Monday, April 25, 2016

Oculus established Studio shooting virtual reality movies

Oculus established Studio, shooting virtual reality movies

Is Facebook for us $ 2 billion acquisition of the Oculus is now rich in qicu, at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday, the company announced that it had established a Studio named story (Story Studio) 's laboratory, specially created virtual reality movies.

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According to Studio charge, they are still learning the basics of making virtual reality movies, they made the first film just a few minutes, but it took five months. Henceforth they can create richer, more short films.

Virtual reality technology allows us to see the rise of next-generation computing platforms, Oculus currently develops video games to attract ordinary consumers, need more content, the film should be a good choice. Flawless iPhone plus case Flawless i6 plus case

Red Note 3

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Red Note 3

For red rice Note 3 this new paragraph, rice stressed that this is their first full metal phone, of course it is also owned by millet's first to provide fingerprint identification phone. Red Note 3 gray, silver and gold three optional, millet official stressed that the use of new technology, so that its metal shell fit right in, and in order to guarantee great texture, designed to use the arc-shaped edge, 120th double blast of sand material.

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