Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My wife and mistress were caught because my car charger for GPS positioning

With GPS positioning function of the car charger 20151115-ZUS-SHOT-1

Well, you have a car? Car is there a plug in? Even if you don't drive, take a drop or a ber of vehicles, can charge a cell phone also has a measure of driver are you. But, other than silently do a plug, if he can play something else effect? OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

ZUS Car Charger, comes with two USB jacks, cigarette lighter power, also combines GPS tracking system, compatible with Smartphones, can solve the owners lost in the vast parking lot of embarrassment. Whenever you stop turn off when going HIGH around, it has automatic vehicle location, when you bags come back with fruitful results, simply open the APP, they can clearly show you, how far is it from the car, and that close to a step where!

20151115-ZUS-SHOT-2 20151115-ZUS-SHOT-3 20151115-ZUS-SHOT-4

Design Studio: Junik Design


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