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From world champions to data scientists he could be tempered Hard to create

The word we hear too much data, but few people realize that, with the development of Internet, nowadays these "big" words for what has meant a kind of level. Removed minority grandstanding of using this word of company outside, those real has big data of enterprise, handled and processing of are is some people may poor very life also contact not to of digital: micro-letter friends circle daily will upload 1 billion Zhang pictures, paid treasure day turnover peak over 20 billion Yuan Yuan, Beijing East daily upload millions of Zhang new of commodity information figure...... Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case

These figures are in urgent need of training artificial intelligence algorithm, it is very good news. Also means that the data is as important for artificial intelligence computing, algorithm development skyrocketed. But in a broad array of data to filter out those really useful for us? By analyzing these data to make decisions favorable to itself? This is the data the scientists doing the.

This issue hard to create open class, we invite to the iPIN Pan Rong, Chief Scientist, he received the doctor of Science degree from Zhongshan University in late 2004, in February 2005 and from August at the Hong Kong University of science and technology, respectively, in August 2007 and from September in the United States of HP Labs, data mining, artificial intelligence research. October 2009 through the hundred plans entered the Sun Yat-sen University, served in the Department of computer science. Chief Scientist, iPIN, 2014.

Dr Pan Rong in 2005, participation in United States computer society (ACM) organized by data mining international matches (KDDCup: annual data mining of the world's most important games). When classification of the theme of the contest was a search engine query. Eventually all three projects (including query classification algorithm accuracy, performance and innovative) first prize. Have been two United States patents. In the relevant fields of international academic conferences, journals and magazines published more than 20 academic papers, including Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge Discovery and Data Engineering, ACM Transactions on Information Systems, AAAI, IJCAI, ACM SIGKDD, UAI, ICDM, and so on. And is a reviewer for multiple journals, Conference (Program Committee), including the IEEETransactionsonKnowledgeDiscoveryandDataEngineering,IEEE/ACM...... AAAI,IJCAI,ICDM,WSDM,CIKM,ECML,ACML,BMWT,AAIM,PRICAI,WI,WINE, and so on.

From world champions to data scientists he could be tempered? | Hard to create open class

If you also want to close nearly xueba elite users we do Exchange, also wants to become our Chief Scientist shared industry guests, please send an e-mail to

▎ Circle after you graduate, first went to the Hong Kong University of science and technology, what are your core research?

Here we would like to thank my doctoral supervisor Professor Li and Professor Yao zhengan, although they are not the areas of data mining and machine learning, but they are my PhD research directions of latitude and practical guidance are make me very grateful. My doctoral research is based on kernel (Kernel) study of machine learning algorithms. After the Hong Kong University, under the guidance of teacher Yang Qiang, I based on case-based reasoning method using nuclear (Case-based reasoning).

Meanwhile, we are also in a search engine query classification and in partnership with NEC companies, we studied the sequence of semi-supervised learning algorithm and its application to wireless indoor location. Among them, the query categorization problem comes from Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and Microsoft search engine needs of large companies, the goal is to enhance the precision of advertising and quality sorting of search results. HKUST in Hong Kong experience, I would like to thank Professor Yang Qiang's guidance and help to me, at that time, exercise and improve my data mining, machine learning research skills, such as: sorting direction, discovery, research, thesis writing.

Back to HP Labs. What got tickets?

Lucky HKUST in Hong Kong to attend the 2005 ACM KDDCup matches and won all three first. Indeed I have had a great impact on the direction and results of the research, and I got the chance to HP Labs.

What is your core research at HP Labs?

I to HP laboratory participation of project is a called Chameleon project, actually is personalized recommended algorithm of research project, at also is PC times, global market in the 5 Taiwan PC on has a Taiwan is HP production of, in United States, this share more is 1/4, as long as in user license of situation Xia, on with today of mobile Internet similar, HP is can collection to user in PC Shang of various behavior data, then for user provides personalized recommended service, to better of upgrade user experience, in at, Recommender System algorithms use data is user rating data, that is, the user after a product or service is consumed, hit rating, recommendation system can work effectively. When I joined the Chameleon project process, we found that most users were the lack of scoring this process, it is also very reasonable, a lot of people after consumption or experience may not to rate, so I ask how in the case of no user ratings, can still be featured, then I propose the One-Class Collaborative Filtering (OCCF) algorithm Published on ICDM'08, then in order to solve the problem of efficiency, I have proposed a new OCCF acceleration algorithm, was accepted by KDD'09.

Experience working at HP Labs further strengthens my enter the relatively new field of study ability and confidence, including: problem-solving, math, algorithms, analysis, engineering capabilities.

Why did came back from HP and select go to school?

One is my own personality, reason: independence or autonomy in doing research, did not like dealing with complex relationships. Another is the cause of family and workplace, there is loose, free of Sun Yat-sen University academic atmosphere, good research conditions and environment, students are also very good.

Great experience for iPIN, Chief Scientist at work in what help?

After returning to the Sun Yat-sen University, according to HKUST in Hong Kong in the past and HP Labs experience, my laboratory studies research interests in collaborative filtering, message inspection, natural language processing, and so on. Over the years, making my research further accumulation of experience, and I also accumulated in the selection and cultivation of students ' experiences. Remember when I entered graduate school, my mentor Professor Yao zhengan told us that the phrase, "there are no bad students, only bad teachers".

At I think Yao teacher how so dare said, but does he on I of help very of big, while we of Dr students of research direction does also not too as, Yao teacher words I has been remember, to I himself Dang teacher of when also with he of this sentence words to requirements himself, just, I is do personalized algorithm research of, so, I hope as do aptitude, this exercise I of talent training aspects of capacity.

Sun Yat-sen University, I major databases, data mining, information retrieval courses, according to our own research, every year I hope to add some new courses, to let students learn advanced knowledge, and also helps me sort out their own research.

▎ Yan Watertown this academic Daniel said his transfer from academia to industry, and I can't help but feel disturbed, you 2014 into the industrial sector, becoming a startup CDO, determined comes from where?

Actually I have the same font, but as a result of my own earlier experience, like answers to practical questions, or to solve the actual problem-oriented. In addition, in the current context, University met the real problem is that industry has real data and real application problems.

You feel capable and competent industry and Chief Scientist for the first time this Title was when? Since every landmark event?

To be honest, I don't think I'm up to this title, and perhaps this issue should be made by my partner or the future, thank you!

In academia and industry, in particular where different? Where the same?

My current directions in data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, rely heavily on large amounts of data. In terms of issues, more practical and more direct from industry; academics are more focused on basic research.

In terms of problem-solving: more focus on solutions in the industrial sector of cost and to strike a good balance between the effect. Academics in the algorithm for more innovation.

Chief Scientist, young scientists from the academic to the startup, growing difficulties encountered in the process or not? Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Is not necessarily the growth process, may be how to adapt to the changing role of.

First of all, is to have a good partner, must be made more consistent in character, values and roles should be complementary. In addition, in the University, mainly training, transportation to the community. IPIN, team is the core task, you must catch two aspects of personnel selection and personnel training. Meanwhile, also talked about above, enterprises are very cost-conscious (including: money, people, time), your task is not simply to paper, is more important to consider whether your solution can be landed, ground problems.

A real company, requirements for a Chief Scientist is like?

I am currently not up to, I think is the individual academic level should have enough depth and breadth. While continuous learning, can understand the practical problems. And can be transformed into a machine learning problem, proposed screening programme to solve the problem, even in academia, industry trends, and gain insight into the future direction of research, technology development, has their own judgment, advanced layout.

As researchers in the direction of the large data, select the landing direction how to start? 

First of all, I would like to briefly introduce the iPIN several products:

Perfect choice, HaoHR and compass. The perfect choice is a tailored for the college entrance examination students volunteer programme, about the job prospects of college entrance examination in advance of the reporting application. By analyzing the past 40 million college students using the database exclusive and innovative algorithms, helping candidates more scientific and more efficiently select the right college and professional.

HaoHR is a smart match more suitable resumes, free HR resume screening products. Using semantic analysis interpretation demands intelligent portrait of talent, help HR in a short time to find more people and the job description in experience. Simplify HR resume search and selection process, ask HR to spend time on more worthwhile work.

Compass is a user experience matching the product opportunities and career planning. Through a deep explanation of artificial intelligence and semantic analysis technology job seeker experience, comprehensive, accurate, quick to help job seekers to find more and better job opportunities. Large data analysis using hundreds of millions of people's occupational history and market trends, time and peace of mind to help job seekers make career decisions judge

Above are the three products, in fact, that several products in the product form is not the same, but the kernel is talent in the workplace data analysis and mining, in 2013, we determined the use of human data, build economic Atlas of China. And in early 2014 after this step, we continue to research and development related products, such as the above example.

Please use a concrete example for example, extent to which data mining do, can really deliver value? ----How these data collection, aggregation, and architecture, machine learning, natural language processing, complex data analysis, forecasting models, the proliferation of computing, visualization, data applications and other steps to become end users find valuable data.

I specifically said the perfect volunteer, 2015 it is most widely used college entrance examination of the reporting tool, tailored to energy volunteering programmes, know in advance over more than 100,000 over more than 2,500 University departments with employment information, artifact known as the college entrance examination by many users. Perfect volunteer by artificial intelligence company iPIN of scientists team tries their best to build, used volunteer filled gold law, take "admitted probability forecast-personal preference filter-character career match-employment prospects analysis-volunteer strategy select" five a steps, this five a aspects is we according to user research situation for analysis Hou get of user real of needs, achieved these, perfect volunteer this products to help entrance students and parents more science more reasonable to select volunteer, real do for dream navigation.

Is a set of universal methodology there are some exclusive experiences?

First of all, familiarize themselves or had a similar experience, to have the relevant data, there is a market, competition is moderate (education and market competition in the market-price), to learn how to ride, because in the real causal factors in the process of starting, to be flexible.

Student questions: think of an algorithm. I often see papers will find something very clever algorithms, other scenarios other than algorithm, would like to know how one is born?

In fact, this may be a long process, we often said to stand on the shoulders of Giants one small step. First of all, we want to climb the shoulders of giants, climbed up, it makes sense to take one small step. So we need to know about a (or) and the work done in the field, in the area of what are major and influential researchers. What are the top conferences, journals, and the Internet now so advanced, these should not be too difficult. Head past a large number of books and documents that we need to read, absorb and digest.

The process involved in the chosen direction, found the research points (or problem), which can be read a lot of papers in a training capacity in this area, you will not only learn the virtues of literature section, while their habits questioned, what assumptions do not fit in the paper and which algorithm has room for improvement

In addition, this process should also be combined with practical application of your specific research problems, problems (equivalent to climb the shoulders of giants, was ready to take one small step). We commonly think of solution algorithms and verify the validity of this process is relatively easy, of course, involves a lot of details here, it does not expand, are interested in, you can refer to Eamonn Keogh of 2012 in KDD tutorial on how to do data mining research.

Student questions: data mining is not a clearly defined subject, if we chose this approach, and what lessons should be compulsory? Elective courses?

Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Compulsory: (pre-courses in program design, data structures and algorithms, architecture, computer networks, and so on) probability and statistics, databases, machine learning and pattern recognition.

Optional: GPU/parallel computing, data warehousing, data visualization, deep learning, business intelligence (BI), swarm intelligence (CI), some courses for different application areas, such as information retrieval, NLP, speech, and image.

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European Union requires Apple s collection of 14 5 billion Ireland Government

European Union requires Apple's collection of $ 14.5 billion, Ireland Government and Apple will appeal

EU official ruled Tuesday, asked Apple to Ireland to pay 13 billion euros (about 14.5 billion US dollars) in tax arrears, the recovery event in Brussels was authorized to supervise companies in Europe, the largest since a monetary payment.

It is reported that Ireland Government in order to stimulate the development of local economy, lowering the corporate income tax 12.5%, you can give a specific States and specific lower income tax rates even in the area of tax concession, made in Ireland set, subsidiaries of multinational companies the actual tax is much lower than the United States and other European countries.

The EU competition Commissioner said:

Ireland promised tax cuts to Apple, Apple's effective corporate tax rate reduced from 1% in 2003 to 0.005% in 2014.

Apples in Ireland has established two subsidiaries: Apple international sales companies (Apple Sales International,ASI) and the European operating company (Apple Operations Europe,AOE). Apple international sales company is responsible for in European, and Asia-Pacific, and African, area of sales, according to Ireland of special tax arrangements displayed, its allows Apple will Apple international sales company of most profit divided to a a "headquarters", and this "headquarters" and no established in Ireland and other any national, according to Ireland legal, this "headquarters" was depending on for "no nationality company", so without to Ireland tax. Finally, Apple only for a small part of Apple's international marketing company profits to Ireland tax. Data and statistics 2011 Apple international sales company for € 16 billion profit, and Ireland subsidiaries is assigned to profit less than 50 million euros, divided all remaining parts to have tax exempt status "headquarters".

EU officials said that Ireland's tax policy to provide Apple with a huge financial advantage, constituted illegal state aid.

In this regard, Ireland's Finance Minister Noonan (Michael Noonan) against the decision of the EU Commission, he said, Ireland will appeal against the this decision in order to maintain the integrity of the tax system in the country. United States Treasury said asked Apple to pay taxes to the EU was disappointed by the ruling. Meanwhile, Tim Cook, Apple posted an open letter to all read as follows:

 Cook's open letter Moschino iPad Air Case

European Union requires Apple's collection of $ 14.5 billion, Ireland Government and Apple will appeal

36 years ago, long before the advent of iPhone, iPod and even Mac, Apple, Steve jobs, the establishment of companies operating in Europe for the first time. When the company knew, in order to provide services to European customers, need to be there with a base. So, in October 1980, apples in Ireland opened a factory in Hancock County, with 60 employees.

At that time, Hancock County is suffering from the double whammy of high unemployment and low economic investment. But leaders here have a wealth of human resources, they believe, if lucky enough to succeed, you can achieve growth.

Since then, since we operate in Hancock County, although our own business experienced a period of uncertainty. Today, we in Ireland of workers employed by a total of nearly 6000 people, the vast majority remained in Hancock County, including some of the earliest employees in their company goes global, played a variety of roles. Numerous multinational companies follow in Apple's footsteps, to invest in Hancock County, where local economies are stronger than ever.

Promoting the success of Apple in Hancock County to achieve growth driven by innovative products, they won a customer favorite. In Europe, these products help to create and maintain more than 1.5 million job opportunities, they not only from Apple, but also from the thousands of creative flourish in the Apple app store App developers, manufacturers and other suppliers. Many small and medium enterprises rely on Apple, can provide them with support, we are proud of it.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we also own all over Europe and every community is very proud of the contribution made to the local economy. With the development of our years, we are one of Ireland's biggest taxpayers, the United States's largest taxpayer, the world's largest taxpayer.

For many years, as well as all companies doing business here, we received from Ireland tax guide, teaches us how to properly comply with Ireland tax law. In Ireland we have operated in each country, apples are in accordance with the law, pay all taxes owed.

European Commission take Ireland's tax laws, facts in the international tax system processes, trying to rewrite history of Apple in Europe. Published on August 30, the organization said Ireland permit Apple tax "specialization". This statement lacks factual or legal basis. We have never asked for nor received any special deals. Now, we find ourselves in an awkward position, be requested from the tax paid, and then to Ireland the Government be paid taxes, although we do not owe them anything.

The Commission's move was unprecedented, with serious and wide-ranging effects. It effectively prove to people, the European Commission can replace Ireland tax laws, opinionated, and do whatever they want. Member States of the European Union, which will bring about its sovereignty in tax matters, and of the principle of legal certainty in Europe, dealt a devastating blow. Ireland has said it plans to appeal against the Commission's ruling, Apple will do. We believe that the Commission will withdraw its plan.

Says the root causes, the Commission's decision had nothing to do with Apple paying taxes, but in which the money received by the Government. Moschino iPad Air Case

Taxes on multinationals is complex, but all over the world have recognized a basic principle: the profits of a company shall, in accordance with the company in the business value created by the State to collect. Apple, Ireland and the United States all agree on this principle.

Apple's case, almost all of our research and development is done in California, so most of our profits are in the United States taxation. European companies in the United States business tax is based on the same principles. However, the European Commission now goes back to the past, to change the rules.

In addition to Apple as a clear target, this award will be for the European investment and the creation of employment opportunities have a most profound and harmful impact. In accordance with the Commission's theory, in Ireland and Europe each company suddenly faced risks of being identified as the object of taxation law that does not exist.

For a long time, Apple has consistently supported the reform of international tax simple and clear goals. We believe that these changes should be determined through appropriate legislation, proposals should be between leaders and citizens in the affected countries were discussed. Moreover, any new law should look forward, not grievances.

Our Ireland made promises, we plan to continue to invest there, we will be with our passion and dedication to achieve growth, customer service. We firmly believe that the facts and the European establishment of legal principles is eventually will prevail.

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Apple facing Europe's biggest tax fine, up to a maximum of $ 19 billion

EU or Broadsword "cut" Apple, Apple is liable to the maximum annual income 1/10

Moschino iPad Air Case

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LG G5 prototype revealed replica G3 auxiliary screen no

LG G5 will be published on February 21, but these days there has been intensive prototype leaks, following yesterday's machine leaking G5 also met the largest group of pigs mate--protective case manufacturer, leaked prototype was wrapped in peculiar aesthetic anomalies of shatter-resistant protective shells, but the G5 finally front and many details have been confirmed.

Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 case

LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no

First is the positive return of two generations ago, LG G3 model, even with a thin border narrow forehead, Chin is still pulling down the screen ratio. Before blowing around, everybody's interest in the auxiliary screen has not likely reserve position is too small, can only display up to a clock.

LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no

Dual camera module seemed obvious bumps on the back, the main camera on the right side, another camera body is small, estimated supplementary use, may not be the real meaning of fellow "double-reactive." Characteristic curve on the back has all but disappeared, side speakers and the Type-C interface has also been confirmed that suspected IR emitter appears at the top.

LG G5 existing configuration information is: 5.6 inches long 820+3GB memory +32GB store, 2K screen + mycophenolate mofetil. These third-party cases accessories went on sale will be held on February 28 in the Amazon, it looks like news release did not run near the G5 on February 21.

More aesthetic reward of God:

LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no

Tips Cath Kidston galaxy note 4 case

LG G5 prototype revealed: replica G3, auxiliary screen no

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HKUST flew special week Hard to create open class

Artificial intelligence consists of intelligent computational intelligence, perception, cognitive intelligence. Calculation intelligent, that machine "can save will is" of capacity; perception intelligent, that machine has "can hearing said, and can see will recognize" of capacity, main involved voice synthesis, and voice recognition, and image recognition, and more languages voice processing, technology; cognitive intelligent, that machine has "can understanding will thinking" of capacity, main involved education evaluation, and knowledge service, and intelligent customer service, and machine translation, technology. Moschino iPad 4 case Moschino iPad Case

University of flying as a professional engaged in intelligent speech and language technology and artificial intelligence technology, software and product development, voice information services business, in the artificial intelligence and intelligent voice of the music recording industry leadership.

We have sought to HKUST fly AIUI project leader Zhao Yanjun and to HKUST flew senior engineer Li Hongliang, through the holding of large flying special week from endpoint detection and noise reduction, audio compression, and AIUI solutions technology and product dimension, shows us the advanced technical solutions in the industry.

Welcome to prepare questions and participate in the discussions, specific details and to apply, please look forward to our event flyer or our public ycopen! 

HKUST flew special week | Hard to create open class

(If everyone is interested in HKUST fly products and technologies, please scan QR code, University flight services below to view)

Moschino iPad 4 case

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Hai Tao listed Google new five Port au Prince Nexus 5 349

# Hai Tao listed # Google ## new five-Port-au-Prince Nexus 5 9

Highly anticipated Google Nexus 5 five Prince finally debut, went on sale and was second in no way forward. Nexus 5 comes with 4.95 inches 1080P screen, 2.3GHz mycophenolate mofetil 800 processor, 2G RAM and 2300mAh batteries. More important Nexus 5 with 8 million pixels of the OIS optical image stabilization. FENDI iPhone 6 plus

FENDI iPhone 6 plus

Nexus 5 continues the Nexus family of strong pricing and configuration, now in black and white at the same time the sale 16G version for $ 349. 32G version for $ 399, about 2115 and 2430 Yuan, respectively. Currently the cheapest configuration model is LG G2, parallel for 3000 Yuan. FENDI iPhone 6 plus

Buy addresses (to x)

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Li Wanqiang return millet 5 released after the Chinese new year

Li Wanqiang return: millet 5 released after the Chinese new year

A few days ago, as the CES 2016, was released on the music video in CES 2016 Hall carrying long 820, Xiao Le Max Pro, and millet seem to have been lost, Li Wanqiang on Twitter this morning broke, said millet 5 have mass production, ready to release after the Spring Festival. Moschino Galaxy case Moschino Galaxy Note 3 case

Know Yu Xiaolong 820 reasons, this should be released in September-October this year millet 5 does not appear at all in the view, Note that millet hat to have Xiao long 810 supports up to now, even now dare to Xiao long 820 on the first release, millet would try to accelerate the pace of millet 5 listed for sale. And according to currently we understand to of situation, Le depending on although in CES 2016 Shang released has carrying mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 of Le Max Pro, but it currently still is engineering machine, and distance retail version in appearance Shang still has different, and even millet 5 can in Festival Hou volume produced and released, but also may not be can became starting went on sale of mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 phone, because LG G5 also has in prepared among, to LG past of listed models open sale speed view, its General is in released Hou of 2-3 days open sale.

Li Wanqiang return: millet 5 released after the Chinese new year


Li Wanqiang return: millet 5 released after the Chinese new year

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Moschino Galaxy case

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Domestic stock United States Klipsch Image X10 less than half price

Domestic stock: United States Klipsch Image X10 less than half price

Image X10 has had ups and downs in the market for some time, 11 Black Friday for $ 99 price large circle into our headsets. Not fan the first time the player chooses which of several thousand Yuan phone headsets. Headphone whether it's style, a tone, or with parts of headphones is very suitable for beginning players, especially not familiar with headset accessories the player can learn from Image X10 gift accessories. FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case FOSSIL iPhone 5

FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

In the United States on Amazon, Image X10, costs 40 percent $ 138.88 about 846 million. Although domestic in Beijing East station is close to the low price, but not in stock.

Purchase link (if you are interested in the United States purchase this product on Amazon and if you need any other purchasing service, you can contact our Taobao customer service. )

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Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

On the Google Developer Conference Google I/O has published a number of blockbuster products, including mobile phones, tablet computers, Google Glass, even the Nexus Q the gadget. Held this summer at the Google I/O, Google Android Sundar Pichai, head of the Department has sent members of a Cardboard box. Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Cardboard can turn any smartphone into a "virtual reality head-mounted device". Users only need to fold this box and put the phone into the box, you can peep through this box to run 3D applications on your phone. Virtual reality, it's as simple as that.

Google for cheap Cardboard is serious

Google's Developer Conference held followed by Facebook at an astonishing $ 2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR after the takeover of the company. Oculus company is developing a projection in a very real way 3D images of the virtual reality headset, make you feel like you've stepped into a on the holodeck of Star Trek.

Cardboard is a joke Google, "Hey, Facebook, we also have a virtual reality headset, but we're not at a cost of $ 2 billion. "

Users can follow the instructions to make your own Cardboard, from four vendors, users also can buy Cardboard at prices from $ 15 to $ 35. In these devices, some devices equipped with fancy features, for example: $ 35, I Am Cardboard's of Eva, which comes with an NFC (near field communication) labels to start the application. In addition, unofficial Cardboard, was said to have sold 50,000 copies, but sales continue to grow.

Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Currently there are more than Cardboard can choose 24 landed Google Play Store, such as Tilt Brush gallery--a 3D works of art, and a variety of applications such as games, virtual reality tour.

Cardboard Google launch virtual reality head-mounted devices, Android has introduced a number of applications that fit, but I still have several matching Cardboard iPhone applications visit the Apple App Store.

Earlier this week, Google also Cardboard has released a software development kit to develop software, to encourage developers to write more applications.

Google even appointed Andrew Nartker Cardbard project as product manager, so there was a surge in popularity of his blog. Nartker says Cardbard is now distributed, downloaded or sold more than 500,000 copies. For the future, we are hiring for the project.

This is no longer just Google a joke, it is hard to realize this project. Cardboard will be your preferred technology for Christmas products? Victorias Secret iPhone 6

via businessinsider

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Smart mobile phone screen will be the next blue ocean of virtual reality

"Editor's note" the writer Signe Brewster, the original quote from GigaOm

Why every time I enter the world of virtual reality, zombies will appear? Never mind, I have a gun in hand, you can shoot them down. Then began approaching monsters hiding in the corner, and suddenly, a voice, what's going on?

A hollow voice reminds me that I'm very close to wall. If I continue to move forward, in reality may not be my gun shot through the wall. Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Givenchy iPhone case

The scenario described above is common in virtual reality, you forget you are in a really small room, you're not a hand-held large assault rifles, shot and killed people. But the most unusual is that, I didn't use the Oculus of the gorgeous high-definition screen, but on the Smartphone screen.

Of course, the phone's screen is transformed into virtual reality helmet technology has also recently raised in sudden rise on the website. Last week was the outgoing message, Samsung is already developing its own unique technology. Actually, the principle of smart phones and has a dedicated suite of the screen is the same: viewers will see two almost identical side by side picture, apart from minor changes from different locations.

Users only need to download a mobile application, in front of the phone plug in the headset to load application. Accelerometers and other sensors on your phone works with some small items, head tracking and interaction to achieve realistic goals.

But, in any case, I'm highly suspicious of these principles. There is no doubt that virtual reality requires highly specialized screens and electronic configuration, which is not a mobile phone can provide.

These questions in my last week Augmented disappeared after the World Expo. Prototype of Sulon and VRelia I have tried, which is based on the phone's screen as their virtual reality screen. I sat back with VRelia GO helmet roller coaster, also visited a luxurious House. Sulon Cortex is able to virtual reality technology combined with augmented reality technology, gives a completely different experience.

They completely took me by surprise. Of course, the image does not use Oculus Rift seen as clear, but headphones play an important role: they made me feel like I have seen is real, evidence that you don't need a Super clear and vivid image, to make you fully immersed in a virtual world.

Undeniable is that will eventually develop into a virtual reality head-mounted device ecosystem. For those who want to spend $ 50 for people who will be able to experience the virtual reality technology, Smartphone screens may not be their one good choice!

After saying these, I recall previously seen on the YouTube video, titled United States MIT amazing invention of gifted students. Roughly speaking we do not need a specific screen, a piece of white paper, a desktop can be the cell phone screen, using virtual reality technology is extreme. Most of the comments are "lack of creativity our students too," and really hope to see more of this new creation.


Augmented reality Expo: AR a from being the outbreak "Oculus Rift" Givenchy iPhone case

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Low price JBL On Tour iBT 80 77

Low price: JBL On Tour iBT. 77

JBL On Tour iBT JBL is an upgraded version of a flying saucer. Appearance is generally still cool flying saucer, a small correction. JBL On Tour iBT optimized for the iPhone and iPad, supports USB charging and Facetime video features. Quadraphonic speakers, DSP equalizer, Odyssey technology inverter and A2DP Bluetooth and built-in microphone, is really a flying saucer in hand, got nothing. Lunatik iWatch Case

JBL On Tour iBT historical low price $ 80.77, lower than the historical price is less than $ 1, about 489, at 750 Yuan. Taobao shopping service in China in 1000, licensed in 1600, the price advantage is obvious.

Purchase address

Low price: JBL On Tour iBT. 77 Low price: JBL On Tour iBT. 77 New MacBook

1773 votes

New MacBook

The new MacBook is a very consistent with consumer expectations and the evolution of Apple products. Caught in the thin and light MacBook Air portable, and equipped with Retina display screen MacBook Pro among consumers, with more in line with the requirements and the ideal choice. The use of new technologies, new MacBook to further enhance integration and integration, improved keyboard, touchpad and screen, as well as the new USB-C interface, and has a great imagination and ability to play.

View details of the voting >> Lunatik iWatch frame

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Lunatik iWatch frame

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Gunnar Optiks SteelSeries Desmo radiation resistant glasses 39 99

We are faced with a variety of screen time and longer, to reduce visual fatigue, you may need a radiation-proof glasses. Gunnar Optiks glasses for SteelSeries SteelSeries Desmo anti-radiation released collaboration with GUNNAR Optiks, game-specific designed specifically for gamers, glasses half and frame design, provide gamers with broad vision, thus enabling its attention exclusively on the computer screen. Desmo borders smooth, mirror feet flexible, lightweight, adjustable nose pads, wear solid. Taking into account the players wearing comfort, and unique foot design, can interfere with the oppressed and not hidden in headphones.

Gunnar Optiks SteelSeries Desmo radiation resistant glasses. 99

Gunnar Optiks SteelSeries Desmo radiation resistant glasses in the Amazon price is generally between $ 70-99, currently a discounted website Woot! Glasses is set up for the promotion, the price is only $ 39.99. However, it is important to note, in Woot! All shopping is required plus $ 5 shipping, so the glasses of the actual price is $ 44.99.

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Millet 4I

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Millet 4I

Variants as a downgrading for the midrange model, millet 4 hardware configuration I was still a very cost-effective mobile phones. Red rice at similar price points and charming blue although the price is a little lower, but configuration does not meet the standards millet 4 I, profile millet 4 I close to the people, at a slightly higher price in Exchange for better performance and appearance, so why not? Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Dad just buy you blood pressure monitors the uncertainty

Father's day is here, just wages, of course, want to buy some gifts for Dad under as filial piety.

"Three highs" (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar) is old and has become the most common chronic diseases in the world, from 2000 to 2015, deaths accounted for 41% deaths in hypertensive patients. MUMU sphygmomanometer for Lei Feng NET (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) provided a copy of the data: at present in their user, one out of 10 people 2.3 people suffering from high blood pressure. Although men and women users is almost flat, but male patients with essential hypertension is far higher than female patients.

Dad, just buy you blood pressure monitors the uncertainty?

Home blood glucose meter on the market taking into account the most invasive, for his father to buy a home blood pressure monitor became the choice of many young people. And now the smart blood pressure monitor main intelligent point is measured on synchronization and subsequent processing of the data. After each test all acquired data can be found in multiple devices and multiple platforms simultaneously.

Just search on search engines, however, is not difficult to find this kind of question:

Electronic blood pressure monitor accuracy?

What is the difference for mercury sphygmomanometers and electronic Sphygmomanometers?

Want to give MOM and dad to buy a blood pressure monitor, what brand is good?

Electronic sphygmomanometer is accurate than mercury blood pressure monitors?

Everybody, like small, most want to see is the following scenario: YSL Galaxy S5 Case

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

"Son, I used a few days, feeling how this blood pressure monitor uncertainty? And hospitals to measure the results of same. "


If you cannot figure out the father's question, my father will tell you, don't buy this gadget.

Spirit of Lei feng's spirit of serving, so we send blood to father no worries, a small series of attempts to answer them at those blood pressure monitor questions.

"Quasi" standard

Simply put, our usual understanding of blood pressure monitor is a noninvasive, invasive blood pressure monitor, there are, but is generally used in the ICU at the hospital, in that we're talking about is non-invasive blood pressure monitors, in accordance with principle into auscultation and oscillometric method two.

Common forms of the former mercury sphygmomanometer, through doctors listen to the pressure in the cuff is in the process of reducing blood pressure value corresponding to the sound interpretation of the blood. This blood pressure monitor is the most traditional and minimum blood pressure monitor, can still see use in hospitals are generally fans of professional, and not single operation. So as an adult fashion, we generally don't choose to buy this for my father.

Incarnation of the latter is very popular in recent years, "smart" sphygmomanometer is generally called electronic blood pressure monitors, through algorithms to analyze blood flow caused by pressure fluctuations.

Current blood pressure monitor clinical gold standard for auscultation method, evaluation of digital blood pressure monitor is actually by auscultation and comparing it to achieve. In other words, oscillometric algorithm and parameters, but also in the auscultatory method set on the basis of.

Why Auscultation is more accurate?

First, the mercury a sense of pressure, direct and objective, as long as the device does not appear the quality problem, then there is no such thing on the measurement error, secondly, oscillometric method is based on changes in the amplitude of oscillation, by an algorithm to infer the value of blood pressure, because different manufacturers differ in the algorithm, and thus may have subtle differences.

At present many of the digital blood pressure monitor comes with the screen, and can synchronize data on your mobile phone, such as the iHealth blood pressure monitor, but some blood is displayed directly on the mobile phone shows few like MUMU sphygmomanometer.

Mi Jia first iHealth blood pressure monitor is the choice of using a mobile phone direct replacement screen approach. According iHealth Marketing Manager Wang Junshan, was pure Internet do not screen blood pressure monitor, is to know whether people use to pay, but then the second generation still choose to do one blood pressure monitor screen, on the grounds that found that blood pressure monitor or parents, the majority of the audience.

This is evident from the data provided by MUMU was confirmed in: user user reached 42.5% over 50 years of age (Figure 1), while over 45 years purchased a crowd the only 20% of the (unknown not to do the calculation).

Dad, just buy you blood pressure monitors the uncertainty?

Figure 1: age distribution of users

Dad, just buy you blood pressure monitors the uncertainty?

Figure 2: buying distribution

In the survey, 30% the user wants to add a screen display, without mobile phones be used independently to facilitate them; and 22% users who want the hardware voice prompt function, convenient for the elderly. However, regardless of how the population distribution, 80% value to the users of precision measurement and monitoring, even more than the simple operation (60%).

So, as the gold standard of the auscultatory method due to various operational constraints cannot enter the home environment; so how do digital blood pressure monitor to judge its accuracy?

2005 edition of the Guide to prevention and treatment of hypertension in China in 3.4.1 clinic blood pressure provides that:

Choose the standard mercury sphygmomanometer or with the international standards for inspection of electronic blood pressure monitors measurement.

International standards are: United States medical device inspection issued by the Association of AAMI standards and the accuracy of the assessment programme and United Kingdom society of hypertension BHS new programmes launched in 1990. Simply put, if by AAMI or BHS certification of electronic blood pressure monitors, can generally be considered to be highly accurate blood pressure monitor, you can buy with confidence to the elderly.

With the iHealth blood pressure monitor two cases, domestic standard including GB instructions listed on 9706.1-2007 (part one of the medical electrical equipment: General requirements for safety), YY 0670-2008 (automatic measurement of noninvasive blood pressure monitors); JJG692-2010 (verification regulation of noninvasive automatic blood pressure monitor); YY 0505-2012 (electromagnetic compatibility-requirements and tests).

Hardware solves the problem, but the real problem is still to come.

Bias exists

In fact some of the older people will find themselves in hospital referral or in community hospitals doing auscultation blood pressure checks when and at home using oscillometric method for measuring blood pressure values have a deviation, is this why?

This involves three aspects of the problem.

First is the effect of white doctors, in the face of the doctor's time, measured stress cause blood pressure to rise. Old man's blood pressure fluctuations are relatively more affected by the mood, and this may have led to "uncertainty" appearance.

The second is, who has been in a State of fluctuation of blood pressure, even if two blood pressure measurements are the same time, there may also be different, let alone a location and equipment changes have taken place. Even old man brings home blood pressure monitors to hospitals to compare, this comparison will also be fuzzy because of the change in blood pressure.

There is an unavoidable issue, is the measurement of mode of operation. Even in the manual, the manufacturer will unavoidably marked notes, but because of improper operation and measurement are not allowed to exist.

So even the best electronic blood pressure monitor manufacturer, said only in the accuracy of the algorithm and the sensitivity of the sensor to work on, but if you want to swear, that exactly the same data and logging data in the hospital, in fact, is not practical.

After reading this article, when Daddy feel your blood pressure monitors are not allowed to, and concerned when you can use science to make him feel relieved.

Tips YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Dad, just buy you blood pressure monitors the uncertainty?

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

1811 votes

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Main light Office Sufi series third-generation products to market, is still a familiar shape, compared to the previous generation, reduce body thickness from 10.6mm to 9.1mm, whole body slim. Design, improved Type keyboard Cover, upgraded frame, larger screens, and refers to a traditional laptop. While the weight is only 800g, over the previous weight has been greatly improved, and Microsoft has been emphasizing lighter than MBA. Well if you want to buy, we must first consider whether to accept a resolution of 2160x1440 pixels, for 3:2 12-inch screen.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IOS for owners of cars 10 to add useful features but Samsung has achieved

IOS for owners of cars 10 to add useful features, but Samsung has achieved

On June 15, Apple is old, does not iOS10 all the updates in the update instructions, many features are developers or early adopters users out. Car owners found that the brush iOS10 the iPhone automatically to remember on the map of parking locations and appear in the Apple.

Developers use iPhone Bluetooth connection with car Central, after coming to a stop, he was surprised to find iPhone for him to push a site record, the record is marked on the map of Apple. Developers have speculated that this feature is implemented via Bluetooth, Apple should be judged car Bluetooth disconnect is likely to be users of parking places, of course, is also possible via the car CarPlay system.

Although this feature is nice, but Samsung has achieved as early as on last year's Note5, Samsung is judged based on Bluetooth car connection. FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

Source: iThome FENDI plus case

Balios equestrian sensor

2 votes

Balios equestrian sensor

Equestrian sensor

FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

App Store Shi Xinzheng Apple let iOS developer

App Store Shi Xinzheng: Apple

Annual developers ' Conference (WWDC 2016) Eve, Apple's Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of marketing, held a rare press conference, a number of United States mainstream tech press introduces the App Store with a new deal: Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone

For all app category (including games), launched the new "magazine subscription" fee model, only open video, news and other categories before this time to subscribe to the service.

Percentage of first-year subscription mode to 70/30, starting from the second year went to 85/15, developer get 15%.

Start App Store for developers to provide search advertising business.

Accelerate the pace of App Store review, 50% in 24 hours to complete the examination of the application, 90% in 48 hours to complete the examination of the application. Last time on "weeks" to work.

But for developers has always been concerned about the free trial and pay to upgrade service, Phil Schiller said they had no comment.

Subscribe to the paid model will be launched this autumn. However, on June 13 this year, app subscription model has been used for more than one year, starting from the second year will adopt a new percentage.

App Store was launched in July 2008, eight years from now. At present, it faces an increasingly silent problem: more and more developers, particularly independent software authors, found in the App Store of eco-living under increasing pressure, in short to make money. Now, whether Apple's new deal stimulus to developers, it is worth attention. Detailed information, would have to wait until June 13 local time start of WWDC 2016.

Question from:

"Promotional" bird cloud cloud computing market changes across all product lines 0 Yuan/half a year free

Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

1548 votes

Xinjiang Matrice 100 open flying platforms

DJI Matrice 100 open flying platform is designed to provide innovative application developers in the field of UAV development platform, it is not for ordinary consumers. Matrice is equipped with several communication interfaces, power supplies, and extension, users can install various types of equipment on the platform and to obtain flight data and control mechanisms, loading 1kg 20 minutes flying time, carry extra batteries can be increased to 40 minutes.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

In the first, because the Atom weak performance, Windows Tablet, and not too many highlights, or show no productivity or entertainment have been diverted. Launch Bay Trail in Intel Atom processor architecture, as well as Windows 8 Microsoft Sync for flat-panel design under the double stimulation, Windows Tablet into a new outbreak. At this time, Windows Tablet is a real productivity tool as well as a complete product, can let a lot of people really concerned as well as to buy. Today said Dell Venue 11 Pro for more than two weeks of experience, look at the Windows Tablet is not really meet the needs.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Windows Tablet can be as simple as a laptop screen parts, both in terms of functionality as well as some design, which is really the same. In terms of design, relatively traditional Dell Venue 11 Pro, it can be said is a screen designed to work independently. A generous border design, as the Tablet is holding should be things, this laptop pursuit of hyper-thin border is not the same as the design direction.

Forehead section also has a front facing camera for easy video. Also hides a light sensor, you can change screen brightness according to the environment, this feature is quite useful. Winodws keys are standard at the bottom.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Dell Venue 11 Pro with a 10.8-inch 1080P screen, IPS support, the viewing angle is quite good. Compare laptops, flat screen high requirements in terms of viewing angles, after all, you can't ask for formal sitting tablet users. And Tablet share use, are shared usage, screen quality and whether the effect is easy to use.

Only ridicule is that Dell Venue 11 Pro screen mirror effect is obvious. For indoor use but there is not much problem, used outdoors or under direct sunlight, strong experience on the reflection effect. So this time I'd suggest that you put a piece of matte films, which can slow the mirror effect, can also provide a better touch experience.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

In the IO interfaces, as a Tablet cannot ask too much, after all, relatively small spaces as well as determines its design direction so as to provide some. Dell Venue 11 Pro provides a USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, a TF card interface as well as an anti-theft deduction. Of course, you might see a Mirco USB interface, but use it only for power input. Only USB interface only one or more isn't enough, only through the HUB, expanded.

Dell Venue 11 Pro productivity experience

Seemed to Surface as is the standard Windows Tablet, Windows tablets are often provided to expand the interface and provide the appropriate physical keyboard protector, and expand the base. From the design concept for, such a design is, of course, in order to better bring out plate full strength as well as provides the same Windows experience, it is a good thing. , On the other hand, such a design is on users who haven't liked the touch control, of course, a Windows touch has not comprehensively lift interest.

Dell Venue 11 Pro skin material for the class on the back design, provide good grip touch, while also somewhat troubling on clean, OCD or not look at the back is better. Dell Venue 11 Pro back is quite interesting, supposed to be rare in Windows Tablet, which uses Removable back cover design and removable battery. Such a design is, of course, for a long time user of outdoor use, or is a business of design, provided a long time.

After removing the back cover, can see more clearly the NFC, TF card slot.

After the above introduction, you can feel the typical Dell Venue 11 Pro is a Windows Tablet, although there is no surprise surprise design, there is no black tech blessings, but serious design is Dell's design style. And removable battery, extension interfaces can clearly see Dell Venue 11 Pro is primarily more traditional thinking design of the laptop, and more biased and light business types.

Dell Venue 11 Pro as a Windows Tablet, which uses the latest Microsoft Windows 8.1 system, the touch system designs in order to plate was born, is very familiar. Of course this WIndow 8.1 system many people have different opinions, so it's back to no less than any conclusions.

Dell Venue 11 Pro depending on your hardware configuration to distinguish between versions, SSD capacity, memory size and CPU will be different. One of the key is its use of Intel X86, which can provide a complete Windows environment. Dell Venue 11 Pro CPU can be selected from the Atom Z3775D to i5 4300Y, which at the lowest price the Atom version. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Atom was said at the beginning, in fact, the first Atom is designed for netbooks and Windows Tablet, mainly in order to provide adequate performance at the same time, lower power consumption and heat to accommodate the relatively small interior space, as well as battery capacity. But the initial Atom on the performance of the more general and not too much on the power of the highlights, making Windows Tablet performance and battery life are caught in a hurry is, of course, is out. Through the efforts of Intel, after process updates and performance development, Atom now has enough day-to-day operations as well as entertainment, so Windows Tablet was finally able to have the possibility of reduction in price lifting experience.

Dell Venue 11 Pro as a Windows Tablet, the biggest benefit is the ability to install sophisticated video software on the Windows platform for media entertainment. The evaluation experience of Dell Venue 11 Pro using Atom Z3770 processor, the maximum frequency reached 2.4GHz, and other key parameters are 2G and 64G SSD memory.

By virtue of the Bay Trail balance of the structure of the Atom in terms of performance and power consumption, as well as the Dell Venue 11 Pro outstanding screen performance, its performance in the entertainment is excellent. No matter how page is online video operations, is still on the local high bit-rate HD video playback, Dell Venue 11 Pro with ease. If often use PS, LR, even big games such as Dota fans, I think it's a choice with a i5 processor, or not to play with the idea. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Although Windows 8.1 design philosophy is to let people change the mouse and the traditional mode of operation, but personally I think this is now changing, as well as design concept, is what people can't forget the keyboard input to this efficient tool. More than two weeks of use, I am often writing works with Dell Venue 11 Pro out, compared to the traditional laptop kg weight, Dell Venue 11 Pro 800g not only to the weight, let me lighten. While Dell Venue 11 Pro Atom support, while maintaining adequate performance at the same time, also provided is enough for me to use the power, on the other hand is a charger this thing to lose.

In more than two weeks of use is via Bluetooth using the external keyboard, Dell Venue 11 Pro, after all, only 1 USB interface, or try to save is better. Dell Venue 11 Pro 1080P screen, and supports touch, although the experience is not too bad, but a nice touch is the ability to replace the mouse.

Overall design, the Dell Venue 11 Pro is a more targeted business users, or using more groups on productivity. Whether it is a removable battery is also a wealth of configuration options, Dell Venue 11 Pro can meet daily use control and performance requirements.

Certainly Windows tablets before now is not as limited in terms of performance, with the new Atom, Intel's upcoming Core m, better performance and lower power consumption, and no doubt there will be more space to use. And Dell Venue 11 Pro extension interface is also provided the experience of traditional laptop computer support, it also showed manufacturers ' concerns. Only in hardware design and manufacturers have reached sufficient altitude, became most obvious weakness of the Windows System.

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