Friday, September 25, 2015

Is really: Jack Spade - FFB Tweaker Files

hi there. first of all: thank you Plug in for putting so much time and effort inside this tweak and share it with our value.

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i tried all of your settings proper and i have two problems:

i am you have answered this in some way time intervals before, but this answer deals really help me. I have no(!! ) feeling of understeer. and this is accomplished by the ffb-meter in the hud. never a change in ffb force when submiting a corner with constant speed and consequently steering way to much. you can acknowledge the tyres and see that the a car understeers, but no effect with regard to ffb.

i remember, i was playing around accompanied by ffb twaeker files during wmd development and could even loose some ffb force when loosing the most at the front (understeer). this is of course a ridiculous amount of, but this means it should be possible in order to create an usable understeer-effect.

the second thing and much not so importnat thing is the deadzone removeal. even if i set understand it to 0. 01 it flushes out so many other effects make cant use it. yes, it feels significantly around the center, but it only is interested in a fake damping effect. extremely for now i will stay without deadzone removeal, so i can feel the ffb the bad effects better.

can you tell me which pedoman i have to tweak for better understeering feeling. for now i have really never a understeer feeling at all. this is highly pitty.

oh, and before i really forget it. with all 4 ffb options from your side i achieve really low forces. way lower than predetermined. is there any way to change that? i am you tried to avoid clipping from the beginning, but it seems to me that medical professionsal old g25 needs some clipping out, so i can feel at least something.

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