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Finally mainland manufacturers still to play mobile phone industry is broken

Finally, mainland manufacturers still to play mobile phone industry is broken

On May 6, an ordinary is no longer ordinary days, there are three companies held a news conference, namely millet millet Note Hat release, with cool 360 launch Smartphone brand odd cool, and ZTE publishing flagship masters Nubia Z9. Among them, the millet Note Hat Edition long available, odd is stuck on the brand, no new launch, on the final play was left to ZTE Z9.

Z9 has provided almost all the characteristics of a flagship machine, top hardware configuration, excellent industrial design and customization systems based on Android, and the differences in areas such as borders, photo competition. All in all, this is a great machine.

In fact, not only the Z9, including millet Note Hat Edition released today, as well as some time ago Huawei launched P8, are very good smart phone. We can see the mainland manufacturers constantly strive, strive to improve their products, from industrial design to interfaces, from local services to ecological building, as much as possible narrow the gap with the international giant, even local had to achieve transcendence.

Today's intelligent machines, get that into a golden age, increase in strength, they even began to enter the international market with Samsung Apple a relatively high, people rejoice. However, this prosperity under the condition of a huge crisis, and this crisis is gradually expanding, see will eat the accumulation of domestic manufacturers over the years.

Prime crisis

This crisis is, first of all from the saturation of the market. Especially for domestic manufacturers, China smartphone market saturation is fatal, Huawei, ZTE and other higher degree of internationalization of enterprises in Europe-wrestling with Samsung, and millet are also actively open up new markets, and those serving the domestic market, talking on the phone two or three streams of vendors in the name of the Internet is doomed to die. Smart phone from the blue to the Red Sea to the Black Sea, only took less than a decade, and is about to go to the dead sea, shuffling has come. For these limbo enterprises, or brave, from China to the world, be the next to Haier, Lenovo, or small is beautiful, runs his own truly in a fixed group, in addition to hard to play out new tricks. After all, we have feelings fans and other elements of hardware and software services one by one to play around, and then wanted to play tricks, but reach for the stars.

Now the increasingly serious problem of homogenization of domestic manufacturers, its magnitude is much higher than international companies, after all, still did not have the right to speak, had plenty of market share, but not control the core components, such as processors, cameras, screens, and so on, all need Samsung Qualcomm buys from Sony, and the fate of the struggling hardware assemblers in nature.

In addition to hardware and software bottlenecks on the unexpected arrival. Mobile phone manufacturers focus on ROM is a good thing, build their own ecosystem is completely correct behavior, from this point, this time the rise of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, its significance is far more than a feature cottage rely on hardware gross margin down to earn market share of false prosperity. Huawei could certainly take volume guaranteed rate of Pu, earned through their ecosystem objective follow-up of profit, but want to think Apple can dubayifang from both the hard and soft, domestic manufacturers are far behind. Late last year to early this year, Apple's second spring in China deserved Huawei millet were of great importance, it is not just a matter of market share, but around consumer and aesthetic upgrading experience requirements are also on the rise. The gap between Apple and other manufacturers is shrinking, but consumer love and acceptance of the Apple did not shrink, the question is worthy of reflection. Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

The other hand, has long been over-reliance on Android is one of the homogenization of smartphones now fuse. Rely on abundant Android applications and open source, is the prosperity of the domestic manufacturers, but also planted the foreshadowing of homogenization. To cite an example, camera white balance has always been one of Android's ills, even today, can be the perfect solution to this problem An Zhuoji are numbered, and domestic manufacturers due to the underlying system, depends on the lens module, SOC international manufacturers, and top suppliers contact ratio is very high, it can only be taught through late to make up for, and constraints.

Therefore, today the three launches, read a lot, but the lack of new ideas, we have seen efforts by domestic manufacturers, the product is the best example, but we also see them become more similar and helpless. Domestic manufacturers have reached the point where one has to change, who can change as soon as possible, who can break through the bottleneck, to stay.

Find your outlet

Outlet pigs on the expression disseminated by the millet, millet, city, wave of popularity of smartphones is his outlet. Many manufacturers see millet to fly and hope that they can help this kamikaze, soared.

But was it, comes and goes. When you feel the wind down, how to find another outlet, or find their own outlet, became a top priority.

Huawei ZTE not intentional in this divine wind, as an international communications giant, intelligent machines is not their core business, but their brand into the mainstream consumer market, a short cut, let the world know of their existence and persistence is enough, for them, cell phones are a back matter.

Millet, go is Amazon + muji way, through a unified brand + great design + intelligent + lower prices + online sales, create an exclusive e-commerce platform, using their strong in hardware and system, active layout in the smart home.

While other vendors, if you don't find your outlet, then they will be endless puerile, Max followed in Apple, endless struggle with the friends.

For the area of today's smartphones, even if there is some emerging-market bright, but the overall saturation is an irreversible, continue to dwell on this stretch of the Red Sea are not rational.

Imagine then, the advent of iPhone MP3, MP4 and medium to low dry electronic products such as digital cameras suffered cut the pain of this way of thinking still relevant in the present, exploring the benefits of consumers ' new needs to provide a better than existing equipment.

I can't help but think of Microsoft Hololens. Although the advent of this product has not yet been completed, but from a concept video and presentation effects, we can conclude that, once the Hololens to enter the mass market, televisions, computers, intelligent et electronic devices to the grave. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

But unfortunately, this opportunity and be difficult to domestic manufacturers, the lack of core technology, the weakness of investment in research and development, so that domestic manufacturers in many areas are superficial, TV, computer, Smartphone is also true. Even if they want to complete a world-changing things, but the absence of roots they struggled along the way.

Above, there is a saying that good, when mainland manufacturers rushing into an industry, that means that the industry not far from death. Today, this industry is the mobile phone industry. We pulled low has intelligent machine of price, provides has local of of service, created has China features of development mode, for intelligent machine in 1.3 billion country people of universal State Xia played, this is ZTE are of work of where; ignored patent, large influx, pulled low hair profit and not due competition, let intelligent machine market miasma rivers, this is ZTE are of had of where. Today, they had to pay the price for the original choice, make a change, the decision is in their hands, is is she, and watch them.

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