Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches


Machine is doing-AVI


Kenzo cover iPhone 6

Machine is such a high-end atmosphere internationalization!

By Nexus 4, and a combination of Apps, machine man Doug Gregory, the future of intelligent housing, if the master device will be replaced Google Glass, this is so perfect!!!

Authors to complete the project with only 1 master, 4 z-wave module is less than 300 dollars.

Software using Android artifact Tasker, AutoVoice, AutoRemote, and AuHomationHD, and Yatse, and XBMC, and Netflix, and YouTube. Kenzo iPhone6

Doug Gregory explains how it all works: Kenzo cover iPhone 6

Most commands are new Tasker plug-in AutoVoice completed. He built a Tasker configured to listen for key words and phrases, which is previously defined tasks. These tasks can be triggered independently of the lamp switch, preset scene is AutoRemote in Google TV receiving, Tasker running Google TV.

Yatse control the PC running XBMC, dropped it into the Google TV, you can use voice commands to make it play movies, music, TV shows, and play/pause or adjust the volume.

Automation through Micasaverde Veralite family of controllers and Z-Wave modules, Android and docking Veralite is through a third-party plug-in named AutHomationHD.

These things are very easy to do, if you can master the artifact Tasker, this is a piece of cake.

Check out higher-order Guide video below!

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

Machine is doing-AVI



Galaxy S6 edge

1530 votes

Galaxy S6 edge

S6 Edge above Exynos 7420 processor Samsung aligned currently dominate the market for high-end mobile processors of Qualcomm's crotch hard feet, 14nm FinFET technology, as well as the Samsung 6 generations perfecting the design of the size of Samsung Snapdragon 810 processor 7420 phase went on sale now has an absolute advantage.

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