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Materialistic blueprint with a two wheeled electric vehicle lingyun wanted to

Speaking of two-wheeled vehicle, most people think of motorcycle. In fact on two-wheeled vehicles appeared early in the last century, but has not been developed, the main reason is subject to motor, electronic control and other technical limitations at that time. But now with electric technology, gyroscope, technology, automatic balancing technology matures, two-wheel car can reappear in the public's eyes.

By lingyun intelligent technology team (there were only four people) built two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle prototypes as early as last August has appeared mainly in order to verify at the time manned and the feasibility of mechanical gyroscope to maintain the car balanced.

Lingyun intelligent technology founder Granville, a former Ireland chief technical advisers Zhu lingyun told Lei Feng network, new car design, performance, appearance, or in Polish, and prior to prototype (pictured below) did not have any relationship.

As a city commuter, as envisaged in the wish, it has high utilization rate of energy saving and environmental protection, roads, power, easy parking, and a unique zero RADIUS turn (front and rear wheels turn 90 degrees) the advantages of horizontal travel, flexibility, highly mobile.

From theory and operational point of view, two-wheeled vehicle driving experience than traditional cars, such as turning body slant (somewhat similar to motorcycles), to counteract centrifugal force with the component of gravity, will not be too hasty when bent like a car going all out. Mechanical gyroscope output thousands of nm of torque, depending on torque to keep the vehicle balanced.

Lightweight and compact

The direction of electric vehicles is lightweight and compact, in electric vehicles in the existing programmes, soaring two-wheel trucks close to the broad direction: body narrow (one or two), vehicle weight (600 kg), reducing wind resistance against the wind; less friction with the ground, and electricity-saving. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Now the resistance is the charging of electric vehicles, for building charging system need to lay a charge, during which involves government departments, communities and property companies, complete these procedures and time-consuming, will encounter a lot of difficulties, for startups spend doing these is not wise.

This is one reason why Zhu Lingyun will do light a small one.

Insert batteries

Because of two-wheel vehicle size and weight is only half that of ordinary cars, battery consumption can be done one-third of the existing market for electric vehicles, namely in 4-5-power consumption per hundred kilometers (Tesla power consumption per hundred kilometers at about 13 degrees). In the same capacity battery case, you can run 3 to 5 times times more mileage.

According to Zhu Lingyun introduced, they are likely to use a similar Maverick N1 charging solution, that a user can remove home recharge the battery pack in the vehicle. Thanks to insert battery solutions. Each battery weighs between 12 to 15 kg can support 60 to 70 km/h of battery life, so two-wheel electric cars need not be too dependent on the post.

Steering wheel may be telex-by-wire technology, before the technology has been widely applied in the field of aviation, and eliminates traditional mechanical actuators and hydraulic pipes in the control system. Benefits of plain wire is to instrument panel, air conditioning, steering wheel folded, the rational use of space. But the technology does not spread in the car because for security reasons and statutory limits.

In terms of production, lingyun electric does not seem to be the Ranger vehicles "radical". Zhu Lingyun said they planned to attend the Beijing auto show next year, but is still a prototype, or is a concept car, officially went on sale may be 3 years later thing. He said, they are likely to launch two models: a high-end version, range 1000 km or more; a public version, mileage is about 300 to 400 km, hundred mph in 4-5 seconds.

For smart, this two-wheeled car will only serve as a platform and carrier, will integrate sophisticated autopilot, active safety, drone and other resources.

Asset-light model

For two-wheel vehicles, and four-wheeled vehicles compared, the difference in performance and driving experience, as well as the advantages and disadvantages to grasp first-hand information to enter mass production.

Two-wheeled vehicle parts is not compatible with conventional cars parts, need to mold back order; vehicle design and there is no ready-made experience to draw; the world's most sophisticated programs are Protean in-wheel motor still did not enter mass production. These are the team they are facing problems.

As with most Internet car company, lingyun technology using the asset-light model: lightweight structures and flat management, fast response, and improve work efficiency. In addition to core technologies such as the electronic control, battery, and other work is outsourced to a professional team to do it.

Above is Zhu Lingyun blueprint gave us a product. On the General progress of it, they seem to be and Ranger vehicles on the same starting line, also crossed the threshold of production qualification, licensing, and volume production. As a member of Internet car, two-wheeled vehicle in most people's minds is probably a "heterogeneous".

But we also wonder if a two-wheeled electric vehicles really began on the road in the future, will "overturn" the current way to travel and lead a new wave of travel?

This is anyone's guess.

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Soaring two-wheeled electric vehicle

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Soaring two-wheeled electric vehicle

As a city commuter, as envisaged in the wish, it has high utilization rate of energy saving and environmental protection, roads, power, easy parking, and a unique zero RADIUS turn (front and rear wheels turn 90 degrees) the advantages of horizontal travel, flexibility, highly mobile.

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