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Ten out of fear of science and technology Li Cheng smart home must have a large

Ten out of fear of science and technology Li Cheng: smart home must have a large enough opening

In 2013, the very intelligent router for routing leader set off a wave of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team rise up all over, even these giant Baidu, 360 homeopathy also added a foot. Less than two years later, with small degree route router disappear, intelligent routing market tide, has been pushed and the hold major manufacturers started muffling, some small start-up team is more like a sauce.

Newifi listening technology behind the rise, it has got, investments in Xunlei, Lenovo and Baidu and Jingdong, steady rush intelligent router in the front of the queue. This from the intelligent routing is Thunder, Association of these industry bosses looking at what is the reason? Jingdong why choose them? With these questions, Lei feng's network journalists to listen to Tech CEO Li Cheng.

1. Xunlei investment what is your background?

Routing behind the emergence of entrepreneurs team with a very good idea, we also decided to do so in 13 a section of your router. (This year) 3W cafes opened after the press conference, Thunder, founder of Oscar Cheng found me, quickly took the thunder of angels, is the second half of this amount of money to help us get through 13 years of funding difficulties.

When routing gained momentum, and in 13 consecutive took millions of dollars in financing. But just like Lei Feng network said in a report, entrepreneurial teams in the process of competitive racing, chances are you may begin your opponent's mistakes, so 2 mistakes for us not a little boost.

2. Lenovo's investment will give you help? Givenchy iPhone 6 Case

We are significantly worse than the first generation router routing, connections of the time with us, with us directly to foundries not doing assessments are also related.

First, chip we have no bargaining (legend) is exactly what I needed.

If I take a Sequoia or IDG VC for example, I took his money, I also do not have bargaining rights because IDG to vote for me, I can't talk about with Qualcomm, the logic does not make sense.

The second reason is my factory does not have the right to choose, I can't because IDG investments can move on to the next, Foxconn, Foxconn is not because IDG voted me millions of dollars to elect me. Both of these are important to solve the problems, while Lenovo can naturally solve these problems on the industry chain.

3. start-up company and the giant where there is no need to avoid?

We and they said Lenovo must find a common point, which is very important.

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For example, when Baidu small router, find a router that has a mature technology companies is good, so directly to the sea. Baidu later discovered that there is a pit, two companies ' dominance in their respective fields and their demands are not the same, Baidu router key, sold millions of units in a year even if money sending is OK. Hyde was the first money earned, hope that each router can sell, this is the manufacturer's idea. Demands inconsistent on both sides, led Union emphasis on smaller routes is not enough, there are a lot of BUG.

Entrepreneurial team and the Giants do things inconsistent Giants do care about is the KPI. Products on our team are our lifeblood, and doing things themselves carry. So small routing failure due to Baidu did not and the demands of the Union agreed. Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

4. Newifi was listening to science and technology brands are Lenovo's brand?

Our first generation of products called cloud, the second generation directly into Lenovo Newifi, many people think that listening to the team was bought by Lenovo, directly to Lenovo product naming. We had internal discussions said start-up companies develop a new brand is not easy, this is not like cell phones, cell phones may be contending, and router is likely to die miserably under the influence of the TP-LINK.

Routing logic is that he told investors to drop a lot of money on a brand, so then they did in Beijing hit Metro local brands. We want to now that legend capital, why not use the Lenovo brand, so we chose the Association.

Newifi brand is now we buy from Lenovo, and later unified with Newifi.

5. what router Newifi and millet in a way similar?

Late last year, I sent a Tweet saying millet copied our programme because Foxconn does directly through the Association (foundry), when millet is Foxconn. But when we have make clear directly with MTK solution, millet also select several chips programme, and toss in there. As a factory, we go to they know what we do.

Later found two PCB is almost the same, chips, programmes, including the resistor and capacitor inside markings are the same, basically two boards are the same. Millet sold 129, we out is 129, now we through Lenovo of relationship got MTK more offers of price, can put cost again down do 99 of price, this is millet cannot do of, because they of chip than we of your, this is why we home sold 99 millet sold can't 99 of reasons (Lei Feng network reporter from two bit industry people understand to 7620a of chip price about in more than 30 more Yuan, and Li Cheng by said 30 yuan post main in chip discrepancies).

6. Why is the Jingdong, a business collaboration platform?

Lenovo solves the problem of our quality, production and cost, but in the entire router inside the River, we still stream is greater flow cannot be intercepted. We've been thinking about this, then we must also introduce electrical contractor, you must sell products made to go. In particular this Red Sea inside, a lot of user demand is different from phone to the router. Bought the phone you might want to pick, a year or two for more. Routers are different, cheaper to buy.

For example, I moved house, you want to buy a new routing, this is a very immediate needs. We saw most of the users on the Web is this immediate demand, and this kind of traffic we can find electrical contractor to resolve.

7. Beijing East your reason?

Beijing East Road in shop smart home, including East smart tea Museum is also a strategy of Jingdong in smart home. Intelligent router in a smart home is the core of a thing, Jing dong was later, wants to enter the market quickly, most reliable game cast a quick company.

Jingdong why choose us, first East of Beijing is very optimistic about the strength of our team, and our ability to later in the ecological chain. Secondly, we are in business, is the most extensive cooperation company. Your smart router home smart Center, you must be open, cannot be a close game.

8. when compared to the other team, your team what are the advantages?

First, we are technology-oriented team, like our team has a leader, he is the co-founder of OpenWRT, so we can fix MTK can't BUG, including driving stability, and so on, all because we have real technical team Daniel.

Second, our infrastructure includes cooperation is open enough, now basically without conditions of cooperation with partners. Other is the teams the flexibility and judgment on air, Lei said at the outlet of pigs will fly, my understanding is that air is only one, maybe there is a window period, so for the team to make sure you quickly find the wind and climb in the window period.

9. do you feel how far from your own fly?

I feel we may be standing on the inlet, outlet will change, so I think we have yet to fly, there are a lot of things to try.

Although we in the industrial chain with Lenovo, Jingdong these advantages in the distribution chain, although not enough, markets were not enough, also didn't let users eyes just needed, these are to continue their efforts. If ten people with four or three, said one router will think of us, was even more successful.

Lei Feng network interview, Li Cheng mentioned most is the cooperation and openness of the technology; he believed that opportunities for smart home is likely on the router, and intelligent home systems is the need for uniform standards, but this standard is not coming out of a can, not closed as in millet, nor like the Samsung applied for a patent, the standard.

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