Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How a man while driving 3 trucks Mercedes Benz can do

  Recently, the Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, the unmanned fleet of trucks were tested, and to include this item as part of EU European truck challenge hosted by 2016 project. It is understood that the unmanned fleet of trucks from Germany Stuttgart into the Netherlands in Rotterdam. Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

  Fleet 3 truck Actros series production, they are equipped with road pilot connection software developed by Mercedes-Benz. In the course of driving, that three trucks by V2V technologies automatically arranged in a column. Hello Kitty Note 3 cases

How a man while driving 3 trucks? Mercedes-Benz can do

  After the first truck collecting road data transmitted via WiFi to the back of two trucks, data transfer takes only 0.1 seconds of time. So they can achieve at the same time accelerate and brake without manual data entry. Of course, the first truck equipped with human drivers need to remain vigilant as drive cars.

  In the process of testing, spacing between the three unmanned truck about 50 feet, this interval can reduce the fuel consumption of 15% and 10% of carbon dioxide emissions. Efficient fleet of trucks other than is conducive to environmental protection, but also reduce the cost of shipping company.

  Not only that, this driverless truck driving significantly to occupy space in the process are much smaller than human drivers driving 3 trucks, respectively. Mercedes-Benz said that such queue driverless truck driving safer on the road.

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