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Has Apple approved the jobs about what

Has Apple approved the jobs about what?

Over the years, many books and films about the jobs, but only one book has been posted on the official label, was personally inspired by Steve jobs that the former managing editor of time magazine Isaacson to write the biography of Steve jobs. This biography also become people to define templates for jobs ' personality, paranoid, short-tempered, arrogant, gifted, reality to reverse field and more labels being nailed heavily on jobs, and this book in particular is Steve jobs just died within a month of launch, such impressions are more profound and difficult to confirm.

Steve Jobs published his biography insisted on not looking at the manuscript, writing for is to give enough freedom to Isaacson, so I don't know Steve Jobs himself after reading this book is your reaction. Anyway, Apple recently attacked more and more people on it, including CEO Cook, as well as design director qiaoni·aiwei have expressed dissatisfaction with, instead of pushing a forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs (Becoming Steve Jobs:The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader). With these jobs publicly recommend the closest partner, was issued by the Steve jobs does not have become popular, this book tells us again what kind of jobs.

Steve jobs really indifferent?

Isaacson's biography of Steve jobs, Steve jobs is a man of extreme cold, the staff extremely harsh, often furious, originally to follow your business partner with ruthless abandon, even to his own daughter is strongly rejected, and until his death will not contact your biological father, what a cold person.

Under the jobs already generated by the content in the book, cook at a time when he is seriously ill jobs offered to donate part of his liver, but were rebuffed, and rare to the Cook shouts, but in Cook's opinion, precisely because he's not selfish he had so excited response.

Steve jobs really bad faith?

Isaacson's biography of Steve jobs, we learned that Steve jobs does not have many friends, this is to a large extent because of their unique personality wherever the break with friend Steve Wozniak Mazer to strangers what a shame, and lead to create gaps for two jobs was cheating on him.

Jobs and Woz in high school with each other, despite their 5-year age gap, but does not affect the friendship of the two men, and finally set up the Apple. But before that, when Mr jobs at Atari when jobs received a design company called prison break (Breakout) hardware console tasks. With other people do not fit in, pull the Woz and got jobs, jobs gave Ward costs 350 Yuan, claiming that two people get the same number, but in fact the Apple boss Bushnell paid him $ 5000. Until 1984, learned the truth of the Woz cried, unable to accept the fact of being cheated, the two also began to gradually up.

It does reflect the side of jobs to friends for money, but a small detail in the jobs may also make us aware of Steve's other side.

On January 24, 2006, of a $ 7.4 billion acquisition of Pixar by Disney to be announced soon about half an hour ago, jobs will be former Disney CEO Robert Iger (Robert Iger) called out and told the truth that he had cancer. Before that, in addition to his wife, no one knows the secret, once the secret is released it will be unable to estimate the impact on the company, jobs has told Robert Iger, just wanted to give you a chance to choose. Of course, the end result as we all know, acquisitions was held as scheduled, his confidential with Iger's secret was intact.

Below, we'll listen to his friends about him:

"By Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve jobs is totally about jobs ' damage, it didn't capture the nature of jobs. If jobs really as described in this book, I didn't want to work with him. "

                                                                            ----Tim Cook

"This book should not be called ' Steve ' and should be named ' don't try this at home ', because those things only to reach Steve's height can be done"    

                                                                            ----Bill Gates

"In a smart, sensitive, sometimes heartbreaking Qiao Bang presents a people should know."

                                                                            ----Pink Daring Fireball

Of course, this is just a small fragment of the jobs, believe that alone was not enough to strongly recommend the Apple, then the two authors of the book, veteran technology reporter Brent Schleder and fast company Magazine Editor Rick Tetzeli, to some extent, to the credibility of the book adds important weight. The book is divided into four parts:

Inside Steve's Brain

The 66 Secrets of Steve Jobs Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs 

 The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Isaacson compared only in the last two years before his death did some hasty interview, Brent and Steve Jobs has more than 25 years of experience, is Steve jobs a handful of "King James" reporters in the most intimate and more about jobs more common side. Two biographies are based on fact, Isaacson is more of just standing on a third party presents to the reader a solid in terms of jobs, and Brent was capacity as an old friend of jobs, to uncover this beneath the flesh-and-blood.

A book no matter how writing is unable to restore all of the real one's life, perhaps different people with different perspectives will depict a more rich and full face for us to read. The English version of the book will be on March 24 that is released tomorrow, more secrets are about to be launched.


Has Apple approved the jobs about what?

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