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Musk if it were not too busy I would consider building electric plane

  Elon Musk recently asked, if there is no Tesla and SpaceX, will consider what to do, when he replied that he could design an electric plane. This was in an interview with foreign media, Elon Musk says: Cath Kidston Note 4 Case Cath Kidston note 4 cases

Musk: if it were not too busy I would consider building electric plane

  "This idea is like my electric aircraft, this should be a very cool supersonic, electric aircraft takes off and Lands vertically. This is a design in my mind. "

  He added: "the aircraft, ships and other means of transport in the future will be driven by electricity, not half electric is fully electric. "

  Musk's rhetoric and not in a formal way to express his desire to design the aircraft, but it's not impossible. Back in 2012 and Musk in promotion of the legendary low-power high-speed "last mode of transportation (the fifth mode of transport)" and then open the next year called Hyperloop super high-speed rail plans.

  In February this year, consists of many heavyweights, including Yammer founder David Sacks and X-Prize components, such as Peter Diamandis, the founder of a start-up on Hyperloop announced this concept and practice. Meanwhile, the Musk of SpaceX in Hawthorne, California also announced it will make a 1-mile test track near the headquarters in June 2016 is expected to build complete, try running this design.

Cath Kidston Note 4 Case

  Yesterday, Diamandis said the U.A.E. (UAE) or run will start in 2020 Hyperloop passengers less than 15 minutes of time and from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (about 93 miles). If this build of super high-speed rail will be able to achieve in 5 years, electric plane is not a distant dream.

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