touch system designs in order to plate was born, is very familiar. Of course this WIndow 8.1 system many people have different opinions, so it's back to no less than any conclusions.

Dell Venue 11 Pro depending on your hardware configuration to distinguish between versions, SSD capacity, memory size and CPU will be different. One of the key is its use of Intel X86, which can provide a complete Windows environment. Dell Venue 11 Pro CPU can be selected from the Atom Z3775D to i5 4300Y, which at the lowest price the Atom version. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Atom was said at the beginning, in fact, the first Atom is designed for netbooks and Windows Tablet, mainly in order to provide adequate performance at the same time, lower power consumption and heat to accommodate the relatively small interior space, as well as battery capacity. But the initial Atom on the performance of the more general and not too much on the power of the highlights, making Windows Tablet performance and battery life are caught in a hurry is, of course, is out. Through the efforts of Intel, after process updates and performance development, Atom now has enough day-to-day operations as well as entertainment, so Windows Tablet was finally able to have the possibility of reduction in price lifting experience.

Dell Venue 11 Pro as a Windows Tablet, the biggest benefit is the ability to install sophisticated video software on the Windows platform for media entertainment. The evaluation experience of Dell Venue 11 Pro using Atom Z3770 processor, the maximum frequency reached 2.4GHz, and other key parameters are 2G and 64G SSD memory.

By virtue of the Bay Trail balance of the structure of the Atom in terms of performance and power consumption, as well as the Dell Venue 11 Pro outstanding screen performance, its performance in the entertainment is excellent. No matter how page is online video operations, is still on the local high bit-rate HD video playback, Dell Venue 11 Pro with ease. If often use PS, LR, even big games such as Dota fans, I think it's a choice with a i5 processor, or not to play with the idea. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Although Windows 8.1 design philosophy is to let people change the mouse and the traditional mode of operation, but personally I think this is now changing, as well as design concept, is what people can't forget the keyboard input to this efficient tool. More than two weeks of use, I am often writing works with Dell Venue 11 Pro out, compared to the traditional laptop kg weight, Dell Venue 11 Pro 800g not only to the weight, let me lighten. While Dell Venue 11 Pro Atom support, while maintaining adequate performance at the same time, also provided is enough for me to use the power, on the other hand is a charger this thing to lose.

In more than two weeks of use is via Bluetooth using the external keyboard, Dell Venue 11 Pro, after all, only 1 USB interface, or try to save is better. Dell Venue 11 Pro 1080P screen, and supports touch, although the experience is not too bad, but a nice touch is the ability to replace the mouse.

Overall design, the Dell Venue 11 Pro is a more targeted business users, or using more groups on productivity. Whether it is a removable battery is also a wealth of configuration options, Dell Venue 11 Pro can meet daily use control and performance requirements.

Certainly Windows tablets before now is not as limited in terms of performance, with the new Atom, Intel's upcoming Core m, better performance and lower power consumption, and no doubt there will be more space to use. And Dell Venue 11 Pro extension interface is also provided the experience of traditional laptop computer support, it also showed manufacturers ' concerns. Only in hardware design and manufacturers have reached sufficient altitude, became most obvious weakness of the Windows System.

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