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Samsung s new patented headset can play 3D holographic projection

  Remember when back in September 2014, Samsung has obtained a patent, the patent is the new Samsung smart bracelet, but now, it is clear the patent is still has the potential to become future devices. In addition to the competition between Samsung and Apple hardware, software services, it is clear that patent war is the friend of another stage that dogfight.

Samsung's new patented headset can play 3D holographic projection

  This week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced a new Samsung's patent, and the patented feels like a smart evolution version of the bracelet, because it turned into can let us wear on a neck of "smart necklaces." Disney iPhone case

  The device is designed to be wireless headphones for listening to music, if you think it's just listening to music, then you're wrong, we simply set up, it is going to become a communications headset, we can use it to answer the phone. Even more amazing is that in addition to these two features, the device can also make use of the 3D holographic projection display in the user interface in the air, if everyone in the street using a 3D holographic projection display interface, the scenes can be very interesting. Disney phone case

  Of course, is also an old saying, to obtain a patent does not mean that this device will actually appear on the market, Apple look at Samsung's old friends, we often can see Apple's new patent, but when is it that these patents can see the rising of the Sun, there is no spectrum.

  But times and technology will eventually be developed, as with virtual reality and augmented reality devices, more and more hot, perhaps these science and technology vendors are going to think about the 3D holographic projection might, after all, if our smart devices can bring us anywhere, anytime 3D holographic projection, which can bring our life quite a bit of interest.

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