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Throw rubbish into volcanoes on the line Just not that simple

  Why don't we all threw the rubbish into volcanoes? this is a question worth thinking about. Although the volcano looks like an ideal natural waste incinerator, but we and the magic leading to the center of the Earth there are a few obstacles remain between the geology of trash.

  Each person will create 4.5 pounds of trash every day, garbage reached 254.1 million tons a year. If you want to use volcano deal with all this crap, we need to first select an active volcano, and waste are shipped from there. This is the first problem, not many people live near the volcano and, therefore, refuse is a a lot of time, money and fuel.

Throw rubbish into volcanoes on the line? Just not that simple

  When you imagine the litter in the volcano, you might think of a cone-shaped volcano, there is a hole, the hole has a lovely Lake, just like the two pictures below:

Throw rubbish into volcanoes on the line? Just not that simple Throw rubbish into volcanoes on the line? Just not that simple

  So, volcano is really a perfect throw, right? but not all volcanoes have been so accommodating. Ideal waste incinerator is one of a volcano eruption has been very slow, magma welled up from the Earth's surface will be slow to, like the shield volcanoes of Hawaii.

  However, most of the volcanoes are not so gentle on the Earth, when hot gases and magma pressure inside the volcano high volcano will have a tendency to explode. Long story short, when volcanic eruptions, you don't want to throw their rubbish into it, if you get very close, close enough to the garbage thrown into lava, volcanic ash and hot gas when you should have to live without. Disney iPhone 5 Case

  And if you happen to live in Hawaii, and very close to the gentle volcano, can still throw their rubbish into it. However, apart from outside his house was destroyed by the lava, litter and waste delivery vehicles will also have a certain degree of risk.

  On a volcano, other than toxic gas and lava spattering, icy waste when I encounter a lot of magma, may also cause some very spectacular blast, as seen by researchers in Ethiopia in 2002.

Throw rubbish into volcanoes on the line? Just not that simple

  A 66-pound bag will be able to spark a spectacular volcanic eruption, it's just a United States family of four amount of garbage into three and a half days. So, let us imagine, if heavier litter into the volcano, how would that be a problem? this is too dangerous.

  In addition, lava in the burning of trash when all the gas into the atmosphere, causing large amounts of air pollution. At present, the waste incinerator has a series of rules and regulations, one of which is to ensure that waste gases produced during combustion will not enter the air. Therefore, the garbage thrown into the volcano created by human civilization is not a good choice.

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