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Worried about hurting normal cells undergoing chemotherapy implanted electric

Worried about hurting normal cells undergoing chemotherapy, implanted electric field point to eliminate tumors

Chemotherapy is the treatment of a form of cancer, but no difference in chemotherapy for "attack" in nature often leads to chemotherapy not only destroy cancer cells, but also damage healthy cells. If there is way for chemotherapy have better accuracy to attack cancer cells, will allow patients to receive better treatment, and reduce the harmful side effects, which also has been the primary goal of the researchers. FENDI plus case

FENDI plus case

A group consists of a team of scientists has developed the electric field so as to be able to use highly specific treatment for cancer in the form of chemical substances.

Assistant Professor, Department of biomedical engineering, University of Virginia Lissett Bickford said, "so many drugs to where they need to go is a huge challenge. "One of the co-authors of the study, said. "This technology is basically forcing drugs directly to cancer cells, so that all in the treatment of cancer have been treated." FENDI plus case

This technique is iontophoresis, involved chemotherapy drugs into tumors in a small device, and electric fields are created to guide the role of drugs in cancer cells. In tests, mice using ion penetration therapy and conventional intravenous chemotherapy, compared with drugs in the treatment of cancer in the body, and new ways to increase their survival time.

It is also worth noting that, using iontophoresis treatment of mice after receiving intravenous chemotherapy, help increase concentration in cancer medicine, while drug concentration in plasma is negligible. Doing so can reduce common side effects of chemotherapy, including fatigue, hair loss, nausea and vomiting.

This new technology is expected to be used as a supplement to conventional treatment methods. It allows doctors to use more effective anticancer drugs and drugs in a specific location, without having to worry about drug delivery materials have an adverse impact on the rest of the body's cells.

This technology may eventually allow different types of cancer as a result of morbidity and mortality significantly reduced.

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