Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Community" coming home every night to be stroked by BOSE MINI

Transfer self-respect machine community: author: flying cats Speck iPhone 4 Case

Since in an Apple store after listening to this Bose mini has imaginary wanted into one, now, starting with about half a month, weekend took some pictures to share with everyone this half month experience 

When I first saw this amp was attracted by its appearance, then hear the sound is amazing, so a small box can make so much noise, and the bass is very heavy, and then is hand. ... , That's what I feel, when I first picked up the small speaker directly is to stare blankly for a moment, this thing is so heavy! Felt the price value! After all, she had such a strong yet. ... Haha ~ Speck iPhone 4 Case

First picture of the two on the shelf, just look at the picture on impulse to start with?! When I first starting on the shelf, look at Lea wood have half a day!! As a furnishings is completed properly

Speck iPhone 4 Case

Speaker is a full metal jacket, front is a thick metal mesh as a whole, with the Bose logo printed, look closely can see inside through the metal mesh 3 pronunciations 

Right of two a hole respectively is charging mouth and aux transmission hole, I of computer no Bluetooth, sometimes with computer see movie received speaker words will with to this aux mouth, just starts with of when with aux play speaker sometimes will now ventilation of phenomenon, see with see with voice on became is small, while issued similar Yu broken sound of voice, not know is what reasons, Bluetooth connection play of when has never no appeared had this problem, later and with aux try has times also no appeared this problem, compared strange. 

Back to front is not much difference, but no printed logo, said even a computer movie, personally think this amp too listen to the song to see a movie, especially large, such as the fast and the furious, gunfire, engine sound ... Sound wave after wave, almost like a little Bluetooth speaker sound. Bose mini volume is very large, only just bought opens largest sound tried it, and later in the 10 may only open the 30% of your room's volume was enough

Original Assembly of also has a base, base Shang also has a charging mouth can connection power, then put speaker put in base Shang on can directly charging has, wants to put speaker got other room with of when directly took up on can has, because has been filling with points basic not appeared wants to with of when is didn't electric of situation, just not know such on battery of hurt will is big 

Battery life is not checked, an hour a day, volume is not large, then a week without problems 

Top Department of control button, from left to right followed by is power, and mute, and volume, and Bluetooth paired, and aux mode, simple clear, aux compared less with, most are is Bluetooth connection listening to music with, or pad see video, mute key with of also is more of, phone put music of when too lazy to again screen suspended, directly by about speaker Shang of mute on can has, or sometimes put speaker got addition a room, phone is not side need suspended music of when by about speaker Shang of mute on can has, If the speaker would cut the song better ....

Do not say ... Going to continue to touch my mini ...

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