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Steve Ballmer Linux threat and gates no longer go road

  15 years ago, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to open source system Linux as a "cancer", recently, his attitude began to soften. 

  On Wednesday at a dinner organized by the fortune, Ballmer said, when his position was correct, and current threats to Microsoft's Linux has entered a "rear view mirror".

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  Ballmer said: "by that war, Microsoft is full of a lot of money. Ensure the Windows position on the company's revenue is very important. "

  Recently, before Microsoft began to change hostile attitudes. This week, Microsoft announced that it will sell Linux-compatible SQL Server database software.


  Ballmer said that he would like to see this change. He also sent a message to the incumbent CEO support.

  Ballmer reiterated his views put forward last December for the shareholders ' meeting: more transparent information disclosure. Microsoft should disclose separately in software, hardware and cloud computing business revenues and profits.

  In January 2000, as Microsoft CEO Ballmer, in later years, because the "Internet bubble" burst, technology stocks continued to fall. During Ballmer's entire tenure, Microsoft's share price has dropped by more than 40%. In 2013, he resigned, and left the company.

  Ballmer also has explained the reasons for resigning, is the speed of change because the Board was unhappy with Microsoft. Mr Ballmer said: "no matter how fast I drive at a speed of change, there will always be doubts in all aspects, including employees, directors, investors, partners, suppliers and customers, and so on. They doubted whether I was serious, and may even suspect me. "

Steve Ballmer: Linux threat and gates no longer go road

  So he decided to retire and hopes that Microsoft's next CEO will be able to change more quickly. In explaining his decision, Ballmer was in tears. He said: "maybe I'm old-fashioned, I need to move on. I love what you are doing works, but lead Microsoft into the new era is one of the best ways to speed up the change of the new leader. "

  However, Ballmer has led Microsoft to more than $ 20 billion in net profit but it is indisputable fact. He has said that under his leadership, Microsoft is the most profitable company on Earth, and this made him very proud. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

  In February 2014, Nader took over Microsoft, rose 50%.

  Ballmer said the Nadela is a good CEO, market sentiment changed only because of a new Chief Executive. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case


  He said: "the mobilization of knowledge caused a change in market sentiment. "

  In addition, he also acknowledged that he and Bill Gates no longer close, and went their way.

Steve Ballmer: Linux threat and gates no longer go road

  Ballmer is a very positive and optimistic person, after I left Microsoft, he did not go to other tech companies, but in 2014, with a record $ 2 billion offer, winning the NBA Los Angeles Clippers (Los Angeles Clippers) ownership, he seemed to be enjoying the feeling of having a team.

  Earlier this month, the Clippers home game at Staples Center, Ballmer put on amazing scene, his trampoline, completed an action stretching hands Dunks, everyone was shocked, although is a Spring mattress, but not smooth, full marks.

  Recently, Forbes magazine announce the 2016 world rich list, NBA Los Angeles Clippers boss Steve Ballmer with his net worth of $ 23.5 billion, has become the most wealthy team owners.

  After leaving Microsoft, Ballmer also participated in the exercise, which has become his interest. He said: "you have a lot of time to exercise, meditation, relaxation. This is a very good thing. "

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