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Ant tanzheng we re different from Oculus

Editor's Note: since December 9 after the press conference, Ant has been the subject of controversy from the VR, for closer understanding the logic behind Ant-depending on the product, Lei feng's network came to the Ant technology, direct dialogue with the Ant CEO tanzheng, hoping to clean enough to respond to everyone's question, here is the dialogue records. (Deletion) Disney phone case

Ant tanzheng: we're different from Oculus

Lei feng's network: someone questioning the optical scheme of Ant is to sacrifice perspective for distortion-free, this will affect core immersive virtual reality, what do you think of this?

Tanzheng: first of all, our programme is the largest in the distortionless condition can do perspective. Second, the Ant as the screen is square, and Oculus screen is round, so in the Oculus must be four sides more than the Ant, in this case, Oculus can get better than our sense of immersion.

The problem was, Oculus vision is not clear, it is the clarity of the picture one level lower than the ants. There is a reason that we consider the compatibility of products, although I agree with the perspective of virtual reality is the most important, but it is not unique.

Now we all believe that Oculus is better that way, which I do not deny that, but there is no right or wrong in the way virtual reality, the only thing I think is questionable, since everyone thinks Oculus good that way, why should that other manufacturers do? Wants more users to get relatively inexpensive knockoffs do?

Lei feng's network: it can be understood as the ants want to do, though, is a head-mounted display, a feature of virtual reality can only come in?

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Tanzheng: there is no clear divide above is virtual reality, I can tell you, those so-called virtual reality glasses on the market now, they view more than 70 degrees, I think Ant has been emphasized and the oculus may be different, it will certainly have some fans of oculus used this point to attack us, it's normal.

Lei feng's network: that is divided from each other, different definitions of virtual reality?

Tanzheng: Yes, more direct is less 10 ° is not virtual reality? Ant is on the point of distortion maximum angle, oculus crossed that threshold, software correction to virtual reality. Images without distortion, the best thing is that you can make use of existing resources. And this is also a good display must have attributes, all in all I don't think less 10 ° is not virtual reality.

The concept of virtual reality who is not proprietary, Oculus redefines the virtual reality, but it is not the definition of complete, Oculus has no rights to exclusive virtual reality. I believe that ten years later, the definition of virtual reality is quite different, perhaps similar to the inception that is virtual reality, before those that lie on the monitor is garbage.

Lei feng's network: what do you think of compatibility means that do not have highly customized, without a highly customized experience of the early users of virtual reality is not good?

Tanzheng: we've tested a lot of 3D games, run Ant in the game when we define it is a 3D display, which looks like it is better than spending two thousand or three thousand dollars for 3D display. And we are common 3D format that is compatible, so the film this is not a problem. Two pieces I don't define the Ant as virtual reality, so if you play normal game experience is bad, does not mean that virtual reality is to junk.

Situation is now no good virtual reality games, including those that Oculus is only a Demo of the game, if by Oculus that way, China may have to wait two years before they experience the same games. That gap in these two years, players in the country playing? Our idea is to get people to use it, we can and games manufacturers, China's own virtual reality games. Demo done fun, after all, is only a Demo, not a game.

Lei feng's network: did it ever occur to you, if you don't Ant to put on "virtual reality" label may not result in so much controversy?

Tanzheng: I don't understand why less 10 ° is not virtual reality, especially those old Oculus manufacturer, I'd love to know what their future is going to? Don't want to copy the success of oculus, then Tencent collection?

Lei feng's network: aspherical program is the main view of Ant-helmet cause it? Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

Tanzheng: is there a user is considered to be wearing glasses, Oculus ' lens is closer to the human eye, so the same lenses can do bigger perspective, and Ant to glasses users reserved space, without considering this, we can do diagonal angle of 120 °. Such a compromise is well worth it, because so many of our players are wearing glasses.

Lei feng's network: considering the light leak problem, how did you consider?

Tanzheng: it is an inevitable problem of folding, we found when testing, there is little light will affect the gameplay experience, and, in some cases, the next light is also a protection for the user, when the next user can feel light.

Lei feng's network: Yes, it will lose the user experience?

Tanzheng: I do not think that there is too much damage, we do the test found, only next to the glare can cause screen glare light is not reflected in the other direction go to the user's eyes. Can't open it's just not that important next, open may be a bit better, but the design will be very cumbersome thing. Our position is mainly for down-home play recreational games, will not develop the horror game. While it can be used to watch 2D/3D movie, so there's no need to design perfect closure.

Lei feng's network: about the differences, you haven't doubted it?

Tanzheng: I think there are different discussion value, plagiarism is definitely easier to us, but we have our own considerations, even in the future, reality tells me is wrong, I'll pay the tuition fee, but Ant is not just a product. We will continue to explore the future of head-mounted displays, even if the product we were wrong, at least we still.

Lei feng's network: Ant's production schedule now to?

Tanzheng: helmet, gun in around the 20th of the month and down-home can deliver, no helmet camera so complicated, a lot of technology is relatively mature, so it will be shipped as soon as possible.

Lei feng's network: that of cooperation ever talk?

Tanzheng: Yes, many game companies are also on the sidelines, they are choosing between different virtual reality glasses, Ant, I believe if this programme is in line with China's national conditions more competitive. Small teams, we will always have to cooperate.

Lei feng's network: If the Internet giant to do virtual reality, such as Tencent, what kind of impact do you think will need to form?

Tanzheng: I think the Giants in this business, do something more selective, Tencent should follow the software more, it missed so much hardware wave, big advantage is money users, but the company who is not specifically to do this.

Lei feng's network: they can acquire professional team to do, if one day the company to talk to you about that thing, what would be your attitude?

Tanzheng: well, this is a reasonable approach, but as I said, we do not focus on virtual reality, if it sold the company at this stage would be a pity, Ant, and there are many more stories to tell.

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