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Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  Last week, the United States announced in 2016 for the San Francisco area office park equipped with driverless bus. Allegedly, although a little slow, only about 15 miles per hour. But because of the running route is shorter, and more convenient for getting on and off, as a means of transport, is also good. There is no tested aboard the passengers, but had already begun some of the projects beta, I believe it won't be long before you can achieve. And, in addition, there are four cities in the world have started to test unmanned system bus project, is expected to launch in the near future.

Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  First, Greece Trikala, Greece North of the small town will be enabled for small unmanned bus carrying 10 people at the same time, it will be tested along the lane, about 1.5 miles. And public bicycles, cars for traffic convenience, because of its own electric, can be considered a response to the EU's energy saving and emission reduction number.

Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  Followed by a Chinese city, you will probably find some surprise, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, but it did. Here, China's Yutong Bus Company is testing a passenger bus that runs between the cities, from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng city. Run about 20 miles away, speed can achieve astonishing 40 miles per hour. But although driverless cars, however, for its relatively fast speed and the technology is not yet perfect, so there are still drivers stare--and of course, drivers generally do not operate only prevent the occurrence of accidents.

  Perhaps in response to Henan, Netherlands Wah Groningen driverless buses also began testing. But different is China's most populous province, Henan province, in Netherlands test is largely invisible to anyone on the road, only a few infrastructure. Current unmanned test bus takes about 17 minutes of operation time. Also, unmanned buses in Wageningen was the first true road test of unmanned buses, special.

Five cities plan first to enable driverless bus

  Finally in United Kingdom kaiin simierdun, British public trial through the implementation of the plan. Also, its ultimate purpose of testing is to London, big cities like Liverpool and Manchester are equipped with driverless bus. It is reported that this project will enable United Kingdom into "city Automation" era. It is learnt that the United Kingdom Government is expected in 2018 the system is fully operational.

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  But, then again came back, this technology provides us with a lot of facilities, can save a lot of manpower. But it also may lead to certain social problems: If automatic bus, the bus driver where to work? The problem, the Government had to take into account.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Musk if it were not too busy I would consider building electric plane

  Elon Musk recently asked, if there is no Tesla and SpaceX, will consider what to do, when he replied that he could design an electric plane. This was in an interview with foreign media, Elon Musk says: Cath Kidston Note 4 Case Cath Kidston note 4 cases

Musk: if it were not too busy I would consider building electric plane

  "This idea is like my electric aircraft, this should be a very cool supersonic, electric aircraft takes off and Lands vertically. This is a design in my mind. "

  He added: "the aircraft, ships and other means of transport in the future will be driven by electricity, not half electric is fully electric. "

  Musk's rhetoric and not in a formal way to express his desire to design the aircraft, but it's not impossible. Back in 2012 and Musk in promotion of the legendary low-power high-speed "last mode of transportation (the fifth mode of transport)" and then open the next year called Hyperloop super high-speed rail plans.

  In February this year, consists of many heavyweights, including Yammer founder David Sacks and X-Prize components, such as Peter Diamandis, the founder of a start-up on Hyperloop announced this concept and practice. Meanwhile, the Musk of SpaceX in Hawthorne, California also announced it will make a 1-mile test track near the headquarters in June 2016 is expected to build complete, try running this design.

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  Yesterday, Diamandis said the U.A.E. (UAE) or run will start in 2020 Hyperloop passengers less than 15 minutes of time and from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (about 93 miles). If this build of super high-speed rail will be able to achieve in 5 years, electric plane is not a distant dream.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From a consumer s point of view HTC s product strategy really no problem

Is Steve Jobs holds the iPhone redefined the mobile phone in his hand, but I believe that a lot of people and I, as is all about Smartphone is starting from HTC, so for us, HTC brand means, than has been buried and Nokia smart phones Apple is worse where the opening.

It is, therefore, we will take care of HTC since 2011 began to go downhill and feel discontented and upset, although in terms of products, still feel HTC or HTC, but it errors on the development strategy and product strategy, but noticeable, unwanted.

M9, to sigh its slack

HTC this two years go of detours, and made of wrong and by of lessons, has has many analysis and articles be attacked had, in here author on not more on has, but believes many people also are note to has, see failure HTC of tone in last year second half of began has less off has many, while HTC of main exposure are in first half of, and second half of is basic is domestic phone of world; on the, HTC of income although has been in fell, also Yu fourth quarter fell out has global phone ranking Qian ten, But it on China market of policy has has obviously change, main 2000 Yuan price of Desire 8 get many concern, the series also began became has it of market and shipping main, later is, HTC also oriented global market released has M8 EYE, break has M8 Shang suffered criticized of 4 million pixel Ultrapixel camera, prompted opinion began to has good of side, even for M9 of released saved Xia has ever may most strong of expectations.

But as you by see, this all transition in M9 released Hou on stopped has, which no more big change of machine design, and still low of screen accounted for than, and fuselage added UI added in with of four layer Chin, also has huge and raised of camera and so on, in a praise, and because with Shang has many home produced of industry top technology, and let people again awareness its supply chain background has more powerful of Samsung S6 and S6 Edge before, HTC from M7 began on no lost shed of reputation and goodwill, This one finally no longer belongs to it.

From a consumer's point of view HTC's product strategy, really no problem?

         (This is a picture of the M8, as you can see from above the fuselage forehead and Chin tiered combined has reached a frenzied ten stories) Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

M9 at least exposed has HTC two a problem, a is innovation capacity of stop, another is is products thought of paranoid, and this both zhiqian in M7 and M8 Shang also can keep balance, although General sold of didn't so good, can user reputation and recognized degrees are compared high, now M9 to has, although it single see also good, but it more like is M8 of improved paragraph, and not a can carry Ding of new flagship--this is was reminds Samsung in S3, and S4 and S5 Shang take of strategy by harvest of market reaction, but compared with, HTC is clearly not Samsung so plenty of slope space.

               (This is a concept design of the M9 to users based on their preferences, it solves the M9 in many ways one of the most criticized problem)

M8s, people do not understand its meaning

If said M9 has HTC himself of insisted, so follow-up HTC of action on more see not clear has, it Yu Qian soon official released has a paragraph M8 of small revision M8s, this paragraph products and M8 of main difference is processor by which of Gao Tongxiao Dragon 801 drop to and Desire 8,261 sample of Gao Tongxiao Dragon 615, also camera also from 4 million of UltraPixal into has 13 million pixel of General CMOS, other aspects is basic no what difference, M8 in the battery and Bluetooth have escalated.

Is apparently, M8s is HTC hope took to fill M9 of high-end, and Desire 8 series in the end two big market middle zone of products, and let we see not understand of is, M8s this name has to had a paragraph current still sale of phone HTC E8, which debut Shi on top with plastic version M8 of title, and also positioning Yu in the high-end market, now HTC took out a name namesake, and market coincide of things, let people completely cannot understanding it wants to do what.

If HTC is going to make the E8 price to sell, then it will certainly take away Desire series, in particular convergence of E8 the quote had the Desire 826 2299 pricing, contribution of shipments, while the former than on the latter.

If E8 discontinued, give way to M8s? But it is a pity, the problem did not end. Don't forget has HTC this zhiqian has on M8 for has once small range upgrade, is Qian paper mentioned of M8 EYE, this paragraph products break has M8 maximum of problem, and than M8s of configuration better, while because products cycle of sake, it in now of price also has below has 3000 Yuan, that is also and M8s of market exists overlap, and this on means with two design as, and configuration disparity but market and parallel of home products inevitable will mutual Bo, This will not only get published only six months M8 EYE position becomes very embarrassed, will bring great confusion to the user.

Only of reasons, may is HTC for M8 mold of cost also no earned back of sake, so also need continues to consumption this a shell, and configuration Shang of reduced, also may is because M8 also has many goods pressure in channel Shang, so to to big brother left with points road, M8s seems is a most compromise of approach, but actually, it is led to has more of complex and uncertainty.

Next, HTC's new, and what's worth watching?

Coming soon, HTC will be released for domestic derivative versions of the M9, the current outgoing message can be as many as three, plus the M9 itself, just this generation of new products would reach four, what is this concept? From 2012 we know that HTC has announced to give up the sea tactics, but now it seems to want to pick up, which may put a present in resources and influence not on enough for cell phone manufacturers, it is difficult to say is a good choice.

Only chance, it should be the HTC can do in terms of price and domestic phone fight recklessly, to take this down more bases, but reference to the previous era M8 confusing and embarrassing situation, nor clearly HTC can evenly distribute these products in the market and position, not belonging to family situation.

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