Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Easy mount Shi iVisor XT Crystal iPad3 post bubble touch stickers

Film that you see many things, and today some more advanced goods, Shi brand recently launched new Moshi iVisor XT Crystal scratch resistant touch-screen iPad and new posts. Simply the iVisor XT in addition to good quality and fit another biggest advantage is convenience and can be reused, you can make friends quickly without any film experience 100% bubble film masterpiece.

Well, looking back to the today's iPad advanced screen posted above, in fact, from the packaging to the screen posted with common film in a number of different points: includes iPad screen box, in other words stickers and the iVisor XT screen of iPad is black and white:

Opening screen from the back post: DKNY iPhone 6 Plus Case

DKNY iPhone 6 Plus Case

After the package is opened the screen affixed with a layer of hard cardboard sandwich and a transparent plastic bag protection, now take a look at the truth, today is black, both positive and negative:

Also distribution of a Microfiber cloth to wipe, wipe the iPad or the screen can be used to put dust on the surface of dirt:

Before preparing the film, the first iPad wipe the screen surface, instead of using the wipes, suggest that you can use wide tape to stick the whole screen again so that you can ensure that no dirt particles:

Source: Macx DKNY iPhone 6 Plus Case

Pasted to the front of the screen, gently tear iVisor back protection film

IVisor touch small round holes in the post primary key on the iPad, fit along the fuselage from the bottom up. Here you can experience the exclusive special joint design of Moshi, if aligned, in just a few seconds to complete all fit any bubble at all, if you had a film experience, this will find the process easy on every level; post finished don't forget to gently press the iVisor edge to make it fully fitted iPad.

When the iPad is turned off or a tilted angle, iVisor similar markings may occur below the surface, it is a natural optical phenomena, does not affect viewing and performance, in fact, make this effect is a lot of trouble, this grain markings normally cannot see.

IVisor XT a comprehensive upgrade of multi-layer filter, ensure that touch at the same time, has an excellent transparency definition; hardening surface treatment, improving scratch-resistant protection performances, MicroGrid? Processing technology, have a great touch experience to control and performance. IVisor is of course can be used again, even tearing down fitted perfectly.

Source: Macx

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