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Another kind of VoLTE

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Editor's Note: VoLTE, namely Voice over LTE, is a kind of IP data transmission technology, all hosted in the 4G network, for data and voice services on the same network are unified. It gives 4G users most directly felt was connected to wait less time, as well as the effect of higher-quality and more natural audio and video calls.

With the popularity of 4G, major operators have deployed VoLTE technology.

Another kind of

On April 9, with the updated iOS8.3 system, Japan three major carriers DoCoMo, AU, Softbank started at the same time as iPhone6/6 connect Plus users with a faster, better call quality VoLTE services. But then some problems some users reflect the VoLTE au service, carefully study found au VoLTE business a little different.


Belated iPhone VoLTE

Starting from last June, DoCoMo launched its VoLTE business, and winter-spring models full adaptation VoLTE, followed by Softbank and au VoLTE also began service, but Softbank has only an Android terminal support, au announced service opens all Android models released after providing support. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cases

There is no suspense, iPhone6/6 Plus comes with a VoLTE features, Japan Science and technology when the media asks the operator, the answer is: we are technically fit, please be patient. Until half a month before revealing the news of the upcoming iPhone VoLTE services. With the iOS8.3 push, three operators finally brought VoLTE to iPhone6/6 Plus User Services. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Why DoCoMo early adapter VoLTE? This also from Japan carrier network standard start, docomo:WCDMA+FDD-LTE,Softbank relies on WCP:WCDMA+FDD-LTE+TDD-LTE (AXGP), au by UQ:CDMA2000+FDD-LTE+TDD-LTE (WiMAX2+). DoCoMo VoLTE has been enabled on a network and international operators of similar, you can directly copy, but the other two are not so lucky. Due to Japan's policy limit, VoLTE and not through the TDD-LTE network, so when calls need to switch back to their own networks, but apples don't you, so I think this is the biggest cause of delays over the past six months iPhone VoLTE business. But DoCoMo why wait so long? Strange and incomprehensible.

Strange au

Au relied on band18 called the platinum band, quickly covering Japan most of the region, but due to comparatively scarce radio resources, 800Mhz left to LTE only (10*2), and 2.1Ghz because there are still a large number of 3G users, also has not clear enough resources to LTE. But because of 3G using CDMA, compared to the other two WCDMA, no Internet access when you call, it is often criticized by competitors, so au has wanted to get rid of CDMA the drag.

For CDMA operators Verizon take the CDMA+LTE parallel approach, due VoLTE cannot be smoothed down to CDMA, so there will be LTE bad signal drop problem. But au LTE coverage is very good, and so made a very bold decision: all VoLTE CDMA terminals are no longer supported, only running on the LTE network and VoLTE device using a new SIM card for all VoLTE terminal independent MNC is added. But also, some hardware support VoLTE old end, such as the Xperia Z3.

But the AU iPhone VoLTE did not replace the SIM card for the user, merely provides a new operator profile, judging from the present situation, au the present temporary solution is: use an Apple-provided WIFI in a phone Calling service connecting VoLTE server. Of course, from a VoLTE name: Voice Over LTE point of view, it's true, but it does not use the VoLTE technology, on the operator's network coverage and optimization of QoS requirements are very high. But I believe the AU as soon as possible after completion of adaptation, VoLTE provides better service.

Domestic carriers how to play?

And similar to the AU, as well as China Mobile and China Telecom, mobile telecommunications now calls back to the GSM/CDMA, also had a poor call quality and not at the same time Internet access problem. VoLTE cannot be caught up with line of cases, using a pseudo-VoLTE is a good programme, but it still has a high demand for LTE coverage. Dajian NET at home, believe cover problem can be resolved soon.

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