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HTC takes the semiannual market diving gold medal

HTC takes the semiannual market diving gold medal

If Nokia 5 years walked the lost 90% the difficult road, then since the first half of 2012, HTC brandished a knife and cut more than 56% shares are rare. Since HTC gave warning that third-quarter July revenues will drop by 45%. HTC founders--Taiwan HTC August 7 shares fell to 240.5 trillion yuan (NT, the same below), not only below 256 low point of the financial crisis in November 2008 of Lehman Brothers, but also a 2005 low.

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I. stock price Outlook is grim Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Since July 5, in addition to making nearly 1 month, HTC, discount, if the closing price of 397 before the ex-dividend estimates, HTC's market value has fallen by 133.3 billion yuan after the ex-dividend. Although the industry came HTC will launch in September-October 5-inch Smartphone against Samsung, but foreign investment in a future unknown HTC alerts, sell foreign 3rd consecutive Super-HTC, 3 trading days has sold more than 4500, current foreign shareholding ratio also dropped to 41.63%. Foreign legal means, the new motor can still have doubts, profit recession is just the beginning, the 4th quarter is even worse.

According to data from FactSet, since February, including UBS and 47 overseas institutional investors, Invesco selling HTC shares, and the other 88 institutional investors reduced holdings of HTC shares.

Since the second half of 2011, HTC's market share continues to decline, even more frustrating is that capital markets can't see HTC gained impetus because HTC this year will not have a "killer" product. Markets now expect, HTC fourth-quarter revenue and profit margin in the third quarter, on the basis of a further decline.

HTC takes the semiannual market diving gold medal

Current brokers and funds for short term loan today HTC shares charge an annual interest rate of about 8%. Higher interest rates reflects the short investors ' high demand, 8% interest rates mean investors HTC shares were expected to fall by at least 8%.

II. products are competitive disadvantages compounded patent dispute

Since the second half of 2011, HTC's market share began to decline, when Samsung launched Galaxy series smart phone carrying Android system, while the iPhone 4 is best-selling in the world. HTC's flagship phone released in One series since April this year in the global sales conditions are not good.

In order to enhance the patent portfolio, HTC made a series of unsuccessful merger, but still failed to boost profits. 2011 fourth quarter, United States International Trade Commission ruled that the Apple product does not violate the patent of S3 Graphics. S3 Graphics is HTC patents this year after the outbreak of war, rushed to pay $ 300 million to buy the company, purpose is to increase the weight of the Apple lawsuit, finding a 300 million dollar boondoggle. This is compounded by the, Germany company called the company IPCom announced that, according to Germany the court ban, HTC to be banned in Germany for sale. 2010 data, HTC United States revenue accounted for 5.06% of the market, European markets accounted for 32.3%, and other markets in Asia was only 17.1%, this shows that the US and European markets, HTC must have really been struggling. In 2012, HTC made it clear that moving to emerging markets, especially the Chinese mainland market.

III. target market strategy errors

Early HTC identify routes to mainland China's high-end market strategies, for cost and standards taken into account on the consumer experience, HTC won't get involved in the low-end market. HTC bucked so high profile is for what?

The reality is: the consumer demand for higher cost thousands of smartphones has increased and operator Terminal significantly driven by factors such as subsidies, thousands of smartphone sales record. Represented by domestic brands, such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo business "rewarding", single-product shipments more than millions, some even up to now has more than 6 million.

Carriers phone fair in the near future, HTC of HTC announced the launch of 3G supports China Telecom network One XC, bare metal retails for 5399. Such a product sold for more than the Samsung Galaxy SIII flag-ship product, which global sales will exceed 10 million by the end of this month, and HTC One series because in its most important market for United States encounters "Customs crisis" affected sales, has stalled. China markets, at this price, I believe all rational human would not choose.

Market share and profit margins, in different times, will have a different focus, but in the face of the company's business situation and market environment under pressure, why stick to his "noble gesture"? Would anyone really be a "utopian" attitude and for that reason to pay? HTC should reconsider this problem: wine is also deeply afraid of the alley. Policies continue to mistake, "diving" champion could be successfully defended.

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