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Swirl saving water can be so elegant

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

Water is liquid at room temperature, but this does not mean that it cannot be shaped in some form. If you've ever searched YouTube and watch the hot water test, you will see, the sound of water under the influence of certain forms. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

Recently, the London Royal College of art student Simin Qiu concept designed faucets, it has one particular outlet, after you turn on the tap, water is outlet to create a special shape. This type of tap is called Swirl, and received a special award of 2014 students for years iF. Swirl and not just to make the water more beautiful, this faucet for the water conservation has also improved, compared with using ordinary tap, Swirl water resources can save up to 15%.

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

Worth noting is that ordinary tap water can be installed through an aerator nozzle, because the mixture of water and air, which in practice can achieve the objective of saving 30% water resources. Swirl and is not used in such a way.

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

Simin Qiu in the design of faucets joined the Twin-Turbo, which is caused by water under the influence of gravity, the natural swirling motion activated. Combined with the tap nozzle hole flow out to create corresponding patterns, a total of three different designs, it means that there are three different water effects.

Swirl: saving water can be so elegant

In addition, the Swirl also adds more innovative: needs to be turn-knob switch is canceled, or toggle levers, Swirl the tap has a touch-sensitive buttons, but also according to the pre-set water temperature. Such elegant faucet, can make you wait to use every day, lazy when you wake up in the morning and you?

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Google Cardboard glasses

1250 votes

Google Cardboard glasses Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case

Cardboard is an approachable solution for virtual reality. You just need to fold paper into a preset shape, download the corresponding application, mobile phones into Android, and put it in front of you, will be able to experience the wonders of virtual reality.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Phone 5 Press Conference live

Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure

Do you remember every time I went to the hospital to test blood pressure experience? First of all have to go to the hospital, and pretty nurse took out a bunch of equipment, one something like a cloth bag is tied up in your arms, and then began pinching a balloon-like stuff, culminating in a your blood pressure values are displayed on the instrument. Although this is by far the most commonly used blood pressure, but with Diana Dumitrescu designed the Hi.lo wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure needn't be in such trouble. Because first of all, you don't need to go to the hospital, at home directly with your Smartphone can help families to detect blood pressure.

Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure

This wireless blood pressure measuring device is very easy to use, anyone can use, just install the appropriate APP on Smartphone, then the measuring instrument worn on the wrist. Then open the phone APP, a minute after your phone will display the measured pressure value, and mobile software can manage the result of each measurement, to physicians.

Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure

This design does not need a lot of equipment, various links, simple and convenient, and you can also customize the user's favorite color. But there is no word when this instrument will produce, and hopes that it will bring us good news as soon as possible. For parents, this is a very intimate and wonderful gifts.

Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure


Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

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Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

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Create iPhone5 shell for peasant and of course you can also use it to measure waist circumference

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Mobile gas station ORICO mobile phone dedicated charging station

Hi.lo smartphones for wireless blood pressure monitor blood pressure


Millet 4C

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Millet 4C

In India millet 4I released version, which the machines will feature a 5-inch 1080p display, carrying the two A57 1.82GHz Xiao long, four A53 1.44 CPU core 8,086 core processor run built-in 2GB/3GB memory and 16GB/32GB the body storage, equipped with 5 million pixels front + rear 13 million pixels lens combination. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Has Apple approved the jobs about what

Has Apple approved the jobs about what?

Over the years, many books and films about the jobs, but only one book has been posted on the official label, was personally inspired by Steve jobs that the former managing editor of time magazine Isaacson to write the biography of Steve jobs. This biography also become people to define templates for jobs ' personality, paranoid, short-tempered, arrogant, gifted, reality to reverse field and more labels being nailed heavily on jobs, and this book in particular is Steve jobs just died within a month of launch, such impressions are more profound and difficult to confirm.

Steve Jobs published his biography insisted on not looking at the manuscript, writing for is to give enough freedom to Isaacson, so I don't know Steve Jobs himself after reading this book is your reaction. Anyway, Apple recently attacked more and more people on it, including CEO Cook, as well as design director qiaoni·aiwei have expressed dissatisfaction with, instead of pushing a forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs (Becoming Steve Jobs:The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader). With these jobs publicly recommend the closest partner, was issued by the Steve jobs does not have become popular, this book tells us again what kind of jobs.

Steve jobs really indifferent?

Isaacson's biography of Steve jobs, Steve jobs is a man of extreme cold, the staff extremely harsh, often furious, originally to follow your business partner with ruthless abandon, even to his own daughter is strongly rejected, and until his death will not contact your biological father, what a cold person.

Under the jobs already generated by the content in the book, cook at a time when he is seriously ill jobs offered to donate part of his liver, but were rebuffed, and rare to the Cook shouts, but in Cook's opinion, precisely because he's not selfish he had so excited response.

Steve jobs really bad faith?

Isaacson's biography of Steve jobs, we learned that Steve jobs does not have many friends, this is to a large extent because of their unique personality wherever the break with friend Steve Wozniak Mazer to strangers what a shame, and lead to create gaps for two jobs was cheating on him.

Jobs and Woz in high school with each other, despite their 5-year age gap, but does not affect the friendship of the two men, and finally set up the Apple. But before that, when Mr jobs at Atari when jobs received a design company called prison break (Breakout) hardware console tasks. With other people do not fit in, pull the Woz and got jobs, jobs gave Ward costs 350 Yuan, claiming that two people get the same number, but in fact the Apple boss Bushnell paid him $ 5000. Until 1984, learned the truth of the Woz cried, unable to accept the fact of being cheated, the two also began to gradually up.

It does reflect the side of jobs to friends for money, but a small detail in the jobs may also make us aware of Steve's other side.

On January 24, 2006, of a $ 7.4 billion acquisition of Pixar by Disney to be announced soon about half an hour ago, jobs will be former Disney CEO Robert Iger (Robert Iger) called out and told the truth that he had cancer. Before that, in addition to his wife, no one knows the secret, once the secret is released it will be unable to estimate the impact on the company, jobs has told Robert Iger, just wanted to give you a chance to choose. Of course, the end result as we all know, acquisitions was held as scheduled, his confidential with Iger's secret was intact.

Below, we'll listen to his friends about him:

"By Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve jobs is totally about jobs ' damage, it didn't capture the nature of jobs. If jobs really as described in this book, I didn't want to work with him. "

                                                                            ----Tim Cook

"This book should not be called ' Steve ' and should be named ' don't try this at home ', because those things only to reach Steve's height can be done"    

                                                                            ----Bill Gates

"In a smart, sensitive, sometimes heartbreaking Qiao Bang presents a people should know."

                                                                            ----Pink Daring Fireball

Of course, this is just a small fragment of the jobs, believe that alone was not enough to strongly recommend the Apple, then the two authors of the book, veteran technology reporter Brent Schleder and fast company Magazine Editor Rick Tetzeli, to some extent, to the credibility of the book adds important weight. The book is divided into four parts:

Inside Steve's Brain

The 66 Secrets of Steve Jobs Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs 

 The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Isaacson compared only in the last two years before his death did some hasty interview, Brent and Steve Jobs has more than 25 years of experience, is Steve jobs a handful of "King James" reporters in the most intimate and more about jobs more common side. Two biographies are based on fact, Isaacson is more of just standing on a third party presents to the reader a solid in terms of jobs, and Brent was capacity as an old friend of jobs, to uncover this beneath the flesh-and-blood.

A book no matter how writing is unable to restore all of the real one's life, perhaps different people with different perspectives will depict a more rich and full face for us to read. The English version of the book will be on March 24 that is released tomorrow, more secrets are about to be launched.


Has Apple approved the jobs about what?

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

GoPro Hero4 Black

332 votes

GoPro Hero4 Black

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

GoPro Hero4 a completely "upgraded", finally won the 30fps in 4K under the resolution of standard definition, can really take 4K HD movies. 2.7K resolution and to support the 50fps smooth quality; in the most commonly used format to 1080p, GoPro Hero4 boldly open up 120fps.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vivo X6 fashion show

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Although electronic products has long been all boys would be more toys, but in the age of intelligent machines, apparently women also has played a pivotal role in the mobile phone market, today is the 38 women's day, I wish our female friends a happy holiday. Of course, not alone bless, also in line with the content of the Festival to female users, authors on the market today suitable filter recommended women use cell phones, hoping to female users coincided with the replacement reference before a purchase. Marcelo Burlon iPhone plus

NO.1 Sony Xperia z L36h

Reference price: 4380 (revision)

Recommended reasons: born for beauty

If the mobile phone industry class, Japanese manufacturers Sony is definitely class flower, has been either Sony or sharp appeal to women are particularly large, partly on these manufacturers to design is very beautiful, and secondly these companies on the cameras are focused on, in line with the psychological characteristics of female beauty. Sony Xperia z the first quad-core flagship models introduced this year, is designed to maintain Japanese aesthetic style also has a stack of 13.1 million-pixel camera, back-illuminated camera than ever before in more excellent imaging quality.

Xperia z goes back on the hardware configuration, the present standards of flagship, equipped with a Qualcomm APQ8064 processor and 2GB RAM, no pressure to run a variety of large and small game, especially for women, and its performance is even worse. In addition the phone also had another bright spot, IP57 level is level of protection can be effective against some foreign practices.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

If you are a higher visual quality than female users, Apple Sniffy, dismissive of the streets, so obviously the Xperia z's second kill iPhone's eye line. This phone has a color of black, purple, white, and lower-right corners of the lanyard hole can also be convenient for women to hang a favorite trinkets, so no matter the Xperia z is like a born to beautiful models.

NO.2 Meizu MX2

Reference price: 2499

Recommended reasons: craft size high performance-price ratio

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

It is clear that smartphones since it entered the age of the touch has entered the age of the big-screen, in dazzling display screen touch machines market how to meet women seeking a handbreadth was able to combine stylish looks and strong performance of the models? Charm family MX2 has listed quite long a time has, now still in supply of State, to asked its what for so by welcomes, is apparently is because MX2 in configuration excellent, and work excellent of while also can has very high of price, to know girls each months cosmetics, and clothing, and hair are to spent to many of silver, so purchase phone of when price is important consider of factors.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Meizu MX2 using Panda's color scheme, after the shell is white as jade, double injection process making it have a crystal clear feeling, very women for beautiful interpretation. The phone's screen size is 4.35, hold them in your hand when there will be no big screens on mobile phones make sense, even a single hand operation can easily. Girls like shopping, and carrying a shopping bag, if the phone requires two hands to operate, then it certainly will not be easy, so in order to let beautiful female friends burden in daily use, then you should choose the right size like MX2 models.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Hardware configuration MX2 is not outdated, 8 million pixels camera, equipped with a strengthened version of the Orion 4412 processor, Frequency reached has 1.6GHz, shipped save is 2GB, run large game and more task completely no pressure, many people are said girls using phone without configuration high, but author does not such think, because girls not technology control, using phone has never on not love tube God horse task management device, God horse application process like of things, with what points what, background resides God horse girls only regardless of, so so bad of with machine habits if not configuration a tough of phone and how stand so toss does?

NO.3 Samsung Galaxy S3

Reference price: 2999 (revision)

Recommended reasons: the former imperial fashion choice

Although the soon to launch Galaxy S4, but I think it is for this reason so now revised market Galaxy S3 pricing is so cost-effective, revision in the market nearly 3,000 can now buy. Samsung has always been many female users preferred brand, partly because its Korean origins, second is the screen and camera in excellent quality. Samsung Galaxy series will launch more than one color, one of the main reasons is that more care for women.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Galaxy white version S3 soft and smooth shape really spell a lot of female beauty, 4.8 feet screen seems larger, but because of its rounded the corner handles all the hand grip is quite comfortable, and an important reason for that is what I recommend. Galaxy S3 uses a Super AMOLED screen, will be even more intense in color, girls are Visual creatures, this stylish, colorful things has always been a lack of immunity.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Galaxy S3 on the hardware configuration is also very powerful, equipped with Orion 4412 processor and 1GB games, and camera for 8 million back-illuminated sensor, image quality is outstanding. If you are a classy, face female friends, I believe that Samsung Galaxy's flagship will certainly help you balance between good performance while maintaining the taste.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone plus

NO.4 Apple iPhone5

Reference price: 4499 (revision)

Recommended reasons: simple beauty fashion

While the iPhone has been largely popular, but most iPhone4 and iPhone4S, so now you choose iPhone5 has not been inundated. Is so recommended iPhone because its system on the accessibility in tune with women who don't like study technology users, iOS go to simplify in the system logic is the success of the system cheats, don't assume that girls like iPhone is just a shape, precisely those users who are not tech-savvy know that experience is good or bad.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

Although the iPhone5 and 4S only screen big than a little, but that's far more than it, iPhone5 processors and graphics chips are larger speed is faster than the 4S, start the application and Web browser it will be obvious. Optimize camera iPhone series is the industry's best image quality than Android phone superior in stability. Also illustrates the iPhone5 front camera pixels up to 1.2 million pixels, than 4S 300,000 pixel webcam will have a qualitative leap.

Not just beautiful 38 recommended Smartphone

IPhone5 4.0 inches screen, 16:9 the ratio of its fuselage is relatively small, is ideal for hands little girl. Apple's new products, iPhone5 body thinner, better performance, coupled with larger screens, and iOS a good user experience, it is still women the choice for users, if your budget is between 4,500 to 5,000, I still recommend this model.


Who says women as men, women are half the sky, State family world is such, so does the mobile phone market, although the girl does not understand the technology and hardware for mobile phones, but it is clear that smartphones can now do so well is the small white experience credit. Recommended four models above are the author in the hot mobile market now filters out of the boutique model, has a beautiful shape but also take into account the strong performance, if you have a female friend was looking for a cell phone, you may wish to consider the author's recommended four, of course, if it is a male friend gifts as recommended in fengjie.

2338 votes Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+ case

HoloLens holographic glasses

Based on Microsoft's years of accumulated technology and development, the HoloLens did for real-world scenarios and natural gesture tracking, understanding and modeling, and real-time rendering of virtual worlds and overlay (at least). Once this step is achieved, is to subvert his Phone's core competencies.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stunning 16 things in space

  Little is known about what life is like in space, so far, only 538 people have the opportunity to orbit around the Earth, the 538 persons compared with the all mankind 7 billion people, must be regarded as a drop in people who lived for a time in space is even more rare. According to United States walkers Web site reported that in recent years there have been 5 astronauts on the social news site Reddit has accepted "ask me anything (AMA)" interview, their answer was telling people about every aspect of life in space, including looking down on the Earth from space so stunning and even life-changing experiences, including sweating, eating, sneezing, these details of life.

Stunning 16 things in space

  These 5 astronauts are: participated in the 6 space flight since 1986 Jeff Hoffman, had just returned from the international space station months Mike Hopkins, and Canada's first space astronaut Chris Hadfield, in the implementation of the first manned moon landing mission Apollo 11th became the second (after Neil Armstrong) people who set foot on the Moon Buzz Aldrin, United States luoen·jialan retired astronaut.

  Was launched into space is both frightening and exciting

  Hoffman wrote: "in the space flight for the first time in 1985, when we were at the speed of more than Mach 1, I was frightened by growing vibration, for a minute, I kept thinking, is certainly where there was a problem. But then I realized, had also experienced many times of short flight, and the aircraft did not go to pieces, so I took heart, and began to enjoy my flights. "

  Taste of space station first to catch your eye

  In June last year, has just returned from the space station for months Mike Hopkins writes: "when the ship docked at the space station, between it and the space station a little ' space '. Once the pressure balance doors open, you will smell a smell of metal ionization, the smell is very unique and memorable. "Chris Hadfield said:" gas smell just like the smell of ozone or powder. "

  Weight loss makes you feel like a super hero

  Hadfield said his weightless environment on the international space station the loving thing to do is: "flight, up from one end of the space station glides magically to the other side, every time I do when laughing. "

  After his return to Earth in the second interview wrote: "we assumed a Superman pose snapshots. However, within the international space station is too small, not Superman stretched posture, accidentally hit the wall. "

  Shrimp with dipping sauce in space is sweet

  When asked in the implementation of "Apollo" favorite food during the mission, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin said, dehydrated shrimp with dipping sauce is a favorite of his. He said: "most of this food is freeze-dried State, so we have to add water. Our shrimp are rare and, a bit of cocktail sauce, when contacting these shrimp dipping sauce with water, is really very, very delicious. "

  Decades later, Hoffman said, when performing a space mission this dish is his favorite food. He wrote: "this is because, in a weightless environment, your sense of smell and taste are diminished, perhaps because of blood to the head back, fill your head, you think of sinus congestion. In fact, cocktail shrimp taste is not so good, but the sauce adds plenty of chillies, can you strike one. Before every meal I ate shrimp with dipping sauce for this dish. "

  Sweat in space with no place to go

  Hopkins writes: "at the international space station, sweat bound up in you, you were always sweating, arms and head were wet, they will flow into your eyes. If you're running, sweat will be splashed on the walls and stuff, and then you have to clean the surrounding walls, so you must always take the towel to wipe his sweat, lest it get out of hand. " Hello Kitty N4 case

  Hopkins said: "Although this is annoying, but it also has a fun side, that is, sweat does enter the condensation system and circulation. Finally, after you towel dry the sweat, water will be recycled, as drinking water. "

  Regular fart but not pushing you forward

  Hadfield said in the track, he is prone to flatulence, "because in a weightless environment, people can not burp, stomach gases, liquids and solids are mixed together. If you want to experience this kind of feeling, you can try burping after doing a handstand. "

  Hadfield said: "However, the emissions of gases in our body can't push us around in the space station, we have tried this and really promote the different nozzles. "

  May be able to have sex, but it is not good idea

  Microgravity to try to have sex in space brought all sorts of difficulties, but it is not impossible to achieve. Retired astronaut said in an interview with AMA luoen·jialan: "body in space will have some reaction on Earth. "

  However, as far as they know, no astronaut has ever done. Hadfield writes: "because of the small team working in the international space station, are few in number, this kind of thing have on interpersonal psychological impact may be complex and may even be destructive. Astronauts in space are real people with feelings, but we are professionals and teams, mutual respect and a team of successful cooperation is the most important. "

  On the station almost don't get ill

  Hadfield said: "so far, no one has ever caught a cold on a space station, the most serious in the case of headaches (and headache feels like on Earth, take some painkillers, no big deal) or injury (my knees were scratched a sharp angle). "

  However, he also warned people to be careful. "Vomiting is a problem, because no gravity, your vomit will be scattered into your face. At this point, you have to use clothing to dry it, or you live in the garbage. " Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 4 Case

  Wearing a space suit sneezing a lot of trouble

Hello Kitty N4 case

  Hadfield writes: "when we wear a space suit must sneeze, we looked forward, towards his chest, sneezing, avoid spillage on the helmet. Even if it is very troublesome, but this has to be the best solution. And when you do take off the space suits, you'll clean up the contamination. "

  Microgravity can really make you taller

  Hoffman writes, "no gravity, to the upper part of my body fluids would not only fill my head, would fill my spinal disc herniation. In space, I grown 2 inches (about 5 cm). Height growth of many astronauts felt some slight back pain, the pain usually only lasts a day or two, once you return to Earth, long high section also disappeared. Your weight and restore the status quo ante. "

  Spacewalk is truly amazing

  Hopkins writes: "it does take your breath away, you open the door to see how the planet--it's going to be forever one of the memorable moments in your life. "

  Hadfield said: "space is the most memorable and most exciting experience of my life. I alone-only space suits with me; feet is deep and endless universe, list of small hills of the lonely and empty feelings and each one who experienced a hand. "

  The gravity of many of the details are true

  Sci-fi movies in 2013 the gravity tells a "Explorer" two men on a space shuttle astronaut and a female astronaut extravehicular Hubble repair, suffered attacks of space debris the spacecraft in space after serious accidents occurred in the story.

  Aldrin wrote: "this film shows people in moving scenes in a zero-gravity environment, is the most real. As a man who went to space, we watched in awe as the mood, things to see and we hope that it will ever happen. "

  Hadfield also agrees with this statement: "the film shows real people haomang the universe feels small inside infinite emotions such as loneliness and fear. "

  Space can be a scary place

  Hadfield writes: "sometimes, when we heard stones hit the spacecraft makes a banging sound; when we entered or left the Sun, hear the crunch of metal expansion issue. Solar Panel is full of tiny holes caused by meteorite impact, I have looked at a large Meteor burning up, and thought of the Hypersonic stone may hit us on the head, I was appalled. "

  Looking down on the Earth is a life changing experience

  Hopkins writes: "when you're looking down on the Earth, you will hold your breath, this is really a fantastic surreal experience. Equally surprising is that you can see so much scenery can be seen so far. "

  Hoffman is also exactly how she felt, he said: "when you look down to Earth, a sense of affection. The planet is an oasis in the universe, have endless resources, and we must protect it. Many astronauts experience space flight returned to Earth, the concept of environmental protection soared. "

  Garland also holds the same view. He said: "we are a member of the human family, and in the vast universe of the Earth multiplied on the spacecraft, we have the responsibility to make the Earth a better place. "

  Moon was a barren land

  Aldrin wrote: "my first impression of the surface of the Moon, ' unparalleled desolate '. I had just landed on the Moon's surface as you see the bleak, has never been seen on Earth. "

  "Everywhere I see seems to be in the hundreds of thousands of years without any changes. There is no atmosphere, the night dark, cold and dark, as long as the sun appeared unlikely anyone experienced the coldest on Earth. "

  Return to Earth and flying away from Earth as terrible

  Hoffman writes, "re-entering the Earth's atmosphere from orbit, is a very thrilling and frightening experience. You are surrounded by thousands of white heat, you see from the rear window, the ship dragged flaming wake, the sight is spectacular. "

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Monday, February 1, 2016

China will launch the first satellite to monitor carbon dioxide

  Wei Feng network, February 1, these days the weather improved slightly, but only slightly, slightly worn a bit thin, and is still cold enough not to want it. And we all know that the cause of this extreme weather has found, is caused by too much greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide. And if you want to better control the carbon dioxide content, first, you need to understand the details of the distribution of carbon dioxide. Now, we intend to study in this regard, and scheduled for launch in August of this year the first homemade satellite dedicated to monitoring carbon dioxide.

  It is learnt that, in order to master the global distribution of carbon dioxide, the "Twelve-Five" State 863 plan "scientific experimental satellite and global carbon dioxide monitoring demonstration" project (hereinafter referred to as "carbon-satellite"). At present, China's first "carbon-satellite" development is in final stages of loading satellites in May 2016, appearances, and launched in August 2016.

  This satellite will be launched by remote sensing monitoring of carbon dioxide as the starting point, developed and launched to highlight Mr carbon dioxide detector, aerosol detector and spectrum Duan Yun as the main load of high spatial resolution and high spectral resolution of global carbon dioxide monitoring scientific experimental satellite. It means, for a global settlement greenhouse effect and Visual impact of carbon emissions and to provide effective, specific data.

Disney iPad Mini Case

  The project is divided into satellite systems, rocket systems, launch systems, measuring and control system and ground application system of five parts. Once successful, Summit on climate change and environmental diplomacy, will be important in the context of support at these events in a more dominant position. Disney iPad Mini Case

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