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Please treat the hackers they are the key to future innovation and prosperity

Please treat the hackers, they are the key to future innovation and prosperity in the world

Editor's Note: this article is written by SpeedDate founder Dan Abelon. Cath Kidston Note 4 Case

In 21st century, the most exciting trends is a global outbreak of the hacker culture. Computer hacker of course not referring to the invasion of someone here, who constitute a threat to network security, but people who are using technology to create useful products.

Due to all reasons, future for decades years, we will saw more hacker joined global technology innovation army, due to hacker identity of particularity, let they charge technology enterprise certainly is best of things, but reality situation is, many genius hacker just began does not for Dang entrepreneurs, they need training, need funds, but currently in world Shang many national, also no for hacker provides rich of soil let they health growth.

Hackers, entrepreneurs need to develop the need for funding Cath Kidston note 4 cases

Because of the boom in cloud computing and open source technologies, creating a network services become cheaper, popular social media services will soon be disseminated and stimulate new innovations into the team. Due to the increase of the global middle class, trained engineers increased, engineers graduating every year, 600,000 in China and, like Kahn Academy institutions and Codeacademy have many more free resources for people learning new skills.

Of course, not all hackers can be entrepreneurs, because in many parts of the world, entrepreneurs need more training, more money. If our path for hackers to become entrepreneurs in order, will be surrounded by innovation and prosperity in the world.

Uneven global distribution of incubator

Although hackers can create many useful things, but in many cases, they do not become entrepreneurs. As we have emphasized, they need guidance, needs money to its early products become huge successes, became globally popular service. Venture capital industry with a lot of money, but usually only vote for familiar or trustworthy person, VC activity in Northern California and the major cities of the world are very active, but not to many other cities in the world, a serious uneven distribution,

As time goes by, hackers will have great potential in the major venture emerged outside of the city, a clever young hackers why Karachi or Accra not hackers enjoy the same opportunity to become entrepreneurs in California?

Please treat the hackers, they are the key to future innovation and prosperity in the world


You might think that network is not able to resolve these problems? Network Hacks and VCs Matchmaking can be, right? However, this simple way is far better than you think. First of all, VCs need to identify and examine whether a hacker is the best, and, more generally, some talented developers and designers as some startups, where VCs think investment companies that are good at interpersonal communication.

Treat hacker

I'm not saying that, every town should have incubators in the world, or Silicon Valley VCs who was wandering around. But I advocate here hacker to eradicate obstacles to Governments around the world for our own, because your financial health means you hackers a startup company is laying down, both public and private-sector leaders should think about some questions: for example, in our country there are good angels as well as the training of potential entrepreneurs project? Our national genius hackers do have a chance to attend a local high quality incubator? Their cooperation with companies and investment easy? We have a trusted network?

Each country must see hackers as a precious resource, innovation and prosperity in the world will be directly relevant to our attitude towards hacking.


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