Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In addition to ridicule it what holidays do

Annual of Festival holiday to has, last year holiday do was spit slot on new year's Eve only holiday Hou, this year of home seems to early has some ~ Lei Feng network of small series are, with literary youth and technology youth two species wash nursing II one of temperament returned to home, that late, Festival holiday except spit slot Gala, except was asked "find object didn't" "married didn't" "buy room didn't" zhiwai, you also has which method on life peak, became small town legend?

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

Network randomly interviewed several young people of Lei Feng (Dou) June (BI), discovered that the brain is like Chinese New Year Fireworks and bright it ~

Micro letter public, "making three forms to forums" operator, famous IT commentators:

Back home they'd purchased before the new year is a priority, the home of relatives, friends, children and adults is hard but will take care of the really hard on people! Buy vacuum-packed Quanjude Roast Duck and Tao Heung village snack? Don't forget, you are from the media people, migrant workers take what you what to bring, made how do you highlight? This year the Spring Festival in our home without spending a penny!


This year saved how much power? How much TV box? With WiFi? How many routes? How much red rice? These good things there is a line and more at home, it looks you also get bored! You return home to pay when the door on one, in relational closeness distribution is asymmetric information, new baby home is not in town, you'll render, the whole point of big words, hard word, vocabulary, intelligent wear, cloud computing, you can say hello, which is a common home for the new year, the whole "technology in the countryside"!

New financial record:

 I suggest you travel, follow exchange rates to go, outbound Chinese tourists was the Spring Festival in previous years chasing the good weather, choose more Southeast. As the Yuan this year against the yen, euro and other currencies of Europe free sale hot, island scenery you can also take the opportunity to list.

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

A well-known film and television company PR: Cath Kidston note 4 cases

Ah, do not send me the app ask me this question, I'd grab a red envelope as a life's work, deep;

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

A popular talk show program director:

What is called the Spring Festival holidays?

 A well-known film critics:

Can't see can see, shouldn't watch the movie to see, reviews the film and television companies marketing the Spring Festival by the way what's going on, as "trenches in their hometowns," I decided to invite relatives and friends of Chang Zhong Kui

Lei feng's network: why is Zhong Kui,

Answer: occasional

Lei feng's network: ... ...

In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

A science and technology:

Wheelbarrows, smart watches, Kinect, intelligent projector or something with you.

Got off the train to the village, rode a unicycle ride in the bright and spacious new rural road, behind a group of brothers and sisters followed, hundred percent rate;


Street happy new year, casual touch of the smart watches the screen pulls up the sleeve, cumin in the cottage is full of fields and squalor;


Second grade, relatives come assembled Xbox and Kinect, men and women are called up, elder cousin cut fruit, two great nieces dance, fly racing give doubles tennis, let the whole family immersed in high-tech, unable to extricate themselves;


Dead of night, with nut G1 projector brings cinema cinematic experience of perception for the whole family, with the arrival of song credits, the father shed tears, he believes you have grown into high-minded.


Before the arrival of the next Spring Festival, you are the city of legends.

 Small series of Lei Feng:

While watching the Spring Festival evening show, you can look at the barrage, a print of Twitter, circle of friends ~ ~


During the Festival, you can also brush intelligent hardware first media – Lei Feng network, intelligent hardware to play the first station love machine and intelligent hardware first--get the picture screen!!


In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?


In addition to ridicule it, what holidays do?

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