Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Five foreign chips site great creative digital product collection

Chip has became some of the best ways to raise startup venture capital start-ups, and on the Internet at all times there will be many new entrepreneurial projects need your support. Is Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you will find some ideas to surprise you, but they look terrible. Therefore, want ordinary users, though these projects require a US contribution to the Fund is not much, but still be as cautious as possible, and let those with genuine creative and practical equipment to accomplish their goals, through which we strive to produce the actual product use. OtterBox Galaxy S5 Case

At present DigitalTrends website for everyone to gather the five best projects raised, hoping to have some good advice to interested friends.

1, WindPax Wisp portable wind generator

Outing, sure to bring a variety of electronic devices. Mobile power again, and also run out of time, rather than take a mobile power generation equipment. Solar photovoltaic panels are preferred, but in the evening can do about it. This WindPax Wisp portable wind generators can use another kind of natural energy for power generation, and are suitable for any occasion, any time of day or night, mainly wind.

The WindPax Wisp is a vertical-axis wind turbines, can be folded. Folded 355mm, 1.8kg, is a large folding umbrella, can be put into a backpack, take it with you. When using length of 610mm, coupled with a multifunctional scaffold General 1.83m, wingspan of diameter of 304mm.

Its nominal power of 25W, running under the General wind speed. Small vertical axis wind turbine impeller is easy to start, do not pick the wind, can better respond to air turbulence, particularly suitable for use in low-level wind near the ground environment, relative to the large horizontal-axis wind turbines, wind capture rate higher. There is, it occupies very little space.

It allegedly can be charged simultaneously for up to 6 handsets at the same time. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, in case of sufficient wind, energy is stored up for the time being, for emergency use, and fully charged cell phone 3 times. It has a built-in LED light, camping can be used as a flashlight or lamp.

2, Quitbit Lighter smart smoking track lighters

Quitbit Lighter is from the United States with a team to create a smart lighters, which recorded the number of smoking the main functions, and then through the mobile APP and the community to help people quit smoking. Quitbit team inspired by your own quitting experience, the two founders at quitting time, aware of the difficulty in broken at once, so they hope to gradually quit smoking.

Quitbit looks and the lighter, the difference has a LED display. It can record every user the number of cigarettes smoked and the hours of the last cigarette, these figures are sufficient to alert smokers. At present, the Quitbit team has developed an app for the robot lighter, this app can tell you the number of smoking every day, and even allows users to set their own, if you wish to smoke 5 cigarettes a day, then after the finish, this lighter will not "fire", and users have to wait a day to unlock.

In addition, users can also post their quitting process in a community, and let more people see the resolve to quit smoking for smoking cessation, which will help them to achieve the effect of quitting smoking.

3, GOkey master key chain

GOkey was a raise from Indiegogo project just published on attention. It integrates features such as mobile power, USB and loss prevention reminders, and are very portable, for friends that don't like going out with a lot of things is a good choice.

When you are playing a very important phone call or when you are navigating to a place when mobile phones out of power, you just take out the GOkey, it can charge to your phone, make your cell phone battery life for another two hours, Lightning and Micro USB interfaces are currently supported. Shake GOkey of can tell you how much is left, if you want to charge the GOkey, directly into a computer interface. Except when you move the power, GOkey also has a Flash feature, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB are the three capacity versions are available.

In addition, you can also hang it in your key, after you connect a Bluetooth on, when when you can't find the key, open the cell phone App to search for signals, and when time nears, phone GOkey is pressed will ring. If you find a mobile phone that is not a problem, GOkey is pressed after that phone will beep.

4, Marbel Board electric skateboard

So far, we have seen more than a used battery-powered skateboard, but due to electric motors and battery size reasons, products have in the past had a bulky appearance. New Marbel skateboards will completely change your impression of this product.

Marbel skateboarding is currently the world's most lightweight electric-driven skateboards, the whole weight of 9.9 pounds (about 4.5 kilograms). Although still cannot be compared with the existing human skateboard, but still it's better than the Boosted Board and ZBoard light a lot of similar products.

Marbel skateboard built-in lithium battery 165Wh battery, can support a power 2000 Watt brushless DC motor, sled reached a maximum speed of 32 km/h. Electric motor and lithium-ion batteries are installed at the bottom of skateboards, seal protection. Full charge takes about 90 minutes, and can support approximately 16 km away. In addition, the user can use a wireless handheld controller Marbel skateboard, just slide the button on the controller can control slide acceleration and braking. In addition, the skateboard has a Wi-Fi module, supported the adoption of a complete set of mobile applications to control the skateboard now compatible with iOS and Android systems.

5, Graffmap Street graffiti application sharing

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Graffmap it brings together street art and Instagram this new era of mobile social media elements. As an extension of social ways, Graffmap for people to bring up interesting beautiful graffiti all over the world, you can let users enjoy graffiti culture from around the world.

In addition, the photos can also be awakened within the Graffmap tags, add a title, share and support to mainstream social media networks. Graffmap the development cost of $ 9000, raised if successful, will be provided free of charge to iOS and Android users to use. If you like the art of graffiti, then Graffmap is definitely worth your support.

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