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How dirty world that you live Wear this wristband will know

How dirty world that you live? Wear this wristband will know

Under the dome at the beginning of a lot of people have a confused sense of panic, feeling living in dire straits, breathing every bit of air less clean. How dirty is this world of our existence?

MyExposome, this wristband to help you eliminate this unnecessary speculation. Just wear a wristband for a week, and sent it back to the lab, will be able to get a test report, it will have your list of substances as environment.

How dirty world that you live? Wear this wristband will know

CEO Marc Epstein said this product to adsorb substances:

"Bristling with many pores on the silicone wristbands, like a sponge. It can absorb substances from the environment around the clock, no matter if you are swimming, bathing or walking. "

Because it is worn on your wrist, wrist strap can even absorb some elements of your diet. "I did not spill coffee, but wrist strap still absorbed a large amount of caffeine, because it is close to the pore can be absorbed out of the pores of the material. "

How dirty world that you live? Wear this wristband will know

Laboratories to test for the chemical element, more than 1400 species, from pesticides to blame for endocrine disorders; volatile organic compounds to the by-product of the combustion process. These people everyday concerns of chemical test results will help users resolve the mind of doubt.

Researchers at the laboratory had to do was strap, aseptic processing, while the rest of the steps to the robot to complete. Kenzo iPhone 5

How dirty world that you live? Wear this wristband will know

"I think knowing these to our life, we live in a world where only when you understand something, you will know how to deal with it. "

However, currently available data are limited, currently there are no cities, nor to safety standards. Currently, the project can only provide users with personalized data.

Now the company has launched on Kickstarter to raise, but the wristbands early bird price is horrid: $ 995. One to send back to the lab for a report of the wristband for temporary support of the 6000 dollars, would be nice if costs come down.

via fastcoexist & kickstarter

How dirty world that you live? Wear this wristband will know

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