Sunday, December 13, 2015

Field survival tool Natural bamboo sticks and water bottles

Field survival tool! Natural bamboo sticks and water bottles: BU Water 20151203c301

The bottle may look boots slightly and some ordinary, but it has an unusual goal--a bottle of walk the world! Forget about the discarded packaging of bottled water, you don't want to waste on a daily basis and boots slightly guilty feeling, right? OtterBox iPad Mini Case

BU Water was a glass water bottle, and it is equipped with a powerful filter, and through this filter, turn tap water into drinking water. This filter uses Japan traditional methods, natural bamboo into activated carbon. Filter after use, can be buried in the garden after the crushing, release of nutrients in the soil can help plant growth function. OtterBox iPad Mini Case

OtterBox iPad Mini Case

Four color design, Cap snap reinforcement design to prevent the spill. £ 17 a, now raised. You had the guts to drink it?

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