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Vivo X6 fashion show

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Although electronic products has long been all boys would be more toys, but in the age of intelligent machines, apparently women also has played a pivotal role in the mobile phone market, today is the 38 women's day, I wish our female friends a happy holiday. Of course, not alone bless, also in line with the content of the Festival to female users, authors on the market today suitable filter recommended women use cell phones, hoping to female users coincided with the replacement reference before a purchase. Marcelo Burlon iPhone plus

NO.1 Sony Xperia z L36h

Reference price: 4380 (revision)

Recommended reasons: born for beauty

If the mobile phone industry class, Japanese manufacturers Sony is definitely class flower, has been either Sony or sharp appeal to women are particularly large, partly on these manufacturers to design is very beautiful, and secondly these companies on the cameras are focused on, in line with the psychological characteristics of female beauty. Sony Xperia z the first quad-core flagship models introduced this year, is designed to maintain Japanese aesthetic style also has a stack of 13.1 million-pixel camera, back-illuminated camera than ever before in more excellent imaging quality.

Xperia z goes back on the hardware configuration, the present standards of flagship, equipped with a Qualcomm APQ8064 processor and 2GB RAM, no pressure to run a variety of large and small game, especially for women, and its performance is even worse. In addition the phone also had another bright spot, IP57 level is level of protection can be effective against some foreign practices.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

If you are a higher visual quality than female users, Apple Sniffy, dismissive of the streets, so obviously the Xperia z's second kill iPhone's eye line. This phone has a color of black, purple, white, and lower-right corners of the lanyard hole can also be convenient for women to hang a favorite trinkets, so no matter the Xperia z is like a born to beautiful models.

NO.2 Meizu MX2

Reference price: 2499

Recommended reasons: craft size high performance-price ratio

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

It is clear that smartphones since it entered the age of the touch has entered the age of the big-screen, in dazzling display screen touch machines market how to meet women seeking a handbreadth was able to combine stylish looks and strong performance of the models? Charm family MX2 has listed quite long a time has, now still in supply of State, to asked its what for so by welcomes, is apparently is because MX2 in configuration excellent, and work excellent of while also can has very high of price, to know girls each months cosmetics, and clothing, and hair are to spent to many of silver, so purchase phone of when price is important consider of factors.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Meizu MX2 using Panda's color scheme, after the shell is white as jade, double injection process making it have a crystal clear feeling, very women for beautiful interpretation. The phone's screen size is 4.35, hold them in your hand when there will be no big screens on mobile phones make sense, even a single hand operation can easily. Girls like shopping, and carrying a shopping bag, if the phone requires two hands to operate, then it certainly will not be easy, so in order to let beautiful female friends burden in daily use, then you should choose the right size like MX2 models.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Hardware configuration MX2 is not outdated, 8 million pixels camera, equipped with a strengthened version of the Orion 4412 processor, Frequency reached has 1.6GHz, shipped save is 2GB, run large game and more task completely no pressure, many people are said girls using phone without configuration high, but author does not such think, because girls not technology control, using phone has never on not love tube God horse task management device, God horse application process like of things, with what points what, background resides God horse girls only regardless of, so so bad of with machine habits if not configuration a tough of phone and how stand so toss does?

NO.3 Samsung Galaxy S3

Reference price: 2999 (revision)

Recommended reasons: the former imperial fashion choice

Although the soon to launch Galaxy S4, but I think it is for this reason so now revised market Galaxy S3 pricing is so cost-effective, revision in the market nearly 3,000 can now buy. Samsung has always been many female users preferred brand, partly because its Korean origins, second is the screen and camera in excellent quality. Samsung Galaxy series will launch more than one color, one of the main reasons is that more care for women.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Galaxy white version S3 soft and smooth shape really spell a lot of female beauty, 4.8 feet screen seems larger, but because of its rounded the corner handles all the hand grip is quite comfortable, and an important reason for that is what I recommend. Galaxy S3 uses a Super AMOLED screen, will be even more intense in color, girls are Visual creatures, this stylish, colorful things has always been a lack of immunity.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Galaxy S3 on the hardware configuration is also very powerful, equipped with Orion 4412 processor and 1GB games, and camera for 8 million back-illuminated sensor, image quality is outstanding. If you are a classy, face female friends, I believe that Samsung Galaxy's flagship will certainly help you balance between good performance while maintaining the taste.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone plus

NO.4 Apple iPhone5

Reference price: 4499 (revision)

Recommended reasons: simple beauty fashion

While the iPhone has been largely popular, but most iPhone4 and iPhone4S, so now you choose iPhone5 has not been inundated. Is so recommended iPhone because its system on the accessibility in tune with women who don't like study technology users, iOS go to simplify in the system logic is the success of the system cheats, don't assume that girls like iPhone is just a shape, precisely those users who are not tech-savvy know that experience is good or bad.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Although the iPhone5 and 4S only screen big than a little, but that's far more than it, iPhone5 processors and graphics chips are larger speed is faster than the 4S, start the application and Web browser it will be obvious. Optimize camera iPhone series is the industry's best image quality than Android phone superior in stability. Also illustrates the iPhone5 front camera pixels up to 1.2 million pixels, than 4S 300,000 pixel webcam will have a qualitative leap.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

IPhone5 4.0 inches screen, 16:9 the ratio of its fuselage is relatively small, is ideal for hands little girl. Apple's new products, iPhone5 body thinner, better performance, coupled with larger screens, and iOS a good user experience, it is still women the choice for users, if your budget is between 4,500 to 5,000, I still recommend this model.


Who says women as men, women are half the sky, State family world is such, so does the mobile phone market, although the girl does not understand the technology and hardware for mobile phones, but it is clear that smartphones can now do so well is the small white experience credit. Recommended four models above are the author in the hot mobile market now filters out of the boutique model, has a beautiful shape but also take into account the strong performance, if you have a female friend was looking for a cell phone, you may wish to consider the author's recommended four, of course, if it is a male friend gifts as recommended in fengjie.

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