Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fence sofa Re Cinto Sofa

As an essential role in the modern family, sofa is emotional, warm some sofa, sofa some proud, some sofas, it is a calm happy ... ... That fence sofa (Re Cinto Sofa) which will lead to an emotion can it be? You guessed it: FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

From designer Davide Anzalone idea, some people say that is the soul of the island, then, this sofa is the home of island-the wood frame, is the seat of island, around and between frames, but it is empty, just to pull the cushion, one by one, into the ravine, into a bright yellow fence ~

FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

This fence sofa, 2015 is the red dot design award (Reddot Award) winners, and won the national design award of the Federal Republic of Germany (German Design Award), do you like the design? FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case


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