Friday, October 2, 2015

Do you make Social media can interfere with sleep

Seriously, don't you watch phone in bed! This tune sounds familiar? When night fell, the sleeping when they lying in bed browsing Facebook, may also encounter one or two as you can't sleep with teammates. You also notice, until one o'clock in the morning it was also posted on Facebook. Until the next day when I was awakened by my alarm clock and don't know how to fall asleep last night.

This is not the life of a small group, but many people in the State! This is a sociologist could not bear to look directly at the phenomenon and even Internet addiction symptoms. Recently, a 9,846 16-19 young people, continuing a two-year study has confirmed that the phone's screen effects on sleep. The study published Monday in the medical journal BMJ Open top.

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Researchers recorded the sleep of teenagers and the equipment used, and focuses on an hour before going to bed. Study results showed that sleep has a relationship with equipment using time: the longer the device, face higher risk of insomnia.

One researcher said, almost all of the teenagers used an hour before going to bed one or more electronic devices. Prolonged use of electronic equipment and sleep latency (SOL) and lack of sleep were significantly positively correlated, the use of longer, a sleep latency and sleep deprivation symptoms more severe. Sleep time was negatively correlated with electronic devices, using the longer and shorter sleep time.

Although you might say, like the candy crush legend (Candy Crush) such a hand would relax, people sleep better, but the data do not lie. Kenzo case iPhone 5

So why, exactly, the phone's screen will let us sleep? Early research indicates that LED screens, Blu-ray will interfere with the brain and sleep-related hormone: melatonin. This may explain why twilight shimmer eye application software (Twilight) to protect the eyes, do not interfere with sleep. This is because the software can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light intensity and Blu-ray. The application on Google app store with more than 74,000 more praise.

But this thing is so over it? Oh, no! The team also made a factor affecting sleep: electromagnetic radiation. We watch phone in bed position, usually bow posture leads to headaches and muscle aches. This does not include the impact of the explosion of Internet information on the brain.

The study also pointed out that there are a lot of theories to explain the relationship between electronic equipment and sleep. And the use of social media will also directly affect sleep. Because these social media takes up a lot of our time, or through physiological and psychological arousal interferes with normal sleep rhythms. Simply put, you compare used gun artifact and philosophy reading applications, which affect sleep?

In fact, sleep affects not just because you are using the phone, but you use your phone is doing things! All the important social news (such as divorce) and social media are all over your brain, even a legend like candy crushed hand, also makes you raise your heart rate, leading to highly nervous state.

Of course, it will take more research to determine the electronic equipment and the relationship between, because now science can't yet complete solution of intelligent mobile phone insomnia cause.

But we can do some basic protection measures, such as proper dozed off or slow down the reading speed. If you need to read on the screen, do not blindly believe the Kindle or iBooks application. Of course, the best on a mobile phone or Tablet is not too long to read. Because your brain to contact these devices have generated some excitement. Whenever in the usual mobile phone, you can adjust the brightness. Of course, you can try to wear blue glasses to read mobile phone, so that you can screen all of the absorbed blue light (this is a joke).

In fact, very simple, brush less tweets, friends or other social media, then you will sleep well.

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