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Swirl saving water can be so elegant

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

Water is liquid at room temperature, but this does not mean that it cannot be shaped in some form. If you've ever searched YouTube and watch the hot water test, you will see, the sound of water under the influence of certain forms. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

Recently, the London Royal College of art student Simin Qiu concept designed faucets, it has one particular outlet, after you turn on the tap, water is outlet to create a special shape. This type of tap is called Swirl, and received a special award of 2014 students for years iF. Swirl and not just to make the water more beautiful, this faucet for the water conservation has also improved, compared with using ordinary tap, Swirl water resources can save up to 15%.

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

Worth noting is that ordinary tap water can be installed through an aerator nozzle, because the mixture of water and air, which in practice can achieve the objective of saving 30% water resources. Swirl and is not used in such a way.

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

Simin Qiu in the design of faucets joined the Twin-Turbo, which is caused by water under the influence of gravity, the natural swirling motion activated. Combined with the tap nozzle hole flow out to create corresponding patterns, a total of three different designs, it means that there are three different water effects.

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

In addition, the Swirl also adds more innovative: needs to be turn-knob switch is canceled, or toggle levers, Swirl the tap has a touch-sensitive buttons, but also according to the pre-set water temperature. Such elegant faucet, can make you wait to use every day, lazy when you wake up in the morning and you?

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