Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Google executives augmented reality is our real objective

  With the Oculus Rift and the arrival of virtual reality head-mounted devices such as HTC Vive, virtual reality becomes 2016 was one of the year's hottest areas. And Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai Clay Bavor, head of a private conversation and virtual reality shows that Google is not virtual reality, augmented reality. Juicy iPhone 6 case

  According to foreign media reports Android Authority, the two Google execs talk show that the company and rival Facebook's direction is completely different. Facebook, Oculus Rift can make social networks, games and education has entered the era of virtual reality, which, on the contrary, they believe that human beings should continue to walk in the real world.

Google executives: augmented reality is our real objective

  It is clear that Google's future emphasis will be placed on the development of augmented reality technology, allow more people to use this real-world interactions, provide more data on the surrounding environment, after all, use virtual reality head-mounted device in a public place is not realistic.

  Judging from the present situation, Google has smart glasses is one of the best augmented reality devices, although it was modeling, cost and other aspects of the relationship never really entered the consumer market. In addition, taking into account the technical reasons, augmented reality to enter consumption will also be needed for a fairly long time. Juicy iPhone 6 case

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