Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches


Machine is doing-AVI


Kenzo cover iPhone 6

Machine is such a high-end atmosphere internationalization!

By Nexus 4, and a combination of Apps, machine man Doug Gregory, the future of intelligent housing, if the master device will be replaced Google Glass, this is so perfect!!!

Authors to complete the project with only 1 master, 4 z-wave module is less than 300 dollars.

Software using Android artifact Tasker, AutoVoice, AutoRemote, and AuHomationHD, and Yatse, and XBMC, and Netflix, and YouTube. Kenzo iPhone6

Doug Gregory explains how it all works: Kenzo cover iPhone 6

Most commands are new Tasker plug-in AutoVoice completed. He built a Tasker configured to listen for key words and phrases, which is previously defined tasks. These tasks can be triggered independently of the lamp switch, preset scene is AutoRemote in Google TV receiving, Tasker running Google TV.

Yatse control the PC running XBMC, dropped it into the Google TV, you can use voice commands to make it play movies, music, TV shows, and play/pause or adjust the volume.

Automation through Micasaverde Veralite family of controllers and Z-Wave modules, Android and docking Veralite is through a third-party plug-in named AutHomationHD.

These things are very easy to do, if you can master the artifact Tasker, this is a piece of cake.

Check out higher-order Guide video below!

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

Machine is doing-AVI



Galaxy S6 edge

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Galaxy S6 edge

S6 Edge above Exynos 7420 processor Samsung aligned currently dominate the market for high-end mobile processors of Qualcomm's crotch hard feet, 14nm FinFET technology, as well as the Samsung 6 generations perfecting the design of the size of Samsung Snapdragon 810 processor 7420 phase went on sale now has an absolute advantage.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

Recent price: Sennheiser Amperior Blue 9.99

Sennheiser Amperior Blue is legend of the Sennheiser HD25 upgrade version. Optimized for mobile phone, a Walkman designed to lower impedance, makes a better driver. 18 euro 120dB sensitivity and impedance on the phone is enough, coupled with the appearance is bright enough, carry out street or something pretty good. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Sennheiser Amperior Blue egg recent low price of $ 139.99 in the United States, about 850 Yuan, cost about 970. United States rhythm of the Amazon is also under $ 200, home also to 1500+ the way, clear price advantage.

Purchase address

Recent price: Sennheiser Amperior Blue 9.99

PS. If color is not cold, then you can look at this the recent low price: Sennheiser HD25-1 II 9, seems to hit 90 percent, price difference.

Titanium mouse

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Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Titanium mouse

Because the game, SKY player, China became the idol, because Wow, Li Xiaofeng, known as world of Warcraft, "King"; the game, he succeeded in defending the WCG in Warcraft, become the first person in the world. "He would like to do as a career, and chose a path full of thorns: stick, confused, helpless, glory ... ... SKY experience tells us that life can have different choices. "

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Preview new augmented reality App to launch 3D printing effect video

Preview new augmented reality App to launch 3D printing effect (video)

Refer to Wikipedia: augmented reality (Augmented Reality, AR for short), is a real time calculation of camera images of locations and angles with corresponding image technology, the objective of this technique is on the screen to interact in the real world and the virtual world. This technology estimated that by 1990. With the operational capabilities of portable electronic products, it is expected that augmented reality will be more and more widely used. 3D software for cost reason has not yet widespread popularity, but the power you have: you can print firearms, houses, and even beef. But also because of high costs, seen on computer models and physical difference in the end, this led to a new App--Augment. Display enhanced techniques used by the software, the user can preview the final result in the phone and tablet.

Preview new augmented reality App to launch 3D printing effect (video)

  CS engineer is a professional, founder, CEO Jean-Fran รง OIS Chianetta from age 8 on their own programming, CTO Cyril Champier also has a deep background of cognitive science. The project was a project at his own expense, at present there are 20,000 active users, depending on the customer needs also have paid version available. Software support for STL, Collada, OBJ, 3DS, and a variety of hybrid file format, Augment itself is free software, but there are also "See This On Your Wall and" See This In Your Room "paid features.

Preview new augmented reality App to launch 3D printing effect (video)

Software currently supports iOS and Android phones and tablets, after a user adds a 3D file, can Augment the automatically generated 3D models, through the camera and the background to simulate realistic models, users can be 360 degrees observation, very useful. via TC

Victorias Secret i6 Case

Charm Blue Note 2

1143 votes Victorias Secret i6 Case Victorias Secret

Charm Blue Note 2

Charm blue NOTE 2 both hardware and software have changed very much. NOTE 2 power button location changes, and HOME keys are directly used by larger capacitor HOME key, implements more features, is a good solution for big-screen phone control. System, magic blue cancelled a traditional Smartbar Flyme controversial, based on Android 5.1

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sultry sister plus artifact the set chandelier and sound pretty lights

Sultry sister plus artifact: the set chandelier and sound of Houat 20160323-houat-lamp-4

Spring heart day, fire a film called the drama of the descent of the Sun. Female medical officers and high EQ and various details, touch the spring thousands. Episodes are referred to as the new love of textbooks, learn something new is very welcome. Women small ginger doctor-wuli freeze-aged goddess of Song Hye Kyo knew their light shine. First take the man home, and the two men sat face to face, behind place lighted candles on the 4 o'clock direction, can make himself seem softer and more beautiful. Boys and girls, this is it! EQ plus artifacts can pull up drunk!

OK, back to the topic! Small Korean powder Lai an interest, not the show, was trying to recommend a set of chandelier and sound pretty lights – Houat. With it, smarter candlelight dinner are LOW on guys. Romantic lighting coupled with Hyatt music directly. Have it, look, sit, hold, hug, rolling sheets ... ... That must make is full of love!

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Houat is simply a set of dual LED lights, primary color high gloss white plastic and metal, built-in color changing LED light bulb weight undiminished beauty, simplicity is not simple. Why not simple? First of all, it is practical, light line can pitch, one long and one short of hanging on a need basis, or you can open to any place you want to put, in tune with contemporary interior design. The other hand, is little mentioned in the series will focus on high technology. Houat is not only lights and sound, built-in mobile app can not only play music on the phone, also by mobile phone to lighting, color, style, mood, and design. When the playlist is, light with the pace of changing colors. Believe that with this small artifact, whether smooth increase of the Liao, Liao Han Duan! Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

20160323-houat-lamp-1 20160323-houat-lamp-2 20160323-houat-lamp-3 20160323-houat-lamp-5 20160323-houat-lamp-6

Designer: NoDesign and Puzzle Lab.

[via] Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Monday, March 21, 2016

Xbox One eternal pain an exclusive masterpiece has failed to 1080p

  Broken Xbox exclusive masterpiece is One of this year's flagship quantum has finally come, however it is their host before you make capital got a blow – and the resolution is to blame.

Xbox One eternal pain: an exclusive masterpiece has failed to 1080p

  Although developers had previously promised that the quantum of crushing can be 1080p, but after the test, players discover its actual resolution of only 720p. 720p and 30fps frame rate, it is some shabby.

  Generally, hosts an exclusive first party and second party loudly, anyway in the resolution and frame number is to be assured, that after all is the function displayed is the host's face. So, the quantum broken so players will be so surprised at.

  But then again again, taking into account the use of the quantum broken so many technologies such as space, lighting, ambient light shield, such as global illumination, Xbox One struggle with in reason.

  Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One is likely to be eligible for a hardware upgrade in the near future, and does not require players to teardown. When can we expect it to dafanshenzhang, provided that the Sony PS4.5 4K game is a fake message.

[Article correction] Hermes iPhone

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Hermes iPhone

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ant tanzheng we re different from Oculus

Editor's Note: since December 9 after the press conference, Ant has been the subject of controversy from the VR, for closer understanding the logic behind Ant-depending on the product, Lei feng's network came to the Ant technology, direct dialogue with the Ant CEO tanzheng, hoping to clean enough to respond to everyone's question, here is the dialogue records. (Deletion) Disney phone case

Ant tanzheng: we're different from Oculus

Lei feng's network: someone questioning the optical scheme of Ant is to sacrifice perspective for distortion-free, this will affect core immersive virtual reality, what do you think of this?

Tanzheng: first of all, our programme is the largest in the distortionless condition can do perspective. Second, the Ant as the screen is square, and Oculus screen is round, so in the Oculus must be four sides more than the Ant, in this case, Oculus can get better than our sense of immersion.

The problem was, Oculus vision is not clear, it is the clarity of the picture one level lower than the ants. There is a reason that we consider the compatibility of products, although I agree with the perspective of virtual reality is the most important, but it is not unique.

Now we all believe that Oculus is better that way, which I do not deny that, but there is no right or wrong in the way virtual reality, the only thing I think is questionable, since everyone thinks Oculus good that way, why should that other manufacturers do? Wants more users to get relatively inexpensive knockoffs do?

Lei feng's network: it can be understood as the ants want to do, though, is a head-mounted display, a feature of virtual reality can only come in?

Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

Tanzheng: there is no clear divide above is virtual reality, I can tell you, those so-called virtual reality glasses on the market now, they view more than 70 degrees, I think Ant has been emphasized and the oculus may be different, it will certainly have some fans of oculus used this point to attack us, it's normal.

Lei feng's network: that is divided from each other, different definitions of virtual reality?

Tanzheng: Yes, more direct is less 10 ° is not virtual reality? Ant is on the point of distortion maximum angle, oculus crossed that threshold, software correction to virtual reality. Images without distortion, the best thing is that you can make use of existing resources. And this is also a good display must have attributes, all in all I don't think less 10 ° is not virtual reality.

The concept of virtual reality who is not proprietary, Oculus redefines the virtual reality, but it is not the definition of complete, Oculus has no rights to exclusive virtual reality. I believe that ten years later, the definition of virtual reality is quite different, perhaps similar to the inception that is virtual reality, before those that lie on the monitor is garbage.

Lei feng's network: what do you think of compatibility means that do not have highly customized, without a highly customized experience of the early users of virtual reality is not good?

Tanzheng: we've tested a lot of 3D games, run Ant in the game when we define it is a 3D display, which looks like it is better than spending two thousand or three thousand dollars for 3D display. And we are common 3D format that is compatible, so the film this is not a problem. Two pieces I don't define the Ant as virtual reality, so if you play normal game experience is bad, does not mean that virtual reality is to junk.

Situation is now no good virtual reality games, including those that Oculus is only a Demo of the game, if by Oculus that way, China may have to wait two years before they experience the same games. That gap in these two years, players in the country playing? Our idea is to get people to use it, we can and games manufacturers, China's own virtual reality games. Demo done fun, after all, is only a Demo, not a game.

Lei feng's network: did it ever occur to you, if you don't Ant to put on "virtual reality" label may not result in so much controversy?

Tanzheng: I don't understand why less 10 ° is not virtual reality, especially those old Oculus manufacturer, I'd love to know what their future is going to? Don't want to copy the success of oculus, then Tencent collection?

Lei feng's network: aspherical program is the main view of Ant-helmet cause it? Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

Tanzheng: is there a user is considered to be wearing glasses, Oculus ' lens is closer to the human eye, so the same lenses can do bigger perspective, and Ant to glasses users reserved space, without considering this, we can do diagonal angle of 120 °. Such a compromise is well worth it, because so many of our players are wearing glasses.

Lei feng's network: considering the light leak problem, how did you consider?

Tanzheng: it is an inevitable problem of folding, we found when testing, there is little light will affect the gameplay experience, and, in some cases, the next light is also a protection for the user, when the next user can feel light.

Lei feng's network: Yes, it will lose the user experience?

Tanzheng: I do not think that there is too much damage, we do the test found, only next to the glare can cause screen glare light is not reflected in the other direction go to the user's eyes. Can't open it's just not that important next, open may be a bit better, but the design will be very cumbersome thing. Our position is mainly for down-home play recreational games, will not develop the horror game. While it can be used to watch 2D/3D movie, so there's no need to design perfect closure.

Lei feng's network: about the differences, you haven't doubted it?

Tanzheng: I think there are different discussion value, plagiarism is definitely easier to us, but we have our own considerations, even in the future, reality tells me is wrong, I'll pay the tuition fee, but Ant is not just a product. We will continue to explore the future of head-mounted displays, even if the product we were wrong, at least we still.

Lei feng's network: Ant's production schedule now to?

Tanzheng: helmet, gun in around the 20th of the month and down-home can deliver, no helmet camera so complicated, a lot of technology is relatively mature, so it will be shipped as soon as possible.

Lei feng's network: that of cooperation ever talk?

Tanzheng: Yes, many game companies are also on the sidelines, they are choosing between different virtual reality glasses, Ant, I believe if this programme is in line with China's national conditions more competitive. Small teams, we will always have to cooperate.

Lei feng's network: If the Internet giant to do virtual reality, such as Tencent, what kind of impact do you think will need to form?

Tanzheng: I think the Giants in this business, do something more selective, Tencent should follow the software more, it missed so much hardware wave, big advantage is money users, but the company who is not specifically to do this.

Lei feng's network: they can acquire professional team to do, if one day the company to talk to you about that thing, what would be your attitude?

Tanzheng: well, this is a reasonable approach, but as I said, we do not focus on virtual reality, if it sold the company at this stage would be a pity, Ant, and there are many more stories to tell.

Millet power strips

913 votes

Millet power strips

"It will give 6 iPad charging at full speed, I still 5 iPad." 2A charging equipment will be more and more, if you already have more than one such device at home, while the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, this 6 monster really worth considering. For me, now there are 4 full speed USB is very happy.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New generation of Samsung Gear VR is about to accept a predetermined

New generation of Samsung Gear VR is about to accept a predetermined

Samsung recently released with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge-compatible Gear VR virtual reality head-mounted device for S6, this product will be in local time on April 24 in the United States best buy corporate website started booking, Samsung and best buy will then be available at official website.

Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

It is reported that the new Gear VR is formed by the Oculus company's VR accessories to create, no screens, new flagship phone with Samsung Galaxy S6 series matches. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case


New generation of Samsung Gear VR is about to accept a predetermined

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Gear VR

365 votes

Gear VR

Gear VR gave me the feeling is similar to popular smart watch, VR equipment there is no ability to completely replace other electronic equipment, especially Gear VR itself also needs to rely on a Samsung Smartphone, and if it is in use, there is an incoming call, SMS or email, users will also need to answer phone out from Gear VR treatment.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hard to create open class Online early adopters HTC Vive

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

As the conscience in mobile phone rare enterprise, LG for the maintenance of old equipment can not abandon not give up, pushes the system relatively quickly, with rare efficiency in large international companies. Samsung, for example, not only for product adaptation, optimization systems, also for long product lines provide updates and therefore have lower efficiency. In contrast, LG, not only in the recent LG G5 using the Android system 6.0.1, 6.0 also includes the LG G3/G4 push the Android system, even the Korean version of the G3 Cat.6 with high version 6.0 has received Android update, today, we take you to experience what LG latest Android 6.0 upgrade.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

This LG G3 Cat.6 version, the use of mycophenolate mofetil 805 processor and is equipped with a 3GB operation and 32GB internal storage memory and supports SD card expansion, compared with Xiao long 801 version has more configuration, such meagre version 6.0 has received Android update, LG's efficiency can be seen. LG pushes the 6.0 version for Android, instead of the latest 6.0.1, but so quick to upgrade to 6.0, we have been very pleased.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

6.0 system style continues the LG's design style, icon and interface does not change much, does not use a LG that new UI on the G5, but 5.0 systems are very close with the G3.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

6.0 icon will still square icons for LG G3, LG on the G5 uses a more rounded icons. System comes with picture style the same, but the image size slightly larger, paired with third-party applications with a little incongruous. Because it is a Korean version of the mobile phone, built-in Google full kit.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

Widget style is relatively clean, compared with the overall style mix practicality as well.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

Initiators have left to activate the smart little secret design, with LG's health, schedule, music and intelligent function. Activate LG health, to remind the movement every day.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

Drop down menu and settings exactly the same interface and the Android 5.0 style, only in color with some fine-tuning.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience

6.0 the biggest upgrade is, of course, for improvement of fluency, although LG G3 Cat.6 Xiao long 805 25.6GBps 2K screen is memory bandwidth to meet demand, but under the LG official 5.0 system, there's always that feeling of little Cottonwood. In we will LG G3 Cat.6 upgrade to 6.0 zhihou, smooth degrees can be described as sharply upgrade (LG G3 international version for mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 801, memory bandwidth only for 805 of General, for 14.9GBps, actual performance may will slightly poor), except in more task switch interface upper and lower sliding still has off frame of phenomenon exists outside, other part of operation almost not exists off frame or Caton of problem, using experience has has not small of upgrade. In addition, the LG 6.0 still isn't in as Samsung provides three nebulae localized, personalized features such as and s Assistant, to know the hardware more and more homogenous today, after buying mobile phones, manufacturers later catches the user support service of heart, LG still remained to be done in this regard.

Caton bye! LG Android version G3 Emperor 6.0 experience LG G3

193 votes


LG G3 Cat.6 is born in order to adapt to newer, faster LTE network new LG flagship, the biggest bright spot is that match the latest Gao Tongxiao 805 processor. Paul Frank iPhone 6 Case

Paul Frank case

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Steve Ballmer Linux threat and gates no longer go road

  15 years ago, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to open source system Linux as a "cancer", recently, his attitude began to soften. 

  On Wednesday at a dinner organized by the fortune, Ballmer said, when his position was correct, and current threats to Microsoft's Linux has entered a "rear view mirror".

Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

  Ballmer said: "by that war, Microsoft is full of a lot of money. Ensure the Windows position on the company's revenue is very important. "

  Recently, before Microsoft began to change hostile attitudes. This week, Microsoft announced that it will sell Linux-compatible SQL Server database software.


  Ballmer said that he would like to see this change. He also sent a message to the incumbent CEO support.

  Ballmer reiterated his views put forward last December for the shareholders ' meeting: more transparent information disclosure. Microsoft should disclose separately in software, hardware and cloud computing business revenues and profits.

  In January 2000, as Microsoft CEO Ballmer, in later years, because the "Internet bubble" burst, technology stocks continued to fall. During Ballmer's entire tenure, Microsoft's share price has dropped by more than 40%. In 2013, he resigned, and left the company.

  Ballmer also has explained the reasons for resigning, is the speed of change because the Board was unhappy with Microsoft. Mr Ballmer said: "no matter how fast I drive at a speed of change, there will always be doubts in all aspects, including employees, directors, investors, partners, suppliers and customers, and so on. They doubted whether I was serious, and may even suspect me. "

Steve Ballmer: Linux threat and gates no longer go road

  So he decided to retire and hopes that Microsoft's next CEO will be able to change more quickly. In explaining his decision, Ballmer was in tears. He said: "maybe I'm old-fashioned, I need to move on. I love what you are doing works, but lead Microsoft into the new era is one of the best ways to speed up the change of the new leader. "

  However, Ballmer has led Microsoft to more than $ 20 billion in net profit but it is indisputable fact. He has said that under his leadership, Microsoft is the most profitable company on Earth, and this made him very proud. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

  In February 2014, Nader took over Microsoft, rose 50%.

  Ballmer said the Nadela is a good CEO, market sentiment changed only because of a new Chief Executive. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case


  He said: "the mobilization of knowledge caused a change in market sentiment. "

  In addition, he also acknowledged that he and Bill Gates no longer close, and went their way.

Steve Ballmer: Linux threat and gates no longer go road

  Ballmer is a very positive and optimistic person, after I left Microsoft, he did not go to other tech companies, but in 2014, with a record $ 2 billion offer, winning the NBA Los Angeles Clippers (Los Angeles Clippers) ownership, he seemed to be enjoying the feeling of having a team.

  Earlier this month, the Clippers home game at Staples Center, Ballmer put on amazing scene, his trampoline, completed an action stretching hands Dunks, everyone was shocked, although is a Spring mattress, but not smooth, full marks.

  Recently, Forbes magazine announce the 2016 world rich list, NBA Los Angeles Clippers boss Steve Ballmer with his net worth of $ 23.5 billion, has become the most wealthy team owners.

  After leaving Microsoft, Ballmer also participated in the exercise, which has become his interest. He said: "you have a lot of time to exercise, meditation, relaxation. This is a very good thing. "

[Article correction]

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Samsung s new patented headset can play 3D holographic projection

  Remember when back in September 2014, Samsung has obtained a patent, the patent is the new Samsung smart bracelet, but now, it is clear the patent is still has the potential to become future devices. In addition to the competition between Samsung and Apple hardware, software services, it is clear that patent war is the friend of another stage that dogfight.

Samsung's new patented headset can play 3D holographic projection

  This week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced a new Samsung's patent, and the patented feels like a smart evolution version of the bracelet, because it turned into can let us wear on a neck of "smart necklaces." Disney iPhone case

  The device is designed to be wireless headphones for listening to music, if you think it's just listening to music, then you're wrong, we simply set up, it is going to become a communications headset, we can use it to answer the phone. Even more amazing is that in addition to these two features, the device can also make use of the 3D holographic projection display in the user interface in the air, if everyone in the street using a 3D holographic projection display interface, the scenes can be very interesting. Disney phone case

  Of course, is also an old saying, to obtain a patent does not mean that this device will actually appear on the market, Apple look at Samsung's old friends, we often can see Apple's new patent, but when is it that these patents can see the rising of the Sun, there is no spectrum.

  But times and technology will eventually be developed, as with virtual reality and augmented reality devices, more and more hot, perhaps these science and technology vendors are going to think about the 3D holographic projection might, after all, if our smart devices can bring us anywhere, anytime 3D holographic projection, which can bring our life quite a bit of interest.

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Disney iPhone case

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hard to create open class Online early adopters HTC Vive

Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

Small series the newspaper covered some of the more unusual and interesting gadgets, this is the most common, but the most practical suction cup bracket.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

Is about two small things, both Chuck's accessories.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

The small suction cups can be easily adsorbed on the phone back, adsorbed on the smooth back it works best on your phone.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

For adsorbed on the Samsung Galaxy chart on S3, but S3 is curved at the bottom, so upright a little bit unstable, if the bottom is more flat, 2 such as millet or MX 2 very strong stable support.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

If it is in the back, there is no pressure. To adjust the angle, simply suckers and adjustment position. This simple little suckers, but is the most practical and convenient. Small series on some selling cell phone accessories shop with RMB 1 buy.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

And this sucker, it is the phone can be adsorbed on the smooth surface of a suction cup accessories. Dolce Gabbana


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

For example, you put it on the back of the phone, this sucker.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

Then you can phone the adsorption on glass ... ...


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

Of course, this action is wrong, leisure time to play can be, this sucker is not absorbed for a long time, because of gravity, the longer, suction capacity will be less. So maybe an hour or two, it will fall off, if adsorption lighter phones can absorb more long. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Cases

Now a lot of people in front of the steering wheel flat, place a friction, silicone mat placed cell phone, phone does not easily slide, but in some urgent cases such as brake, turn, inertia will make the phone drop. If you use the direct adsorption of sucker pads as long as it is not subjected to strong human pull or force, basically won't fall out. So the great use of this suction cup accessories are in your car, put mobile phone trapped in cars. Small series of accessories in-store purchase price of 3 Yuan.


Interesting gadget provides practical, Hua Qiang bei suction cup bracket

The most effective, instead, it is often the simplest.

This suction cup accessories do you like? If you want to see what kind of accessories can also make mention that when small series after sweeping the streets will pay attention to that particular aspect of the parts, and then write the introduction.


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689 votes

Chinese version of Pebble smart watches

A lot of people told me, after a fresh, their Apple Watch most commonly used is the "view alerts" and "view" these two functions. Pebble that two things can be done, and whether the iPhone or Android phone, are qualified for the job. Even if it is on a business trip, as long as a week, do not need to bring the charger.

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Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Cases