Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sultry sister plus artifact the set chandelier and sound pretty lights

Sultry sister plus artifact: the set chandelier and sound of Houat 20160323-houat-lamp-4

Spring heart day, fire a film called the drama of the descent of the Sun. Female medical officers and high EQ and various details, touch the spring thousands. Episodes are referred to as the new love of textbooks, learn something new is very welcome. Women small ginger doctor-wuli freeze-aged goddess of Song Hye Kyo knew their light shine. First take the man home, and the two men sat face to face, behind place lighted candles on the 4 o'clock direction, can make himself seem softer and more beautiful. Boys and girls, this is it! EQ plus artifacts can pull up drunk!

OK, back to the topic! Small Korean powder Lai an interest, not the show, was trying to recommend a set of chandelier and sound pretty lights – Houat. With it, smarter candlelight dinner are LOW on guys. Romantic lighting coupled with Hyatt music directly. Have it, look, sit, hold, hug, rolling sheets ... ... That must make is full of love!

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Houat is simply a set of dual LED lights, primary color high gloss white plastic and metal, built-in color changing LED light bulb weight undiminished beauty, simplicity is not simple. Why not simple? First of all, it is practical, light line can pitch, one long and one short of hanging on a need basis, or you can open to any place you want to put, in tune with contemporary interior design. The other hand, is little mentioned in the series will focus on high technology. Houat is not only lights and sound, built-in mobile app can not only play music on the phone, also by mobile phone to lighting, color, style, mood, and design. When the playlist is, light with the pace of changing colors. Believe that with this small artifact, whether smooth increase of the Liao, Liao Han Duan! Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

20160323-houat-lamp-1 20160323-houat-lamp-2 20160323-houat-lamp-3 20160323-houat-lamp-5 20160323-houat-lamp-6

Designer: NoDesign and Puzzle Lab.

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