Friday, December 18, 2015

Sioeye releases industry s first movement with a live camera

  Sioeye company announces the industry's first movement with a live camera-Iris4G. It uses the Android operating system, through the 4G LTE network to broadcast live video. GOPRO Hero Iris4G looks like an all-black version 4, dimensions are slightly larger. It has a 150-degree wide angle, but there is no accessory ecosystem. There are signs, GOPRO for multiple reasons and its competitors, have been avoiding live.

Sioeye releases industry's first movement with a live camera

  One reason is that the image quality. Sioeye live video released today by Iris4G 480p resolution to ensure the video stream without interruption, to trade picture quality for reliability. Of course, Iris4G the built-in microSD card slot, supporting local record 4K,2K or 1080p video, also supports the local picture video recording of the 1080p and 480p streams in real time. GOPRO and its competition based on quality concerns, until most of the user's wireless carrier live 720p video no problem, would he consider moving the camera integrates live.

  Another reason is that bandwidth. Even if you could guarantee the high quality of the video stream, but the camera locations you use most often, such as a mountain or in the forest, uneven quality of data signals. In order to solve this problem, Sioeye already in the Seattle, Washington AT&T and t-mobile 4G network optimization them hand in hand.

  Currently under the 480p resolution, Iris4G 1GB per hour, the battery can last up to about an hour of continuous broadcast time. Iris4G built-in gyroscope, barometer, GPS, you can display video stream speed, height and acceleration. Lunatik iWatch frame

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