Thursday, April 28, 2016

Astronauts on the space station do for entertainment A man playing table tennis

  To celebrate the 300 days at the international space station (which is a record number), astronaut Scott Kelly playing table tennis in the space station. This table tennis is actually a small drop, his racket has strong and waterproof. Imagine if table tennis of the fluid is made of beer, how would that be a problem? TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

  The recreational activities of the international space station how to proceed? Scott Kelly explains that he is using the hydrophobic (or water) a strong bat drop of water bounce, make it like a normal ping-pong, continue back and forth in the air.

Astronauts on the space station do for entertainment? A man playing table tennis

  Rackets are made of polycarbonate, which can have such a strong hydrophobic, is joined by a number of special factors: first of all, laser etching makes racket covered with a number of very small "bump"; Secondly, rackets are also sprayed with a layer of Teflon.

  If you are not sure what is Teflon, can see the kitchen, black non-stick surface is that layer of PTFE. Non-stick PTFE with racket combining rough surface of the water, can prevent the water molecules attached to the racket on the surface, in other words, this racket is super waterproof.

  Another intriguing question is why water droplets stay intact when hit by the racket ball, not as we imagine splashing everywhere? as the United States explained that at NASA's Johnson Space Center, it all comes down to the droplet size and surface tension. TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

  They said: "the droplet size increases, the force required to break it is smaller. Water droplets is smaller, can used when you hit it, the greater the force. "It was reported that Scott Kelly beat the volume of liquids table tennis only in the space station for 4 ml (100 times greater than the size of a drop of rain).

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  Obviously, this game in space also faces a very important problem, Scott Kelly can only play with themselves. Indeed, if bald brother you next game needs a partner, might as well tell us.

  If you think this one's table tennis is very cool, as further down think, when a racket is sprayed on the surface of materials that drops in zero-gravity circumstances to jump, how would that be a problem?

  This morning, Wei Feng network reported NASA wanted to create a Habitat for deep space by 2018 news. Intended to implement such a plan, it is because the Orion spacecraft to send astronauts to Mars's diameter is about the length of a small truck. Long journey for over 6 months to get to Mars explorers, this is not a great deal of space. In order not to allow the astronauts to Mars in 6 months crazy, they need a larger living space.

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