Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guess what is it

Guess, what is it? 20160417-bump-1

Well, this oval shape, color of the ambiguous ... ... Must make people think crooked! But what is the real purpose? Answers Refer to content. Victorias Secret case for iPhone 6

Victorias Secret i6 Case

Did you guess? This is actually a charge a cell phone treasure ... ...

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From United States designer Karim Rashid of masterpiece, its features is: 1, and equipped with has 1 meters long of charging line, usually this line can storage in a ring of storage package inside, and this storage package and can whole sets in charging treasure of outside, to into problem figure that inductive reveries of styling ~2, and charging treasure certainly is can from grid using of, but, if you need to this charging treasure charging, is not need additional of charger--because it itself on built-in charging function, just to will plug broke, And then inserted into the socket ~ and for charging the battery at the same time, can also be connected to the charging cable to charge the phone.

Simply saying is, this is a built in charger charging treasure, rich in color and fashion modeling, would you be willing to put this bag and drew other people misconceptions, HA HA. Victorias Secret i6 Case

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