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Hyperloop passengers as a bullet fired and what the experience should be

Hyperloop passengers as a bullet fired, and what the experience should be?

In 2013, the CEO of SpaceX company ailong·masike announced a radical idea – to design a high-speed transport: passengers packed into a metal tube inside and 760 miles per hour speed of passenger launches to the destination, it's like a bullet. He called the transport Hyperloop, Hyperloop ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles only need as little as 35 minutes. OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

Andy Herron in public that his vision is an open source white paper, only a general overview, no detailed design, hope everyone plans to complete this great vision. Lei feng's network covered the design competition organized by the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod before Competition, the competition aims to encourage others to submit designs. Is now one of the biggest challenges is to design experience, how to get people to efficiently take Hyperloop? Passengers inside the pipe can you see? Do you have food? Bathroom? Corridor? Trapped in a confined space, which is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Austin design consulting company Argodesign decided to take on the project, imagine Hyperloop would be like, maybe it's not a science fiction, but a comfortable way to travel.

"We consider this to be an amusement park facilities, people can go in, and to be able to move fast, last out", said CEO Mark Rolston, Argodesign, "for ordinary people, hardly what to focus on their daily commute tools look like." OtterBox iPhone 6 Case

 Final renderings are just concepts, but they are also trying to balance the limitations of Allen described in the white paper, that the car is made of metal, when passengers sitting inside the tube, and it means that passengers were trapped in a jar, and the outside world. Even worse is that the pot could not stop. So this experience is like having a submarine as a terrorist, or even comparable to being trapped in a plane without a parachute to escape.

Hyperloop passengers as a bullet fired, and what the experience should be?

 Moving a large capsule is composed of three parts, the top area for parking, passengers in the Middle, and bottom rail.

A familiar place

It has a total of five types of cabins-the parking space, freight and three different levels of passenger class: superior, business, General. Passenger cabin interior design from the aviation industry, such as a storage bin on the ceiling, the distribution of seats and seat back screens.

"When so many people in a small space, the familiar scene is important," Rolston insisted that "once you begin to design a transport that can carry a lot of people, no matter what you want it to become in the future, it will drive you to a highly optimized experiences, similar to the experience and aviation experience. "

Hyperloop passengers as a bullet fired, and what the experience should be?

 A better Windows world

Hyperloop is a world without Windows, digital experience for the designer instead of Windows, business-class passengers in the seat in front of a screen, you can simulate a scene in the front, as if they were in Hyperloop cockpit. Hyperloop operations can change the contents of the screen, makes you an immersive feel, such as here at 8 o'clock in the morning, you ride a rocket to space to work at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in time out, you come back to Earth.

 "When something like this comes, it must be a premium, this is an exciting job," Rolston said, "you might think that here (virtual) travel scenery, because when they are in a space with no Windows, claustrophobic, most people don't know how to deal with the symptoms, but it's also part of its charm. "


Hyperloop passengers as a bullet fired, and what the experience should be?

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Hyperloop passengers as a bullet fired, and what the experience should be?

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