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Lei feng s front line are you still too shy shy shy of buying sex toys His interest

The afternoon of August 19, was held in Beijing over coffee in his eBay APP launches b round of financing, announced 85 million b round of financing, investments by CITIC, Ding Feng assets, Shenzhen haigaosheng thaw before equity investments limited and a round of venture investment Fang Dachen, company valuation is 500 million.

Product name from the earliest "value for money" to today's "his interest", Huang Tiancai seems to be all they have to do is not just selling sex toys so simple, but hope to make him interesting APP a gender platform, and from interface design to advertising follows young, the Sun, the concept of fashion.

As the company far away in Xiamen, Huang Tiancai in this Conference shared a lot with the media business stories.

Business history

Huang Tiancai said that he was a technical background, O2O 2012 used to do the project, since the project is very expensive, progress has been slow. Also when the company moved to villages. "The working environment was very difficult and most painful time. "

The O2O project lessons, Huang Tiancai said at the press conference, when looking for a project is looking for good after make money. Company in Xiamen has a lot of sex toy shop in the village, the team believes that the industry is making money, but actually have tangled before. Original intention was only to be able to earn 1 million as soon as possible to support the team, went ahead with the first item value.

In the course of the industry, and users ' acceptance make them a new understanding for the sex industry. Huang Tiancai said three things here:

Communication found that customers did not because they are fun and look down on them,

There was a user called them from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and want to send money to help direct mail products, for they are very trusting.

Sell products to solve a couple of problems, the couple went with fruits and cakes for their.

These three things make him think, no matter what the industry, as long as they can do do. Fun can solve problems in the field and team can make profits, from the very beginning he only wanted to earn the first bucket of gold became the main business.

85 million financing, valuation of 500 million

Huang Tiancai said at the scene, b round of financing starts from the practical to the accounts as long as 40 days of time, investors supported his interest to become the largest gender platform. His interest a financing round amounts to 50 million.

Financing would be used mainly in three aspects, first on the market and user education subsidies (free on line and off line activities) as well as product placement in movies. Followed by recruiting, hiring is a team facing difficult problems. Finally, brand building, Huang Tiancai that appeal to consumers of traditional impressions is too low, the team took the top design team made a new design, packaging.

Huang Tiancai showing new posters and software interface design is more biased light, bright young people like the style. Compared to a lot of jokes and novelties "evil and pornographic" design style, his eBay APP will be more sun, more in line with young people's aesthetic standards.

Launch event, Huang Tiancai published several sets of data, user data can be found through analysis, after the domestic users from the very beginning of the 17% had risen to 40% now, and the ratio of development from 8:2 to 6:4. "After the young people of this generation will become the main users".

Revised data by 30% above, software activation number reached 30 million, how single platform has more than 5,000 orders per day, is expected this year to 250 million in sales. Teams will be in the future gender health and gender-related areas. iWatch bumpframe

His interest group has launched new sanban program at the end of 2014, is expected to be the first company to list on the new Board of the company in the same industry.

Conference questions CEO Huang Tiancai records (deletion):

Q: spring of Fame are to list on the new Board, where is the difference?

Yellow: he set up on interesting gender platform, spring of Fame more hardware, and fun in the field of business hotels, is not in conflict. Market is very large, we hope more companies in this industry to develop.


Q: why don't you move to Beijing or Shanghai?

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Yellow: company in Xiamen, have adapted, worried that moving to Beijing as well. And Xiamen side industries the more traditional, less impetuous. Beijing talent advantages, the media are very good, but can often come to Beijing, and taking into account the set up here. Currently there are no plans to move to Beijing


Q: fun with fashion properties, what is your position?

Yellow: our own platform for positioning of gender, but more and more consumers want to we have fashionable properties. In the rejuvenation of consumer trends environment, not fashion, cool has been difficult to be accepted by consumers.


Q: how to treat Ma Jiajia such practitioners?

Yellow: she is in the sex industry entrepreneurs, is helpful for the industry as a whole. But now she's more biased media. We hope this area will have stars, but for domestic and public figures on gender issue is rarely involved.


Ask: the price is what to consider?

Yellow: positioning is the mid-range, dealing with consumers, we want users to groups large enough.


Q: what are the sales category?

There's sexy lingerie and utensils, condom these pieces, lingerie with a condom on the volume ratio is relatively high, these two categories accounted for about 50%, because condoms are just necessary, sexy underwear is relatively more entry-level products people buy.

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Q: colleagues would attach importance to building industrial chain, put an end to profiteering, what do you think?

Yellow: we are actually marketing platform, will not enter the field of manufacturing, sex industry there are many breakdown products, involves a wide industry. We want to do a platform, let a professional company to do products.


Q: how to compete with e-commerce platform and online businesses?

Yellow: cats, Jingdong sales will be huge, but they are equivalent to the supermarket, we are more like clubs or courses not only sell products, some presentations and supporting services.


Q: are worried that the Government check the water meter (yellow in question)?

Yellow: first of all, we will communicate with local regulatory agencies, and in our online community needs through two (outsourcing team and his interest in the team) for review.


Q: team size?

Yellow: there are about 130 people, hopes to expand to 200 people. We very much welcome after the join us.



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