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Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  Last week, the United States announced in 2016 for the San Francisco area office park equipped with driverless bus. Allegedly, although a little slow, only about 15 miles per hour. But because of the running route is shorter, and more convenient for getting on and off, as a means of transport, is also good. There is no tested aboard the passengers, but had already begun some of the projects beta, I believe it won't be long before you can achieve. And, in addition, there are four cities in the world have started to test unmanned system bus project, is expected to launch in the near future.

Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  First, Greece Trikala, Greece North of the small town will be enabled for small unmanned bus carrying 10 people at the same time, it will be tested along the lane, about 1.5 miles. And public bicycles, cars for traffic convenience, because of its own electric, can be considered a response to the EU's energy saving and emission reduction number.

Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  Followed by a Chinese city, you will probably find some surprise, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, but it did. Here, China's Yutong Bus Company is testing a passenger bus that runs between the cities, from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng city. Run about 20 miles away, speed can achieve astonishing 40 miles per hour. But although driverless cars, however, for its relatively fast speed and the technology is not yet perfect, so there are still drivers stare--and of course, drivers generally do not operate only prevent the occurrence of accidents.

  Perhaps in response to Henan, Netherlands Wah Groningen driverless buses also began testing. But different is China's most populous province, Henan province, in Netherlands test is largely invisible to anyone on the road, only a few infrastructure. Current unmanned test bus takes about 17 minutes of operation time. Also, unmanned buses in Wageningen was the first true road test of unmanned buses, special.

Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  Finally in United Kingdom kaiin simierdun, British public trial through the implementation of the plan. Also, its ultimate purpose of testing is to London, big cities like Liverpool and Manchester are equipped with driverless bus. It is reported that this project will enable United Kingdom into "city Automation" era. It is learnt that the United Kingdom Government is expected in 2018 the system is fully operational.

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  But, then again came back, this technology provides us with a lot of facilities, can save a lot of manpower. But it also may lead to certain social problems: If automatic bus, the bus driver where to work? The problem, the Government had to take into account.

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