Monday, February 1, 2016

China will launch the first satellite to monitor carbon dioxide

  Wei Feng network, February 1, these days the weather improved slightly, but only slightly, slightly worn a bit thin, and is still cold enough not to want it. And we all know that the cause of this extreme weather has found, is caused by too much greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide. And if you want to better control the carbon dioxide content, first, you need to understand the details of the distribution of carbon dioxide. Now, we intend to study in this regard, and scheduled for launch in August of this year the first homemade satellite dedicated to monitoring carbon dioxide.

  It is learnt that, in order to master the global distribution of carbon dioxide, the "Twelve-Five" State 863 plan "scientific experimental satellite and global carbon dioxide monitoring demonstration" project (hereinafter referred to as "carbon-satellite"). At present, China's first "carbon-satellite" development is in final stages of loading satellites in May 2016, appearances, and launched in August 2016.

  This satellite will be launched by remote sensing monitoring of carbon dioxide as the starting point, developed and launched to highlight Mr carbon dioxide detector, aerosol detector and spectrum Duan Yun as the main load of high spatial resolution and high spectral resolution of global carbon dioxide monitoring scientific experimental satellite. It means, for a global settlement greenhouse effect and Visual impact of carbon emissions and to provide effective, specific data.

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  The project is divided into satellite systems, rocket systems, launch systems, measuring and control system and ground application system of five parts. Once successful, Summit on climate change and environmental diplomacy, will be important in the context of support at these events in a more dominant position. Disney iPad Mini Case

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