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Hardware front this week Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Breeze to send a plume of scent, as if the slim remote Tower of song.

This sentence in the Moonlight, so my first exposure to "synaesthesia". Light has taste? Body language is not be used to feel? The answer is Yes, and it's not difficult, a lot of hardware can do, for example, the following two paragraphs.

Awox Aromalight flowers smart lamp Color

General smart bulbs can do, Awox Aromalight Color can be, such as mobile phones to control Flash, lighting, lighting intensity, color change. But its greatest feature is the scent, dedicated APP allows you to simultaneously control multiple bulbs, scent defined timetable.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Because the bulb has a small accessory, there is a sponge, pour a few drops of essential oil, when when you need a scent, the tiny fan to the outside of the bulb of odour.

OPhone smell sensor

Vapor Communications developed the oPhone has a built-in oChips smell, aroma of dried material is built-in, a gust of wind blowing, it will float a faint aroma, not thick just right. OPhone also odour mixing, rather than a single odor.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

OPhone can be used with some media applications, if the movie appears in the book's description of the food, you can really smell the aroma of food.

Pitches like this will be mixed in with the various senses that what's the point? For normal people, and can smell while you are reading is the icing on the cake, but to lose a sense of people, this means new channels to get information. For example, someone can convert sound vibrations which were built on the model of vest, and after the experiment, deaf people can in practice a few days later depending on the vibration patterns to tell a few words.

While trying to get information, we tend to rely on a single sense, but with the popularity of wearable devices such as hardware, we might be able to get through the five senses, hear the light, see the voice to become Superman.

Brain hole is wide open this week also has the following hardware products:

Intense phobias dare not use lens

Digital cameras usually have a lens and an image sensor, light lens and be directed to the image sensor, image by this method. But Light, a photography startup new ways to manufacture digital cameras is no longer used.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

Integrating multiple small lenses with Light lens (shown in the previous figure), each a small lens is equipped with a separate image sensors, this lens can be installed on Smartphones and other electronic devices. When you take photos, small lens will all start at the same time (imagine more than one person at the same time to see your scene), while the software automatically combines the images together.

Hermes iPhone

Wonder whether intensive phobia dare use the self-timer of the camera.

Can email us

In meetings or other important occasions, take out smart phones to send important emails will be considered to be an act of disrespect to spokesman. However, if there is a new way to let you quickly and cleverly put your index finger a few clicks the thumb will be able to send out an important message or the message, then you will do?

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

NailO is a gesture input device installed on the nails, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of technology's Media Lab. It connects via Bluetooth and your mobile device or PC, when users have made a series of gestures can send text messages, email.

Do not know how many men broke the nail can be bent. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus Case

Is better than a boyfriend's hands

Moley Robotics company based in London has developed a robot chef, it can make a delicious dish.

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

A well-known chef after seeing the robot said: "it is a very good chef, you just need to tell it what to do, whether it's cooking preparations, from start to finish to complete a whole dish of cooking, it can do very well. " Hermes iPhone

20 this machine cooks integrated electric motor, and 129 24 Joint sensors, can end up as can be prepared from ingredients to clean the kitchen all process of the robot.

With such robots, girls can finally say "no boyfriend, and with your hands."

Hardware front this week: Zhu ziqing and intelligent hardware

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