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Stunning 16 things in space

  Little is known about what life is like in space, so far, only 538 people have the opportunity to orbit around the Earth, the 538 persons compared with the all mankind 7 billion people, must be regarded as a drop in people who lived for a time in space is even more rare. According to United States walkers Web site reported that in recent years there have been 5 astronauts on the social news site Reddit has accepted "ask me anything (AMA)" interview, their answer was telling people about every aspect of life in space, including looking down on the Earth from space so stunning and even life-changing experiences, including sweating, eating, sneezing, these details of life.

Stunning 16 things in space

  These 5 astronauts are: participated in the 6 space flight since 1986 Jeff Hoffman, had just returned from the international space station months Mike Hopkins, and Canada's first space astronaut Chris Hadfield, in the implementation of the first manned moon landing mission Apollo 11th became the second (after Neil Armstrong) people who set foot on the Moon Buzz Aldrin, United States luoen·jialan retired astronaut.

  Was launched into space is both frightening and exciting

  Hoffman wrote: "in the space flight for the first time in 1985, when we were at the speed of more than Mach 1, I was frightened by growing vibration, for a minute, I kept thinking, is certainly where there was a problem. But then I realized, had also experienced many times of short flight, and the aircraft did not go to pieces, so I took heart, and began to enjoy my flights. "

  Taste of space station first to catch your eye

  In June last year, has just returned from the space station for months Mike Hopkins writes: "when the ship docked at the space station, between it and the space station a little ' space '. Once the pressure balance doors open, you will smell a smell of metal ionization, the smell is very unique and memorable. "Chris Hadfield said:" gas smell just like the smell of ozone or powder. "

  Weight loss makes you feel like a super hero

  Hadfield said his weightless environment on the international space station the loving thing to do is: "flight, up from one end of the space station glides magically to the other side, every time I do when laughing. "

  After his return to Earth in the second interview wrote: "we assumed a Superman pose snapshots. However, within the international space station is too small, not Superman stretched posture, accidentally hit the wall. "

  Shrimp with dipping sauce in space is sweet

  When asked in the implementation of "Apollo" favorite food during the mission, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin said, dehydrated shrimp with dipping sauce is a favorite of his. He said: "most of this food is freeze-dried State, so we have to add water. Our shrimp are rare and, a bit of cocktail sauce, when contacting these shrimp dipping sauce with water, is really very, very delicious. "

  Decades later, Hoffman said, when performing a space mission this dish is his favorite food. He wrote: "this is because, in a weightless environment, your sense of smell and taste are diminished, perhaps because of blood to the head back, fill your head, you think of sinus congestion. In fact, cocktail shrimp taste is not so good, but the sauce adds plenty of chillies, can you strike one. Before every meal I ate shrimp with dipping sauce for this dish. "

  Sweat in space with no place to go

  Hopkins writes: "at the international space station, sweat bound up in you, you were always sweating, arms and head were wet, they will flow into your eyes. If you're running, sweat will be splashed on the walls and stuff, and then you have to clean the surrounding walls, so you must always take the towel to wipe his sweat, lest it get out of hand. " Hello Kitty N4 case

  Hopkins said: "Although this is annoying, but it also has a fun side, that is, sweat does enter the condensation system and circulation. Finally, after you towel dry the sweat, water will be recycled, as drinking water. "

  Regular fart but not pushing you forward

  Hadfield said in the track, he is prone to flatulence, "because in a weightless environment, people can not burp, stomach gases, liquids and solids are mixed together. If you want to experience this kind of feeling, you can try burping after doing a handstand. "

  Hadfield said: "However, the emissions of gases in our body can't push us around in the space station, we have tried this and really promote the different nozzles. "

  May be able to have sex, but it is not good idea

  Microgravity to try to have sex in space brought all sorts of difficulties, but it is not impossible to achieve. Retired astronaut said in an interview with AMA luoen·jialan: "body in space will have some reaction on Earth. "

  However, as far as they know, no astronaut has ever done. Hadfield writes: "because of the small team working in the international space station, are few in number, this kind of thing have on interpersonal psychological impact may be complex and may even be destructive. Astronauts in space are real people with feelings, but we are professionals and teams, mutual respect and a team of successful cooperation is the most important. "

  On the station almost don't get ill

  Hadfield said: "so far, no one has ever caught a cold on a space station, the most serious in the case of headaches (and headache feels like on Earth, take some painkillers, no big deal) or injury (my knees were scratched a sharp angle). "

  However, he also warned people to be careful. "Vomiting is a problem, because no gravity, your vomit will be scattered into your face. At this point, you have to use clothing to dry it, or you live in the garbage. " Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 4 Case

  Wearing a space suit sneezing a lot of trouble

Hello Kitty N4 case

  Hadfield writes: "when we wear a space suit must sneeze, we looked forward, towards his chest, sneezing, avoid spillage on the helmet. Even if it is very troublesome, but this has to be the best solution. And when you do take off the space suits, you'll clean up the contamination. "

  Microgravity can really make you taller

  Hoffman writes, "no gravity, to the upper part of my body fluids would not only fill my head, would fill my spinal disc herniation. In space, I grown 2 inches (about 5 cm). Height growth of many astronauts felt some slight back pain, the pain usually only lasts a day or two, once you return to Earth, long high section also disappeared. Your weight and restore the status quo ante. "

  Spacewalk is truly amazing

  Hopkins writes: "it does take your breath away, you open the door to see how the planet--it's going to be forever one of the memorable moments in your life. "

  Hadfield said: "space is the most memorable and most exciting experience of my life. I alone-only space suits with me; feet is deep and endless universe, list of small hills of the lonely and empty feelings and each one who experienced a hand. "

  The gravity of many of the details are true

  Sci-fi movies in 2013 the gravity tells a "Explorer" two men on a space shuttle astronaut and a female astronaut extravehicular Hubble repair, suffered attacks of space debris the spacecraft in space after serious accidents occurred in the story.

  Aldrin wrote: "this film shows people in moving scenes in a zero-gravity environment, is the most real. As a man who went to space, we watched in awe as the mood, things to see and we hope that it will ever happen. "

  Hadfield also agrees with this statement: "the film shows real people haomang the universe feels small inside infinite emotions such as loneliness and fear. "

  Space can be a scary place

  Hadfield writes: "sometimes, when we heard stones hit the spacecraft makes a banging sound; when we entered or left the Sun, hear the crunch of metal expansion issue. Solar Panel is full of tiny holes caused by meteorite impact, I have looked at a large Meteor burning up, and thought of the Hypersonic stone may hit us on the head, I was appalled. "

  Looking down on the Earth is a life changing experience

  Hopkins writes: "when you're looking down on the Earth, you will hold your breath, this is really a fantastic surreal experience. Equally surprising is that you can see so much scenery can be seen so far. "

  Hoffman is also exactly how she felt, he said: "when you look down to Earth, a sense of affection. The planet is an oasis in the universe, have endless resources, and we must protect it. Many astronauts experience space flight returned to Earth, the concept of environmental protection soared. "

  Garland also holds the same view. He said: "we are a member of the human family, and in the vast universe of the Earth multiplied on the spacecraft, we have the responsibility to make the Earth a better place. "

  Moon was a barren land

  Aldrin wrote: "my first impression of the surface of the Moon, ' unparalleled desolate '. I had just landed on the Moon's surface as you see the bleak, has never been seen on Earth. "

  "Everywhere I see seems to be in the hundreds of thousands of years without any changes. There is no atmosphere, the night dark, cold and dark, as long as the sun appeared unlikely anyone experienced the coldest on Earth. "

  Return to Earth and flying away from Earth as terrible

  Hoffman writes, "re-entering the Earth's atmosphere from orbit, is a very thrilling and frightening experience. You are surrounded by thousands of white heat, you see from the rear window, the ship dragged flaming wake, the sight is spectacular. "

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