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Materialistic blueprint with a two wheeled electric vehicle lingyun wanted to

Speaking of two-wheeled vehicle, most people think of motorcycle. In fact on two-wheeled vehicles appeared early in the last century, but has not been developed, the main reason is subject to motor, electronic control and other technical limitations at that time. But now with electric technology, gyroscope, technology, automatic balancing technology matures, two-wheel car can reappear in the public's eyes.

By lingyun intelligent technology team (there were only four people) built two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle prototypes as early as last August has appeared mainly in order to verify at the time manned and the feasibility of mechanical gyroscope to maintain the car balanced.

Lingyun intelligent technology founder Granville, a former Ireland chief technical advisers Zhu lingyun told Lei Feng network, new car design, performance, appearance, or in Polish, and prior to prototype (pictured below) did not have any relationship.

As a city commuter, as envisaged in the wish, it has high utilization rate of energy saving and environmental protection, roads, power, easy parking, and a unique zero RADIUS turn (front and rear wheels turn 90 degrees) the advantages of horizontal travel, flexibility, highly mobile.

From theory and operational point of view, two-wheeled vehicle driving experience than traditional cars, such as turning body slant (somewhat similar to motorcycles), to counteract centrifugal force with the component of gravity, will not be too hasty when bent like a car going all out. Mechanical gyroscope output thousands of nm of torque, depending on torque to keep the vehicle balanced.

Lightweight and compact

The direction of electric vehicles is lightweight and compact, in electric vehicles in the existing programmes, soaring two-wheel trucks close to the broad direction: body narrow (one or two), vehicle weight (600 kg), reducing wind resistance against the wind; less friction with the ground, and electricity-saving. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Now the resistance is the charging of electric vehicles, for building charging system need to lay a charge, during which involves government departments, communities and property companies, complete these procedures and time-consuming, will encounter a lot of difficulties, for startups spend doing these is not wise.

This is one reason why Zhu Lingyun will do light a small one.

Insert batteries

Because of two-wheel vehicle size and weight is only half that of ordinary cars, battery consumption can be done one-third of the existing market for electric vehicles, namely in 4-5-power consumption per hundred kilometers (Tesla power consumption per hundred kilometers at about 13 degrees). In the same capacity battery case, you can run 3 to 5 times times more mileage.

According to Zhu Lingyun introduced, they are likely to use a similar Maverick N1 charging solution, that a user can remove home recharge the battery pack in the vehicle. Thanks to insert battery solutions. Each battery weighs between 12 to 15 kg can support 60 to 70 km/h of battery life, so two-wheel electric cars need not be too dependent on the post.

Steering wheel may be telex-by-wire technology, before the technology has been widely applied in the field of aviation, and eliminates traditional mechanical actuators and hydraulic pipes in the control system. Benefits of plain wire is to instrument panel, air conditioning, steering wheel folded, the rational use of space. But the technology does not spread in the car because for security reasons and statutory limits.

In terms of production, lingyun electric does not seem to be the Ranger vehicles "radical". Zhu Lingyun said they planned to attend the Beijing auto show next year, but is still a prototype, or is a concept car, officially went on sale may be 3 years later thing. He said, they are likely to launch two models: a high-end version, range 1000 km or more; a public version, mileage is about 300 to 400 km, hundred mph in 4-5 seconds.

For smart, this two-wheeled car will only serve as a platform and carrier, will integrate sophisticated autopilot, active safety, drone and other resources.

Asset-light model

For two-wheel vehicles, and four-wheeled vehicles compared, the difference in performance and driving experience, as well as the advantages and disadvantages to grasp first-hand information to enter mass production.

Two-wheeled vehicle parts is not compatible with conventional cars parts, need to mold back order; vehicle design and there is no ready-made experience to draw; the world's most sophisticated programs are Protean in-wheel motor still did not enter mass production. These are the team they are facing problems.

As with most Internet car company, lingyun technology using the asset-light model: lightweight structures and flat management, fast response, and improve work efficiency. In addition to core technologies such as the electronic control, battery, and other work is outsourced to a professional team to do it.

Above is Zhu Lingyun blueprint gave us a product. On the General progress of it, they seem to be and Ranger vehicles on the same starting line, also crossed the threshold of production qualification, licensing, and volume production. As a member of Internet car, two-wheeled vehicle in most people's minds is probably a "heterogeneous".

But we also wonder if a two-wheeled electric vehicles really began on the road in the future, will "overturn" the current way to travel and lead a new wave of travel?

This is anyone's guess.

Dialog products, found hidden behind the product's originality

"Materialism" is a network of Lei feng to create brand products reported, micro-signal to the public: okweiwu


Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

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Soaring two-wheeled electric vehicle

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Soaring two-wheeled electric vehicle

As a city commuter, as envisaged in the wish, it has high utilization rate of energy saving and environmental protection, roads, power, easy parking, and a unique zero RADIUS turn (front and rear wheels turn 90 degrees) the advantages of horizontal travel, flexibility, highly mobile.

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Ten out of fear of science and technology Li Cheng smart home must have a large

Ten out of fear of science and technology Li Cheng: smart home must have a large enough opening

In 2013, the very intelligent router for routing leader set off a wave of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team rise up all over, even these giant Baidu, 360 homeopathy also added a foot. Less than two years later, with small degree route router disappear, intelligent routing market tide, has been pushed and the hold major manufacturers started muffling, some small start-up team is more like a sauce.

Newifi listening technology behind the rise, it has got, investments in Xunlei, Lenovo and Baidu and Jingdong, steady rush intelligent router in the front of the queue. This from the intelligent routing is Thunder, Association of these industry bosses looking at what is the reason? Jingdong why choose them? With these questions, Lei feng's network journalists to listen to Tech CEO Li Cheng.

1. Xunlei investment what is your background?

Routing behind the emergence of entrepreneurs team with a very good idea, we also decided to do so in 13 a section of your router. (This year) 3W cafes opened after the press conference, Thunder, founder of Oscar Cheng found me, quickly took the thunder of angels, is the second half of this amount of money to help us get through 13 years of funding difficulties.

When routing gained momentum, and in 13 consecutive took millions of dollars in financing. But just like Lei Feng network said in a report, entrepreneurial teams in the process of competitive racing, chances are you may begin your opponent's mistakes, so 2 mistakes for us not a little boost.

2. Lenovo's investment will give you help? Givenchy iPhone 6 Case

We are significantly worse than the first generation router routing, connections of the time with us, with us directly to foundries not doing assessments are also related.

First, chip we have no bargaining (legend) is exactly what I needed.

If I take a Sequoia or IDG VC for example, I took his money, I also do not have bargaining rights because IDG to vote for me, I can't talk about with Qualcomm, the logic does not make sense.

The second reason is my factory does not have the right to choose, I can't because IDG investments can move on to the next, Foxconn, Foxconn is not because IDG voted me millions of dollars to elect me. Both of these are important to solve the problems, while Lenovo can naturally solve these problems on the industry chain.

3. start-up company and the giant where there is no need to avoid?

We and they said Lenovo must find a common point, which is very important.

Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

For example, when Baidu small router, find a router that has a mature technology companies is good, so directly to the sea. Baidu later discovered that there is a pit, two companies ' dominance in their respective fields and their demands are not the same, Baidu router key, sold millions of units in a year even if money sending is OK. Hyde was the first money earned, hope that each router can sell, this is the manufacturer's idea. Demands inconsistent on both sides, led Union emphasis on smaller routes is not enough, there are a lot of BUG.

Entrepreneurial team and the Giants do things inconsistent Giants do care about is the KPI. Products on our team are our lifeblood, and doing things themselves carry. So small routing failure due to Baidu did not and the demands of the Union agreed. Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

4. Newifi was listening to science and technology brands are Lenovo's brand?

Our first generation of products called cloud, the second generation directly into Lenovo Newifi, many people think that listening to the team was bought by Lenovo, directly to Lenovo product naming. We had internal discussions said start-up companies develop a new brand is not easy, this is not like cell phones, cell phones may be contending, and router is likely to die miserably under the influence of the TP-LINK.

Routing logic is that he told investors to drop a lot of money on a brand, so then they did in Beijing hit Metro local brands. We want to now that legend capital, why not use the Lenovo brand, so we chose the Association.

Newifi brand is now we buy from Lenovo, and later unified with Newifi.

5. what router Newifi and millet in a way similar?

Late last year, I sent a Tweet saying millet copied our programme because Foxconn does directly through the Association (foundry), when millet is Foxconn. But when we have make clear directly with MTK solution, millet also select several chips programme, and toss in there. As a factory, we go to they know what we do.

Later found two PCB is almost the same, chips, programmes, including the resistor and capacitor inside markings are the same, basically two boards are the same. Millet sold 129, we out is 129, now we through Lenovo of relationship got MTK more offers of price, can put cost again down do 99 of price, this is millet cannot do of, because they of chip than we of your, this is why we home sold 99 millet sold can't 99 of reasons (Lei Feng network reporter from two bit industry people understand to 7620a of chip price about in more than 30 more Yuan, and Li Cheng by said 30 yuan post main in chip discrepancies).

6. Why is the Jingdong, a business collaboration platform?

Lenovo solves the problem of our quality, production and cost, but in the entire router inside the River, we still stream is greater flow cannot be intercepted. We've been thinking about this, then we must also introduce electrical contractor, you must sell products made to go. In particular this Red Sea inside, a lot of user demand is different from phone to the router. Bought the phone you might want to pick, a year or two for more. Routers are different, cheaper to buy.

For example, I moved house, you want to buy a new routing, this is a very immediate needs. We saw most of the users on the Web is this immediate demand, and this kind of traffic we can find electrical contractor to resolve.

7. Beijing East your reason?

Beijing East Road in shop smart home, including East smart tea Museum is also a strategy of Jingdong in smart home. Intelligent router in a smart home is the core of a thing, Jing dong was later, wants to enter the market quickly, most reliable game cast a quick company.

Jingdong why choose us, first East of Beijing is very optimistic about the strength of our team, and our ability to later in the ecological chain. Secondly, we are in business, is the most extensive cooperation company. Your smart router home smart Center, you must be open, cannot be a close game.

8. when compared to the other team, your team what are the advantages?

First, we are technology-oriented team, like our team has a leader, he is the co-founder of OpenWRT, so we can fix MTK can't BUG, including driving stability, and so on, all because we have real technical team Daniel.

Second, our infrastructure includes cooperation is open enough, now basically without conditions of cooperation with partners. Other is the teams the flexibility and judgment on air, Lei said at the outlet of pigs will fly, my understanding is that air is only one, maybe there is a window period, so for the team to make sure you quickly find the wind and climb in the window period.

9. do you feel how far from your own fly?

I feel we may be standing on the inlet, outlet will change, so I think we have yet to fly, there are a lot of things to try.

Although we in the industrial chain with Lenovo, Jingdong these advantages in the distribution chain, although not enough, markets were not enough, also didn't let users eyes just needed, these are to continue their efforts. If ten people with four or three, said one router will think of us, was even more successful.

Lei Feng network interview, Li Cheng mentioned most is the cooperation and openness of the technology; he believed that opportunities for smart home is likely on the router, and intelligent home systems is the need for uniform standards, but this standard is not coming out of a can, not closed as in millet, nor like the Samsung applied for a patent, the standard.

Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6

On the whole, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 material just as Apple launched iPhone 4 o'clock it was amazing. Volume-high location and handset design and overall did not match, is the place where I feel will improve on the design. Functions, fingerprints and photographs are very powerful, I heard more than one peer praise these two features "as well as iPhone" or even "better than iPhone". Systems experience, Samsung and all other international companies choose to be consistent--move closer to the native Android system, compared to before the Samsung fully customized systems, more modern, more fresh, naturally, was easier to use.

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Lei feng s front line are you still too shy shy shy of buying sex toys His interest

The afternoon of August 19, was held in Beijing over coffee in his eBay APP launches b round of financing, announced 85 million b round of financing, investments by CITIC, Ding Feng assets, Shenzhen haigaosheng thaw before equity investments limited and a round of venture investment Fang Dachen, company valuation is 500 million.

Product name from the earliest "value for money" to today's "his interest", Huang Tiancai seems to be all they have to do is not just selling sex toys so simple, but hope to make him interesting APP a gender platform, and from interface design to advertising follows young, the Sun, the concept of fashion.

As the company far away in Xiamen, Huang Tiancai in this Conference shared a lot with the media business stories.

Business history

Huang Tiancai said that he was a technical background, O2O 2012 used to do the project, since the project is very expensive, progress has been slow. Also when the company moved to villages. "The working environment was very difficult and most painful time. "

The O2O project lessons, Huang Tiancai said at the press conference, when looking for a project is looking for good after make money. Company in Xiamen has a lot of sex toy shop in the village, the team believes that the industry is making money, but actually have tangled before. Original intention was only to be able to earn 1 million as soon as possible to support the team, went ahead with the first item value.

In the course of the industry, and users ' acceptance make them a new understanding for the sex industry. Huang Tiancai said three things here:

Communication found that customers did not because they are fun and look down on them,

There was a user called them from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and want to send money to help direct mail products, for they are very trusting.

Sell products to solve a couple of problems, the couple went with fruits and cakes for their.

These three things make him think, no matter what the industry, as long as they can do do. Fun can solve problems in the field and team can make profits, from the very beginning he only wanted to earn the first bucket of gold became the main business.

85 million financing, valuation of 500 million

Huang Tiancai said at the scene, b round of financing starts from the practical to the accounts as long as 40 days of time, investors supported his interest to become the largest gender platform. His interest a financing round amounts to 50 million.

Financing would be used mainly in three aspects, first on the market and user education subsidies (free on line and off line activities) as well as product placement in movies. Followed by recruiting, hiring is a team facing difficult problems. Finally, brand building, Huang Tiancai that appeal to consumers of traditional impressions is too low, the team took the top design team made a new design, packaging.

Huang Tiancai showing new posters and software interface design is more biased light, bright young people like the style. Compared to a lot of jokes and novelties "evil and pornographic" design style, his eBay APP will be more sun, more in line with young people's aesthetic standards.

Launch event, Huang Tiancai published several sets of data, user data can be found through analysis, after the domestic users from the very beginning of the 17% had risen to 40% now, and the ratio of development from 8:2 to 6:4. "After the young people of this generation will become the main users".

Revised data by 30% above, software activation number reached 30 million, how single platform has more than 5,000 orders per day, is expected this year to 250 million in sales. Teams will be in the future gender health and gender-related areas. iWatch bumpframe

His interest group has launched new sanban program at the end of 2014, is expected to be the first company to list on the new Board of the company in the same industry.

Conference questions CEO Huang Tiancai records (deletion):

Q: spring of Fame are to list on the new Board, where is the difference?

Yellow: he set up on interesting gender platform, spring of Fame more hardware, and fun in the field of business hotels, is not in conflict. Market is very large, we hope more companies in this industry to develop.


Q: why don't you move to Beijing or Shanghai?

iWatch bumpframe

Yellow: company in Xiamen, have adapted, worried that moving to Beijing as well. And Xiamen side industries the more traditional, less impetuous. Beijing talent advantages, the media are very good, but can often come to Beijing, and taking into account the set up here. Currently there are no plans to move to Beijing


Q: fun with fashion properties, what is your position?

Yellow: our own platform for positioning of gender, but more and more consumers want to we have fashionable properties. In the rejuvenation of consumer trends environment, not fashion, cool has been difficult to be accepted by consumers.


Q: how to treat Ma Jiajia such practitioners?

Yellow: she is in the sex industry entrepreneurs, is helpful for the industry as a whole. But now she's more biased media. We hope this area will have stars, but for domestic and public figures on gender issue is rarely involved.


Ask: the price is what to consider?

Yellow: positioning is the mid-range, dealing with consumers, we want users to groups large enough.


Q: what are the sales category?

There's sexy lingerie and utensils, condom these pieces, lingerie with a condom on the volume ratio is relatively high, these two categories accounted for about 50%, because condoms are just necessary, sexy underwear is relatively more entry-level products people buy.

  iWatch bumpframe

Q: colleagues would attach importance to building industrial chain, put an end to profiteering, what do you think?

Yellow: we are actually marketing platform, will not enter the field of manufacturing, sex industry there are many breakdown products, involves a wide industry. We want to do a platform, let a professional company to do products.


Q: how to compete with e-commerce platform and online businesses?

Yellow: cats, Jingdong sales will be huge, but they are equivalent to the supermarket, we are more like clubs or courses not only sell products, some presentations and supporting services.


Q: are worried that the Government check the water meter (yellow in question)?

Yellow: first of all, we will communicate with local regulatory agencies, and in our online community needs through two (outsourcing team and his interest in the team) for review.


Q: team size?

Yellow: there are about 130 people, hopes to expand to 200 people. We very much welcome after the join us.



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Intimate breast enhancement artifact

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Intimate breast enhancement artifact

Intimate, is the United States a cosmetic breast enhancement equipment specially for flat-chested MM to create, including a razor-like electronic devices and a bottle of breast enhancement oils. Just three steps: cleaning oil, open the Intimate, gently massage, you can let the user straight in the chest and elastic.

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Please treat the hackers they are the key to future innovation and prosperity

Please treat the hackers, they are the key to future innovation and prosperity in the world

Editor's Note: this article is written by SpeedDate founder Dan Abelon. Cath Kidston Note 4 Case

In 21st century, the most exciting trends is a global outbreak of the hacker culture. Computer hacker of course not referring to the invasion of someone here, who constitute a threat to network security, but people who are using technology to create useful products.

Due to all reasons, future for decades years, we will saw more hacker joined global technology innovation army, due to hacker identity of particularity, let they charge technology enterprise certainly is best of things, but reality situation is, many genius hacker just began does not for Dang entrepreneurs, they need training, need funds, but currently in world Shang many national, also no for hacker provides rich of soil let they health growth.

Hackers, entrepreneurs need to develop the need for funding Cath Kidston note 4 cases

Because of the boom in cloud computing and open source technologies, creating a network services become cheaper, popular social media services will soon be disseminated and stimulate new innovations into the team. Due to the increase of the global middle class, trained engineers increased, engineers graduating every year, 600,000 in China and, like Kahn Academy institutions and Codeacademy have many more free resources for people learning new skills.

Of course, not all hackers can be entrepreneurs, because in many parts of the world, entrepreneurs need more training, more money. If our path for hackers to become entrepreneurs in order, will be surrounded by innovation and prosperity in the world.

Uneven global distribution of incubator

Although hackers can create many useful things, but in many cases, they do not become entrepreneurs. As we have emphasized, they need guidance, needs money to its early products become huge successes, became globally popular service. Venture capital industry with a lot of money, but usually only vote for familiar or trustworthy person, VC activity in Northern California and the major cities of the world are very active, but not to many other cities in the world, a serious uneven distribution,

As time goes by, hackers will have great potential in the major venture emerged outside of the city, a clever young hackers why Karachi or Accra not hackers enjoy the same opportunity to become entrepreneurs in California?

Please treat the hackers, they are the key to future innovation and prosperity in the world


You might think that network is not able to resolve these problems? Network Hacks and VCs Matchmaking can be, right? However, this simple way is far better than you think. First of all, VCs need to identify and examine whether a hacker is the best, and, more generally, some talented developers and designers as some startups, where VCs think investment companies that are good at interpersonal communication.

Treat hacker

I'm not saying that, every town should have incubators in the world, or Silicon Valley VCs who was wandering around. But I advocate here hacker to eradicate obstacles to Governments around the world for our own, because your financial health means you hackers a startup company is laying down, both public and private-sector leaders should think about some questions: for example, in our country there are good angels as well as the training of potential entrepreneurs project? Our national genius hackers do have a chance to attend a local high quality incubator? Their cooperation with companies and investment easy? We have a trusted network?

Each country must see hackers as a precious resource, innovation and prosperity in the world will be directly relevant to our attitude towards hacking.


Calf N1 a smart electric car

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Calf N1 a smart electric car

Calf electric from launches Shang revealed of parameter and configuration, undoubtedly is market Shang very excellent of a paragraph electric products, from electric most core of battery Shang, you will see 170 section 2600mAh capacity of Panasonic 18650 lithium battery combination provides 1560wh power, and over 80km of range, and 6 hours full, and battery life 5 years, but from function Shang for, calf electric of intelligent of also compared primary.

Cath Kidston note 4 cases

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HTC takes the semiannual market diving gold medal

HTC takes the semiannual market diving gold medal

If Nokia 5 years walked the lost 90% the difficult road, then since the first half of 2012, HTC brandished a knife and cut more than 56% shares are rare. Since HTC gave warning that third-quarter July revenues will drop by 45%. HTC founders--Taiwan HTC August 7 shares fell to 240.5 trillion yuan (NT, the same below), not only below 256 low point of the financial crisis in November 2008 of Lehman Brothers, but also a 2005 low.

Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

I. stock price Outlook is grim Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Since July 5, in addition to making nearly 1 month, HTC, discount, if the closing price of 397 before the ex-dividend estimates, HTC's market value has fallen by 133.3 billion yuan after the ex-dividend. Although the industry came HTC will launch in September-October 5-inch Smartphone against Samsung, but foreign investment in a future unknown HTC alerts, sell foreign 3rd consecutive Super-HTC, 3 trading days has sold more than 4500, current foreign shareholding ratio also dropped to 41.63%. Foreign legal means, the new motor can still have doubts, profit recession is just the beginning, the 4th quarter is even worse.

According to data from FactSet, since February, including UBS and 47 overseas institutional investors, Invesco selling HTC shares, and the other 88 institutional investors reduced holdings of HTC shares.

Since the second half of 2011, HTC's market share continues to decline, even more frustrating is that capital markets can't see HTC gained impetus because HTC this year will not have a "killer" product. Markets now expect, HTC fourth-quarter revenue and profit margin in the third quarter, on the basis of a further decline.

HTC takes the semiannual market diving gold medal

Current brokers and funds for short term loan today HTC shares charge an annual interest rate of about 8%. Higher interest rates reflects the short investors ' high demand, 8% interest rates mean investors HTC shares were expected to fall by at least 8%.

II. products are competitive disadvantages compounded patent dispute

Since the second half of 2011, HTC's market share began to decline, when Samsung launched Galaxy series smart phone carrying Android system, while the iPhone 4 is best-selling in the world. HTC's flagship phone released in One series since April this year in the global sales conditions are not good.

In order to enhance the patent portfolio, HTC made a series of unsuccessful merger, but still failed to boost profits. 2011 fourth quarter, United States International Trade Commission ruled that the Apple product does not violate the patent of S3 Graphics. S3 Graphics is HTC patents this year after the outbreak of war, rushed to pay $ 300 million to buy the company, purpose is to increase the weight of the Apple lawsuit, finding a 300 million dollar boondoggle. This is compounded by the, Germany company called the company IPCom announced that, according to Germany the court ban, HTC to be banned in Germany for sale. 2010 data, HTC United States revenue accounted for 5.06% of the market, European markets accounted for 32.3%, and other markets in Asia was only 17.1%, this shows that the US and European markets, HTC must have really been struggling. In 2012, HTC made it clear that moving to emerging markets, especially the Chinese mainland market.

III. target market strategy errors

Early HTC identify routes to mainland China's high-end market strategies, for cost and standards taken into account on the consumer experience, HTC won't get involved in the low-end market. HTC bucked so high profile is for what?

The reality is: the consumer demand for higher cost thousands of smartphones has increased and operator Terminal significantly driven by factors such as subsidies, thousands of smartphone sales record. Represented by domestic brands, such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo business "rewarding", single-product shipments more than millions, some even up to now has more than 6 million.

Carriers phone fair in the near future, HTC of HTC announced the launch of 3G supports China Telecom network One XC, bare metal retails for 5399. Such a product sold for more than the Samsung Galaxy SIII flag-ship product, which global sales will exceed 10 million by the end of this month, and HTC One series because in its most important market for United States encounters "Customs crisis" affected sales, has stalled. China markets, at this price, I believe all rational human would not choose.

Market share and profit margins, in different times, will have a different focus, but in the face of the company's business situation and market environment under pressure, why stick to his "noble gesture"? Would anyone really be a "utopian" attitude and for that reason to pay? HTC should reconsider this problem: wine is also deeply afraid of the alley. Policies continue to mistake, "diving" champion could be successfully defended.

Tesla Model s-P85D

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Tesla Model s-P85D Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

P85D Tesla MODEL s is Tesla sells cars in the fastest and most expensive, in terms of appearance and the remaining few models did not much change, the main change is to drive and battery capacity. MODEL s-P85D, 691 peak horsepower BHP, four wheel drive, 0-96 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shouman free Microsoft Barnard homes for sale 3 488 million

Shouman free? Microsoft Barnard homes for sale: $ 3.488 million

  Microsoft's current CEO Nader pulling Clyde, Washington, is selling his house on the Hills, price of 3.488 million dollars (about 23 million yuan). This property was the Nadela purchased over 20 years ago, took only $ 1.385 million (about 9.13 million yuan). This 20-year United States House prices also rise a bit. House is able to preserve and appreciate, the key is location. Nadela House location is pretty good, fresh air, beautiful scenery, overlooking Seattle beauty, especially Olin Mount Olympus (Mt. Olympus) and Lake Washington (Lake Washington). YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  This property was built in 1963, covers an area of about 376.3 square metres, consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, standard living room and dining room, built the restaurant's kitchen, family activity room, loft Office, two fireplaces, as well as the study area overlooking the living room. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  Nadela interior decoration of the House is good, nice design, and has a very wide field of vision, whether it is a weekend or daily living and leisure, is a very good choice. If you have the money and want but also in the United States, the Nadela once lived in the House would still be a good choice. If the CEO is successfully selling his income is quite considerable.

Shouman free? Microsoft Barnard homes for sale: $ 3.488 million Shouman free? Microsoft Barnard homes for sale: $ 3.488 million Shouman free? Microsoft Barnard homes for sale: $ 3.488 million Shouman free? Microsoft Barnard homes for sale: $ 3.488 million Shouman free? Microsoft Barnard homes for sale: $ 3.488 million

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